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  1. I must admit that I don't use the mount feature anymore but a quick search results in the following TLDR: You can just remove the nonempty mount option, it is the default behaviour now. So this seems to be a problem with the way rclone handles non empty folders when combined with fusermount3 Here is the relevant issue on GitHub For more information check the changelog for libfuse specifically the entry regarding libfuse 3.0.0
  2. Well i wish i saw your edit before getting to the above conclusion myself. Atleast we came to the same result Thanks
  3. Considering how early that happens it seems to be something with the check for fusermount. What happens if you run fusermount -V ?
  4. @Squid Now it does 😅 2019.10.13b Fusermount compatibility fix for future unRaid versions
  5. Someone beat me to it. And probably explained it in a nicer way than i would have Reinstalling the plugin will also result in the newest version being pulled Take a look at the change log 2017.09.23 Always pull newest version on install I do concede that this could be stated somewhere more noticeable
  6. You should install it through the community applications plugin. Also thanks for pointing out the link in the first post is outdated - I'll get that sorted
  7. Is your plugin up to date? It seems to be trying to pull a pretty old version of rclone.
  8. The binary is busy as the copy is failing. So something has the binary locked.
  9. So was rclone running? I mean the error is pretty self explanatory.
  10. Yea i'm still going with your pihole blocking the rclone download. For the record i also use a pihole instance as my local dns resolver which works without any problems. Reviewing the code that's pretty much the only way to get that exact error without any other errors.
  11. Yea but reaching is fine. The plugin checks first and only tries if fails.
  12. That doesn't really make sense though since that should result in the "No internet - Skipping download and using existing archives" error. Are you sure you can reach the rclone webpage?
  13. If the curl command doesnt solve it then the fix probably won't work either though since that's the fix im doing 😅 I just updated the plugin with a longer timeout.
  14. Yea i haven't had time to push the fix (simple as it is). I'll see if I can get it done tonight.
  15. Humor me a bit and try running it again with 5. If that still gives you an error I'll update the plugin with a more lax timeout