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  1. Cool beans man. That's kind of why I said that I didn't know if it would work for everyone. I personally haven't used windows 10 in a while I've been on windows 11 since it released. But I recently started having issues connecting to my share much like what others mentioned here in previous post so that's why I figured I would provide my solution. I'm glad you will be good to go soon as well. good luck.
  2. I think it was an update to Unassigned Devices plugin. (I could be wrong) I don't remember seeing the options below but I set them and mine work now. Enable SMB Security was set to No before. Also I cleared out my SMB config, started my array back up and stopped again and put this in my SMB config. I don't know if these will work for everyone but they worked for me. I hope this helps. Good Luck.
  3. I can't seem to get this Docker working. I know I have to be doing something wrong but I have reinstalled a few times and switched the printer usb port a few times as well but the docker keeps failing. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. docker: Error response from daemon: error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/serial/by-id": not a device node.
  4. That did the trick. I added a usb 3 slot adapter and connected the 4 baby into it and the speeds are 20MB/s avg. I realized I have some SATAII drives in my array as well. Replacing those with SATAIII drives will increase speed as well. Thank you for your help @Vr2Io
  5. Well I'll be, if I would have just done some simple math lol. Thank you for you help. Once I get this slot adapter things should be much better.
  6. Ok so that JMicron must be my 4 Bay. I did have to plug it into one of the USB2.0 ports due to USB3.0 port availability. I have a slot adapter on the way to utilize the 3.0 header on my board, that should help. I'll update post with results of that. You think that is the only thing. I mean 8MB/s seems extremely slow. My parity check is 5% in and were looking at 2 days before it's finished.
  7. Is something wrong with my setup. I mean I know it's a Frankenstein and I know parity checks are slow but I think 8mb per sec means something is either setup wrong or not optimized very well. Would any be able to shine some light on why it's so slow and how to speed it up. Thanks in advance. wadzserver-diagnostics-20220708-2357.zip