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  1. @ddrulez Sounds like you're having this problem
  2. Sorry for the late reply guys My time is very limited right now so i won't have a chance to look at this in the foreseeable future. PR are of course welcome
  3. @Luciano200x The plugin probably didn't install correctly. Try removing it and adding it again and check the install popup for errors. Most likely you are blocking the download from the rclone website somewhere (firewall, pihole) I seem to have introduced an error in the plugin where it doesn't correctly remove all packages on a failed install giving the impression that the plugin installed correctly when in fact it didn't. I'll fix it first time I get a chance
  4. I actually considered this when i first saw it a couple of years ago, but then and seemingly still, the feature is classified as experimental. When it gets more mature (or at least loses the experimental tag) i'd love to look into adding it in a more seamless way to the plugin.
  5. There seems to be a problem at rclones end right now with no version number being returned for the beta version. Will probably be fixed soon
  6. @Dr.NAS Could you link me the official source? Can't seem to find it on the rclone github repo. I agree though the colorful icon is a bit jarring in the new design language of unraid. There is an all black version on the rclone repo i might switch to. Edit: oh now i remember why I chose the color version, the monochrome won't work on the dark mode theme! Going to leave it as it is.
  7. @APD189 This is a thread for the plugin version of rclone. If you're having trouble with the docker version you should probably direct your question to the docker specific thread.
  8. @livingonline8 ... I see that you were actually one of the people that already asked this question back in December and Stupifier told you not to mount to a non-empty folder. The allow-non-empty function does not work anymore on unraid. I suggest you read the suggestions you already got a couple of months ago 🙄
  9. @livingonline8 Your problem has already been discussed multiple times in this thread. Please search the thread for the older discussions. TLDR: don't try to mount to a non-empty folder
  10. Have your tried removing the config file and trying again?
  11. Do you have some restrictive firewall rules in front of your unraid machine? 🤔 Can you ping downloads.rclone.org?
  12. @Greygoose The error might be a clue The plugin tries to ping, and the rclone server only pinging the next in line if no answer was recieved from the former. So the installer can't reach the internet. Do you get an answer if you ping the above adresses from command line?
  13. Well that's not entirely true since rclone has a somewhat experimental GUI built in. For more info check this link But it should be noted that rclone itself is first and foremost a command line tool
  14. As i suspected something is wrong at rclones part with the latest beta release. There are no linux binaries available which is why it fails to fetch the new version. Nothing to do but wait until it's resolved