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  1. So when my company was upgrading their servers i inherited one, and used it as an unraid box. A dell with 2 first gen lga 2011 xeons, 64 gig ram, and 8 3.5" hot swap trays. And loaded it up with a bunch of 3tb refurbished reds. The thing sounds like a low hair drier even when tamed, so it lives in the garage. Years later ( was unraid 5) Things have changed. I only seem to use 7-8 TB, i dont host vm's, and just run a few dockers. My backup (repeat after me, raid is not a backup) is just robo copying the array to another set of 3-6 tb drives i keep on my desk. So th
  2. http://tower:32400/manage/index.html Not sure if that will help. Im currently trying to figure out why plex is working, but pegging 1 cpu core at 100% constantly since 6.7, but hey i have 15 other cores to play with.
  3. 1) yes you can play musical hardware. As of 6.x when you pop the usb stick in the new mobo, it will auto find and setup the array. It memorizes the serials of the drives and the drive order. I would take a screen grab just incase, but i have shoved my array into several completely different systems without a problem.
  5. Why not go used? $200 for quiet workstations xeon that uses ecc from 2012-2013. Lenovo S30 Dell T3600 HP Z420
  6. How many times must I repeat myself. Say is downloading to /data and sonarr is looking in / downloads. They need to have the same name. Either make sab write to something called /downloads or have sonarr watch a folder called /data.
  7. In "docker land" the spot sab writes to, and the spot sonarr reads from, needs to be exactly the same container path. Sonarr pushes the files to whatever destination you set up for each series, in sonarr. Where is pushes it has nothing to do with the problem of sonarr not seeing the sab downloads.
  8. Sonarr and sabnzb need to have the same container path in order for each other to see the episodes. If sab downloads to /downloads and sonar is looking in /data, sonarr will never see /downloads, even if both point to /mnt/user/downloads.
  9. So glorious sab 2.0 is now out for this docker. It supports the new multi-core par2. I have no clue on how to install it though.
  10. Thats ok it gets worse, if you flash a non dell firmware to that funny pci-e slot, the server wont even post. So i bricked a 310 that way. If you cross flash, it must be one that fits in a normal pci-e slot, not the backplane slot.
  11. My current backup solution is some premade robocopy bat files, ran on some hot swap drives on my windows box. I just pop in the drive, drop to dos, run the script, and the swap to the next hdd and run its script. Nuttin fancy. However now my server is ran off a power line adapter, and instead of getting 100 meg a sec, im getting 35 meg (still not bad). Im wondering how do i adapt my solution to run off of drives(ntfs gpt) that are popped directly into the unraid box using unassigned devices, so i dont have to transfer over the network. Is there a magic docker i can install tha
  12. Gotta love decommissioned servers... Anyway these are starting to hit the used market and are getting affordable. The 2U series such as the R720 would make a great medium sized unraid box. They can use V1 and V2 XEON 2XXX series socket 2011 chips. They can handle ALOT of ram, last head count was 786 gig of ddr3 1600-1866mhz depending on the cpu. They need 2 cpus to take advantage of all the expansion and ram slots. You are down to 4 8x pci-e slots(and one will be a sas controler) if yo only use one cpu. you can get them with a front plane of 8 3.5" sas/sata trays. Now b
  13. So i have a 6.2.1 system that is still using rfs. I have acquired and precleared enough drives to fit all the data from the old array. What i was thinking of was copying my unraid stick to another one, and activating a trial copy. Make an array with the precleared drives in a spare pc using the trial copy. copy all the data from the old unraid box to the spare pc running the trial version. Once that is done yank all the old drives out of the unraid box, and replace them with the ones in the spare pc. copy the config from the trial stick to the licensed stick. Then just re add
  14. If you have the option for registered (buffered) ram go for it. It will be VERY cheap to get used server ddr3 vs even non ecc desktop ddr3. And since its buffered its not real picky, at best you might have to figure out if you need 1.35v or 1.5v. You might be able to get 32 gigs for 50 bucks if you find a seller with alot of small dimms.
  15. Hit up kingston and crucial. They have lines just for hp, and just for lenovo. else only go with whats on the recommended list. It is hell. Manufactures change chip suppliers often, so you cant even use 2 same model sticks if they are several years apart. Getting more than 1 ecc unbuffered to work is also a pain. Getting 4-8 sticks to work in a machine is like finding a unicorn. If you are going to get more ram, buy 2 sticks, in the same package.