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  1. I did try this, no fix. However interestingly enough, two reboots later, and it's back to what it was.
  2. I've been looking for this for a long, long ... long time. Side note I made the mistake of re-detecting my driver tonight, and lost all temp reading I was previously showing on my 32 cores. Now I can only select 1 of 3 options CPU/MB/SYSTIN Currently runnig latest update, Attached a screen to show how it was compared to now.
  3. Drider

    Threadripper 2!

    Wow, haven't bought RAM in a couple years since I picked up 2 Kits of Dominator Platinum SE. Prices are no joke right now... Thanks for the link.
  4. Drider

    Threadripper 2!

    This will all be High end, top of the line components in the system. I'm a long time Dominator Platinum user. How's the stability there?
  5. Drider

    Threadripper 2!

    Thinking of doing a TRI/TRII (1950x/2950x) for a client. Mainly going to be Data Storage / Backup Archiving and a VM host for a Domain Controller w/ Active Directory, & Client Workstations. Likely some light docker apps like Crashplan, and Cloud sharing, (Need to look into that one too). I'd like to read up on the issues, and work around associated with the TR platform and unRAID. Would any of you fine folks be able to provide some links to Threads here in the forums that I might be able to start wrapping my head around?
  6. I actually have a Merlin flashed ASUS router on the network, so this should work. Thanks!
  7. Just found the my DDClient is failing to update cloudflare today. You wouldn't happen to be using DD-WRT, and if so provide some guidance on the script your using?
  8. I take back my previous statement, I was padding my estimate. With 8.1 Enterprise, after all current updates, and a disk clean up, the VM's run at 23GB total disk size. This is with Office 2013 Professional Plus, and a few other applications including all of their updates.
  9. Nope, and to be clear I run Windows Hyper-V core 2016. I prefer the light weight nature for the Hyper-V system, and having the disk, and resources distributed through Hyper-V. It's really a preference, and I couldn't tell you if there's really any discernible difference in Hyper-V vs unRAID VM management, at least nothing in my use case. I will say if I were to build a box that was to be used as a hub for gaming, much like LTT's examples, THEN I would be running unRAID VM Manager for sure. Again, my use is purely business, so the need is just not there. Windows 8.1, (not 8), was a highly underrated OS. It mainly got a bad wrap because of the Metro theme and start button. Well simple Classic Shell, and magically it works just like windows 7. I prefer 8.1 over 7, especially the enterprise versions as the patches and advancements are quite apparent in daily use. 8.1 really was a lightweight and efficient OS. My total installation package with current updates sits around 27GB after a disk clean when updates are completed. Not to mention the far more stable daily use over Windows 10 right now. If you plan to run quite a few VM's in one system, and you can get your hand on Enterprise versions of windows, it's definitely the path you want to go. Not only is the memory assigned dynamically, but the HDD space can be as well. SO if your VM starts to run out of disk space in a year, you can expand it right there in the Hyper-V manager. Well, you pretty much can't escape this in any VM host. I mean you CAN shut down the Hyper-V and just terminate all VM's in that instant, but it's not recommended as it's pretty much the same as pulling the plug on a system. At least unRAID has a built in safety forcing you to perform a shut down of the VM's before it destroys them. In most other VM managers, you get an "are you sure?" warning, but that's it.
  10. I'm not a fan of Windows 10 in the business environment, at least not yet. I see proof everyday Windows 10 is still in infancy, uncontrollable updates wreak havoc in a business environment, and still a lot of compatibility issues with different software. All are accessed via RDP, with a mixture of windows based PC's, nComputing N300 thin clients, and Dell Wyse Terminals. The RAM depends on the designated use of the system, and with Enterprise edition of windows 8.1 it's dynamic based on the load of each individual VM. So for example, I have 5 VM's that startup with 512MB of RAM, but have the ability to request up to 12GB based on load demands. In reciprocation, when the demand lowers it releases the memory back to the system. I've been working with Hyper-V for going on 5 years now, so I'm pretty familiar with it. The only unknown really was getting unRAID setup in a VM, but really it wasn't a problem.
  11. I'm not exactly sure what prompted your comment, but it was never my intent to pass USB through to any VM's. This is a headless system, for business use running 14 Windows 8.1 Enterprise VM for my business, and employees, with an unRAID VM used as the local Storage/shares.
  12. No question there, always used the script, always will.
  13. I am a long time user of preclear since since the late unRAID v4 days. Personally I've always used the script, as when I started to first use the plugin, I never was able to see the output of disks being processed, and the reports when finished never provided the detail I was used to from the original script, (Not to mention they were blank.) I've always just stuck to the scripts, and used the notification options built in. I am however in the same boat, that I use preclear to fully stress test new disks whether they will end up in the array or not. I also run an I.T. consultation business, where I again utilize the script on new PC HDD's, before installing them in client machines. 3 Passes of preclear with an extended SMART test, sure does give the required piece of mind, and has helped us to put fires out before there was even a sign of smoke. (All done while Family and Friends enjoy streaming PLEX on the same server) My Question(s): Since I just built the newest server, it's been a while since I've updated the script I use, (Current Server on unRAID v6.1.9, New Server on v6.5.0) , and of course I want to bring the script I've grown to depend on. What version of the script is recommended if I plan to only use the script? I would assume the one that is being maintained, @gfjardim's, however I don't see anywhere I can get just the script? (Forgive me if I missed it, I only picked up on this thread about 15 pages back, note: I do have my settings to show the maximum post per page, and it was quite a lot of posts!) Should I even be worried about using the @gfjardim script, does the script itself have revisions/updated for later versions of unRAID, or is it merely updated for plugin purpose? If I only really need @Joe L.'s or @SSD, (I assume this is now bjp999?), Should I be grabbing the originals or @gfjardim updated notification script? Same question again: Does the notification updated script have any updates to the base script outside of notifications for the plugin? Lastly: If it is recommended to get one of the base @Joe L., or @SSD scripts, With or without the notification update, is the patch Detailed in these posts required? I do want to thank @Joe L., @SSD, @gfjardim, @dlandon, @Squid, @Frank1940, and @CHBMB. I've used this script for years now. Both in, and out of unRAID, on systems destine to become workstations, servers, Security/Surveillance systems, laptops, and personal computers for both personal, and professional business clientele. Anything with a Hard Drive, really. This script has become one of, if not the most, valuable tools in our arsenal for new setup, system reload, and HDD reliability diagnostic. There my be better tools, but I've yet to be failed by this. Again, my hat off, head bowed, and knee bent, ... Thank you.
  14. I'm sorry I should've been more clear: I'm not sure if the repo is due for an update. I found a bunch of posts saying they have the same error, and the, (Devs?), replies are it's an Ombi issue and under fix. I am running v3.0.3185, and API key verified correct. No URL Base as I use subdomains, and for now I'm just testing locally, ... (Haven't even gotten to remote testing I might have added to css ... yup .. looking at it, definitely added to css. I may need to slow down just a little.., or less coffee at +2:30AM I believe I will be taking up your discord offer some point this weekend. I love to learn, and grasp on my own, gives a great feeling of accomplishment, but this is just taking too damn long..