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  1. If you go into the bios > advanced > CSM > turnign it on or off will enable/disbale legacy boot
  2. Update- running the latest bios 1403 for asus crosshair vi. Has the agesa in it this time. Havent had much time to test but planning on switching over this week. One anoying issue i have after using the system and rebooting from a cold start the board just errors most of the time with a different error code. I still cant put my faith into this board holding my array . Anyone else suffering similar issues? Considered RMA but the hoops that asus makes u jump thru is a joke. Registered the board on my asus account but still cant get anywhere witht return process.
  3. Perhaps look at ember media manager's export feature? Not sure what format it creates but worth a 2 min look
  4. Aww you beat me to the news on new update coming. Small video caught my attention regarding the gpu.
  5. The plans for ryzen to take over my cuurent unraid NAS has been put to one side. With the announcement of threadripper and the new platform im going to wait for sure. However! Im going to be swapping my gaming/content main PC out to a new case and show my support for team red (still using same ryzen parts i had mention so long ago). While ive been testing with a few spare drives its been ok. Memory still having issues tho i got some gskill flare x 3200 and yes its overpriced! Set it to detect correct speed/timings in bios and does boot however it may crash or not....upon
  6. I decided upon using the single hotswap from startech i had lying around, for the top alot as pictured. Also ordered one of these for the lower slot. Dshot 3.5" + 2.5" It will do to finish the job. Maybe i should do a review of the case i used.
  7. just tried the icey dock but that thing was really deep and didnt secure corectly due to the case design. Looking for any other solution. Must be a 3x 5.25" or 2x 5.25" . The fans that were in that case are horrible! so looking at either noctua or bequiet's
  8. About to get the gskill flare x 3200mhz 16gb (2x8gb) kit today. Hopefully this will give the best stability for my ryzen build. Ive been having constant issues with the oem ram status codes. Btw that was with corsair lpx 3000 16gb kit. Maybe we should start a new thread for general ryzen discussions/faq stickie perhaps? So tempted to just quit on ryzen for unraid and go get a e5-2660v2
  9. No but they are practical the same used in server case. It might be the same as the ones i have in a new case i just got last week. https://www.xcase.co.uk/products/x-case-extra-value-x415-e-atx-4u-with-fan-wall-10-drive-internal-storage
  10. Maybe look at the phanteks range as their drive trays have a side wing tool less design.
  11. Hey plex has a sale on, 33% off yearly sub. Or 20%off lifetime https://www.plex.tv/
  12. Im curious is it possible to use a pcie x1 gpu for unraid os. Allowing the first pcie x16 for vm? Has this had any change from intel to ryzen boards in terms of groupings aswell. Ive been holding off a bit on my convert for a while. Looking at putting my CH6 into the LL d8000 with 2nd psu to power 2nd rail of drives. Sorry for my lack of input here.
  13. http://uk.rtings.com/tv/tests/picture-quality/gradient some nice panels on there fidn the uk version on amazon etc
  14. I have my fans set up left to right across the drives. I had a couple spare 140 bequiet ive been testing in the middle between the two hdd rails. And seen temps drop to early 20's on ssd cache. I belive i used the lian li 321 ssd converter which holds 2x2.5" . The i3-6100t doesnt need to transcode 1080p h264 on the smart tv (samsung 1080p from a few year ago). I dont believe it needs to transcode for the 4k either depending on the media specs vs media player. (Usually sound not resolution for the tv app) As for your htpc, the few older ones ive been testing from althon
  15. @Jawswing - I have the Lian Li PC-D8000 , best case decission ive made for the servers. I do have a thread in here but i've been busy to update. I can throw some photo's on. 6x corsair SP120's @ 40% rpm has my HGST's avg 32C when at ful speed it drops down to mid 20's. case is nice to work within, the hotswap back plates are a nice feature but expenisve in the UK. picked mine up from http://www.aquatuning.co.uk/ @£320 direct shipping from Germany to UK. On ebay/gumtree they are rare but £190 used if you can collect. I'm using 12 i think now outta the 20. Using a typi