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  1. @crazyhorse90210 please search this thread regarding --allow-non-empty, it's already been discussed. And if it's merged then just update your version of rclone by either rebooting your machine or reinstall the plugin. Both methods will pull the newest version.
  2. No, sorry. You will have to wait until it's merged into the main beta channel or modify the plugin yourself / replace the binary 😄
  3. That would suggest the plugin didn't install correctly. Have you tried reinstalling it? Does it show any errors during install? Does the plug-in show up in the web gui?
  4. @bar1 You are not using the Community Applications addon are you? The links to the plg's in the first post were outdated. They have been updated now but you really should consider using Community Applications instead of installing manually.
  5. Bought my pro license back in 2010. Can't believe how much has happened since then. So much polish to the UI and the addition of docker and easy VM's has been amazing. Support for SSD's in the array would be nice.
  6. That means that rclone IS running and you have to stop it to update. Either kill all the rclone processes that are running or do as @Stupifier recommended and reboot the server.
  7. Are you sure it doesn't say "is rclone running?"
  8. Use the --transfers flag Link to official documentation
  9. Have you looked at the official documentation? That's always an obvious first step. Here is a link if Google is not helping you out 😉
  10. @theDrell The fix is now live in the latest beta and might get it's own point release as v1.50.2. If the beta fixes your problem please report back in this thread
  11. ncw, the maintainer of rclone, has already made a patch that i confirmed fixes the problem. Should get released soon.
  12. I downgraded the rclone version on my VPS to 1.49.5 and it's working again. I'm going to open a topic on the rclone forum.
  13. Indeed. I'm not sure how that could have happened.
  14. Have you looked on your flash drive to see if the config I still there or did you run rclone config to check?
  15. Well this is very odd. Im seeing this problem on my VPS which runs straight up Debian but i have no problems on my unraid server. The difference is the VPS is connected to my private Google drive and my unraid server i connected to my gsuite account. According to my logs the VPS stopped working October 27, which coincides with the release of rclone v1.50.0