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  1. @animeking This could be related. I'm not sure you'll be able to get this to work if your problem is indeed related to that issue until a fix is deployed. Did you check how much memory rclone is using before the array becomes unresponsive? You could run htop from ssh and look for "rcloneorig". If rclone is filling your memory then the question is probably better suited for the rclone forum.
  2. No, only if there's no connection at all
  3. @Lilarcor If there is an Internet connection it will download the latest version on reboot. If no connection is available it will install the last fetched version. This is the intended behavior
  4. The beta branch plugin has now been updated with a migration script. Users of the beta branch will now be moved to the new plugin automatically when you check for updates and then update the plugin. @diffdrumdave
  5. That's because you are on the beta branch. As mentioned that one is getting deprecated while the old stable branch now provides the ability to install both stable and beta. So to sum up that is as expected 😄
  6. @Nickjones818 what exactly do you mean with bi-directional sync? 😄 This plugin only provides a way to install and keep rclone up to date. All functions are provided by rclone itself and the scripts of the community such as @DZMM rclone mount scripts.
  7. The update is now live. If you installed the test version you should be able to update directly to the new live version by checking for plugin updates.
  8. @DZMM I can't seem to reproduce it. Oh and my question about rclone running was not a question about if it was working but related to the fact that if the rclone binary probably was busy. With that being said i have updated the way the binary is replaced so we shouldn't run into the same problem again.
  9. @DZMM Scratch that, the update script shouldn't affect survivability after a reboot. I'll investigate, could just be because the hackish way i did the test version.
  10. @DZMM Yea actually the update script might actually ruin the ability for plugin to survive a reboot (if no internet connection is present at boot) I'll fix that for the release. I'm pushing the update to the main branch in an hour or so it will be live for everyone
  11. I mostly use the editor to add new config flags as they get released in new versions as well as easy backup.
  12. @DZMM with the risk of sounding like a broken record, is rclone running? (Including a rclone mount 😉) I'll bump up the max chars on the editor
  13. For some reason rclone is not returning the version number for betas right now. I will add an error message instead of just a blank space in the next release.
  14. Hi Guys So I’ve finally started using rclone mount again after several years with only doing weekly scripted backups. This prompted me to give the plugin a bit of an overhaul to fix some of my own long-standing nuisances with the plugin. Gone are the default scripts and the script editor (You should really use UserScripts for all your script needs). The config file can still be edited. The settings page has been overhauled and i intend to deprecate the beta branch of the plugin for this new unified model. You are now able to change branch at will in the settings page as well as update rclone if a new version is available. Current version as well as newest version will now be shown in the settings page. If you want to check it out you can install/update the plugin manually by inserting THIS URL in the plugins/install plugin settings menu. It's a drop in replacement for the stable branch. Whenever this version has proven itself without any major bugs i will merge it with the master branch and deprecate the beta branch. @Stupifier @DZMM if you get the chance please test out the new version and see if there's any glaring bugs I’ve missed. Edit: A picture to show the new settings page
  15. @crazyhorse90210 please search this thread regarding --allow-non-empty, it's already been discussed. And if it's merged then just update your version of rclone by either rebooting your machine or reinstall the plugin. Both methods will pull the newest version.