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  1. @Kokkim what is in your /mnt/user/appdata/allthemods8 directory? It looks like the install is not completing. I'd remove everything in that directory and start the container again. That should restart it. How much memory do you have available? I believe the default for ATM8 is 8Gb. If you could also provide the full log after trying the above.
  2. Sorry, I don't know enough about IPv6 to help in this instance.
  3. You can update the file with the `the_vault:sky_vaults` if that is all that is needed and possibly the world, so that it gets regenerated. Pack version isn't the only thing that goes into the container, there is no easy way to do that.
  4. I don't have much IPv6 experience, but some cursory Googling got me these points to check. Do you have a IPv6 public address from your ISP, that would be a requirement. You can add the parameter to the JVM_OPS and update the ip.address in the file to blank, it may be That should force the Minecraft server to prefer IPv6. You'll also ned to enable IPv6 in your docker settings in Unraid - Reference
  5. Thanks, I'll add that. I thought it was generally known that modded Minecraft is Java only. But I guess this could be introducing others to modded Minecraft.
  6. No. You'll need to manually add the mods back each time. The upgrade process for all modpacks on servers is to delete the mods directory to clear out all the previous versions. You could keep a copy of them in another directory so it is easier to copy them back.
  7. @eebs If you add your player name to the OPS variable, you'll be an admin. You can then run any console commands in game.
  8. Do you have the correct client version of the mod pack installed on the machine you are connecting from?
  9. You need to use a launcher like from Curseforge or ATLauncher, they can install all the client files that you need. Modded servers need a modded client that has the same mods installed.
  10. You could try adding to the JVM_OPTS and see if that resolves it.
  11. @ecogeek I'm not able to reproduce your issue with the latest enigmatica6 container. It downloaded forge from maven, from my logs [20:47:13] [INFO] Attempting to download installer from @AusNaminator Update-7H should be there now.
  12. @TySensei Can you try deleting the directory and reinstalling. That should reset default permissions. /mnt/user/appdata/skyfactoryone/
  13. @TySensei Permissions should all be fixed. If you go under advanced in your dockers, (top right switch) you should be able to force update the install and it will work fine on startup