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  1. Add yourself to the OPS list and then use the /difficulty in the chat to set it.
  2. In my real life, I work as a Site Reliability Engineer, so I automated the build and updates of the docker containers. There is some work involved, since the modpacks don't always have fixed update paths and need to be tweaked as new updates come out. The template used to auto-update on peoples unraid servers, but that doesn't happen any more. There is a long fight in the Community Applications development channels. Any ways, I do update the template every time I update the containers, so the store will show the other versions available, but not your docker tab.
  3. Thanks! Glad you find them useful, but I'm not sure I understand the question. When a new version of the modpack is published a new version of the container is also published. Usually within a few hours of the update. You can see all the versions listed on docker hub. -
  4. All the files from your docker containers are usually stored in the appdata share. All my containers have an Installed Location when you are looking at the settings, that is the path to the files on your server. You can either mount appdata or copy the files up to your server with rsync or scp from a terminal. For engimatica6, the path is likely /mnt/user/appdata/enigmatica6 and there will be a world directory in there, that you can delete and replace with yours. Just stop the docker first and then start it up again after the copy of your world directory is moved over. You may also need to fix permissions on the world directory after copying them up. From a terminal on your unraid machine, run the command: chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/appdata/enigmatica6/world
  5. @goldbondx Specifically which server are you asking about? I have 30+ different ones. ATM9, SkyFactory, etc @Qwuille Vault Hunters 3 was updated on the 14th when version 3.11.0 came out.
  6. Sorry, I've been pretty occupied with life stuff. I was also wondering for those having ATM9 issues, you are running Unraid 6.12.x? I haven't upgraded yet and haven't been able to reproduce the issue. I will add removing those .folders on upgrade as @[email protected] mentioned. cc: @Arcau
  7. @Killersplace As smashup1337 said, make sure the permissions on /mnt/user/appdata/allthemods9 is owned by nobody:users and has at least 755 permissions. It should be the default, but may need to be fixed. chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/appdata/allthemods9 chmod 755 /mnt/user/appdata/allthemods9
  8. @smashup1337 Did it download the file? I just did an update and it upgraded from my 0.0.7 to 0.0.12. A new container is pushed for each version. You can try a force-update under the advanced section of the docker page in Unraid.
  9. @ku8475 It's not you. The server pack stopped shipping with a required file. I've fixed the 1.12 release for Life in the Village 3 to install that and it should work. Just make sure you force an update to the docker container. You can do that by toggling basic view to advanced in your docker tab in unraid. Then delete the file from appdata/lifeinthevillage3 and restart the container. The install will restart and should be good.
  10. @Xelator You could copy the world directory from the atm8 install to the atm9 install and then start the server. It probably would work, though if any mods were removed from ATM8 to ATM9 those items would be invalidated in your world and disappear. Better to ask the ATM team. I just build the wrapper to run the server, not the contents of the server. Cheers!
  11. I fixed DawnCraft. It should work now, if you pull the latest.
  12. There is a DawnCraft release 1.24. Let me know if it works for you. I'm not able to get the client to launch on my end to validate it. @robzwet & @A_Mr
  13. You should just be able to add the enable-query=true to the file. I don't handle that value at all.