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  1. That's fantastic and more than helpful, thank you very much 🙂 I don't really like being spoon-fed as I like to learn and figure out stuff by myself as much as possible. Will give it a go, especially with the -n flag. Thanks again!
  2. Hi folks, After having a Gsuite account for over a year (with the view to setting up Rclone to back up my Unraid server) I finally got RClone set up and working over this weekend!! I've got a crypt sync running currently for one of my shares (tv shows) syncing to a remote folder with the following command: rclone sync -v "/mnt/user/TV Shows/" secure:backup/tvshows --bwlimit "07:00,3M 23:00,off" Works great so far. My question is, is there an easy way to "add more sources/shares" to this same script, to sync all of my other shares as well? I don't know enough about code
  3. God damn it, I feel even more stupid than usual and that's saying something! Thank you. Although it didn't solve my problem, at least I've learnt something. Think my ISP must block port 80 inbound
  4. Hi CHBMB, Please could you elaborate on how to remove HTTPVAL = FALSE? I think having it there may be my issue now, but can't see a way to remove that variable? I have removed my "extra" http option like you've recommended to sdoksdlkk but I can't see a way to do so for HTTPVAL?
  5. Cheers for the reply. It's really weird. I think it may(?) be something to do with letsencrypt possibly. I've just gone through one backup set in windows and manually deleted the subfolder for each docker. Most deleted straight away, but some keys files for letsencrypt gave me an error saying that they no longer exist?! The Krusader directory appears to be empty but I can't delete it. My Plexmediaserver directory is so big with f*cking thumbnails that it's taken 1.5 hours to delete so far with 76% done..... I'm so pleased that I've got another 19 backup sets to go.....
  6. Hi @Squid, In a similar vein to @SelfSD, @alfi33 & @NeoDude, I cannot delete any old backup sets. I actually only realised the problem after I noticed I have hundreds of gis (yes really!) of backups as I stupidly thought the first time I configured my weekly backup, it'd be a good idea to have a few sets of backups "just in case"...... I tried to manually delete the old sets from using the windows share. This locked the server up totally and I had to do a hard reset. I've also tried: Deleting single backup set folders from windows. To an extent this w
  7. Really sorry to be "that guy" but I do know how the search system works and I did search for everything I could think of before posting my question. And I've searched again since your reply and still can't find an obvious culprit/fix? Apologies for my stupidity, but if you could link me to a post with the details I'd be most grateful?
  8. Hi all, Could anyone help me with the error I'm getting when updating a docker container? The error is: Warning: array_map(): Argument #2 should be an array in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php on line 942 Anybody shed any light on this please? Diagnostics attached
  9. Thank you for your insightful reply Trurl Amazingly yes, I have just swapped out my cache SSD for a larger one AND at the same time, moved my appdata (and system folder) to prefer cache, as per this post: Presumably, this will stop at some point? Is there anything I need to do about the error? If it gets too full, would a system reboot help?
  10. Hi all, Got a warning message on Community Applications Plugin this morning :'( /var/log is getting full (currently 72 % used) My server uptime since last reboot is only 2 days, so not like the log has been filling up slowly for months Could anyone shed any light on this for me? I'm very much a Linux/unRAID noob still but I love the system so far. Just a few niggly little errors which I'd like to clear up. Diagnostics zip file attached.
  11. Yep all done and working 100%! What a fantastic system unRAID and the docker system is! Now for my next challenge, getting openvpn-as working
  12. Well, thanks to John_M's little guide, I'm up and running successfully. The only issue I have now is this message: Your existing Docker image file needs to be recreated due to an issue from an earlier beta of unRAID 6. Failure to do so may result in your docker image suffering corruption at a later time. Please do this NOW! It's working fine as it is, but I'm going to recreate my Docker image file using just to be on the safe side. Many thanks to John_M 8)
  13. Wow John_M thanks so much for your reply. This might give me the confidence I need to try this tomorrow! Will confirm how I get on either way in the hope that it will help other users in the future.
  14. Hi all, Finally got my unRaid server running how I'd like it on 6.3.0-rc3 apart from one issue. I've just upgraded my main PC from a 250gig SSD to a 500gig one. This leave me free to put it into my unRaid server I already have a 120gig SSD in there as cache drive containing, for some reason, some of my appdata files but not all, along with my "system" folder and my "domains" folder. What's the best way for me to "swap out" the smaller one for the larger one? Is there an easy way to just move everything across to the array, either temporarily or permanently? Or should I