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  1. I did try this, no fix. However interestingly enough, two reboots later, and it's back to what it was.
  2. I've been looking for this for a long, long ... long time. Side note I made the mistake of re-detecting my driver tonight, and lost all temp reading I was previously showing on my 32 cores. Now I can only select 1 of 3 options CPU/MB/SYSTIN Currently runnig latest update, Attached a screen to show how it was compared to now.
  3. Wow, haven't bought RAM in a couple years since I picked up 2 Kits of Dominator Platinum SE. Prices are no joke right now... Thanks for the link.
  4. This will all be High end, top of the line components in the system. I'm a long time Dominator Platinum user. How's the stability there?
  5. Thinking of doing a TRI/TRII (1950x/2950x) for a client. Mainly going to be Data Storage / Backup Archiving and a VM host for a Domain Controller w/ Active Directory, & Client Workstations. Likely some light docker apps like Crashplan, and Cloud sharing, (Need to look into that one too). I'd like to read up on the issues, and work around associated with the TR platform and unRAID. Would any of you fine folks be able to provide some links to Threads here in the forums that I might be able to start wrapping my head around?
  6. I actually have a Merlin flashed ASUS router on the network, so this should work. Thanks!
  7. Just found the my DDClient is failing to update cloudflare today. You wouldn't happen to be using DD-WRT, and if so provide some guidance on the script your using?
  8. I take back my previous statement, I was padding my estimate. With 8.1 Enterprise, after all current updates, and a disk clean up, the VM's run at 23GB total disk size. This is with Office 2013 Professional Plus, and a few other applications including all of their updates.
  9. Nope, and to be clear I run Windows Hyper-V core 2016. I prefer the light weight nature for the Hyper-V system, and having the disk, and resources distributed through Hyper-V. It's really a preference, and I couldn't tell you if there's really any discernible difference in Hyper-V vs unRAID VM management, at least nothing in my use case. I will say if I were to build a box that was to be used as a hub for gaming, much like LTT's examples, THEN I would be running unRAID VM Manager for sure. Again, my use is purely business, so the need is just not there. Windows 8.1, (not 8), was a
  10. I'm not a fan of Windows 10 in the business environment, at least not yet. I see proof everyday Windows 10 is still in infancy, uncontrollable updates wreak havoc in a business environment, and still a lot of compatibility issues with different software. All are accessed via RDP, with a mixture of windows based PC's, nComputing N300 thin clients, and Dell Wyse Terminals. The RAM depends on the designated use of the system, and with Enterprise edition of windows 8.1 it's dynamic based on the load of each individual VM. So for example, I have 5 VM's that startup
  11. I'm not exactly sure what prompted your comment, but it was never my intent to pass USB through to any VM's. This is a headless system, for business use running 14 Windows 8.1 Enterprise VM for my business, and employees, with an unRAID VM used as the local Storage/shares.
  12. No question there, always used the script, always will.
  13. I am a long time user of preclear since since the late unRAID v4 days. Personally I've always used the script, as when I started to first use the plugin, I never was able to see the output of disks being processed, and the reports when finished never provided the detail I was used to from the original script, (Not to mention they were blank.) I've always just stuck to the scripts, and used the notification options built in. I am however in the same boat, that I use preclear to fully stress test new disks whether they will end up in the array or not. I also run an
  14. I'm sorry I should've been more clear: I'm not sure if the repo is due for an update. I found a bunch of posts saying they have the same error, and the, (Devs?), replies are it's an Ombi issue and under fix. I am running v3.0.3185, and API key verified correct. No URL Base as I use subdomains, and for now I'm just testing locally, ... (Haven't even gotten to remote testing I might have added to css ... yup .. looking at it, definitely added to css. I may need to slow down just a little.., or less coffee at +2:30AM I believe I will be tak
  15. I do have DD-WRT, but as much as I wish I knew the script to place in the router, it looks like I'll go with DDClient, as I'm sure it will be more my pace of understanding to configure. Unless of course you could point me in the right direction ... ? Thanks!
  16. I've been going through your blogs, and I must say thank you. You have a TON of good information in there. It looks like I'll be following 90% of what you've posted, as you're setup is pretty much what I desire. I've installed Organizr, and I've been playing with it a bit, look slike I'll be jumping on the bandwagon. I only have a couple problems with organizr: I get this error at the top of my homepage if I have Ombi request turned on, I'm not sure if it's because Ombi needs an update. (It's the only answer I've found as of end of March 2018 from support posts on Gi
  17. I already have my jail.local configured, as present in my original post. It's just a matter on turning it on. Would .htpasswd be recommended on top of Ombi using Plex account sign in? Would turning on .htpasswd with PLex user authentication in Ombi cause my users to have to sign in twice? If so would .htpasswd be recommended over Ombi Plex user sign on? Not sure about organizr, just started looking into it, and it's intriguing, but not quite ready to undertake that project yet.. Referenced in my original post I've setup as subdomain. Not sure how that would play out
  18. Thank you for your reply, it's very informative, and definitely gives a better understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish with DNS/DDNS. You're right I did go through what felt like 5000 forums posts and hundreds of configs, splicing together the files I currently use. I believe I have a good base, providing some security, (again I'm not sure as to how much beyond I need), and not mucking up with too much unneeded. I have posted the same security related questions on the forums I found information outside of Lime. I was not aware I could cut out the intermed
  19. I've gotten everything working so far for use with Ombi on unRAID 6.1.9, (I'll eventually be moving everything over to the sister server v6.5.0) My questions now are really focused on security. I have this server on my home network, with a few business servers running on the same network, and some business data even in the same unRAID server. I'm hoping I may list my setup configurations here, and someone may be able to answer a few questions. (All sensitive information fields have been redacted) DDNS DDNS is handled through freedns.afraid.org
  20. Hmm.. I'm not sure. I'm finalizing setup of my newer machine now, so I can test it out. I planed to run Microsoft Hyper-V Core, with unRAID as a VM inside, so I' not sure if that will effect the results or not... I should know more this weekend.
  21. Intriguing: Is it possible to make Sonarr split it's requests to multiple DelugeVPN containers? Apologies if this has been asked an answered here, I skipped right to the end today.
  22. Thank you so much for your offer, it's a delightful change from the normal response I find on the infrequent posts for help I place here in the forums. I forced my way though 16 hours of reading posts, (10 invested before my original post), here in the forums, and trial and error after the initial response to my inquiry was basically met with the same information inquired by my posting. It's always frustrating learning new things with unRAID. Spending countless hours scouring Threads that are 100's of pages long, to finally piece together an understanding of a site-conf file, (and change
  23. Between my two servers I have 6 HBA controllers: In each system I have one Intel RS2WC80 and two Dell PERC H310's. All are LSI 9211-8i controllers Flashed to IT mode, and working great at full 6GB Transfer speeds. The Dells are a little more of a pain to flash to IT, but still relatively straight forward. (It's dealing with UEFI BiOS that takes the most time.) The H310's can be picked up on eBay fairly cheap now ~$50.00 or less.. EDIT: Just re-read your post, and realized you looking for PCI. Yeah ... do they even list those as antiques anymore?
  24. I assume you're using the ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16, if so I own two systems utilizing this board. Of the 14 SATA ports onboard, only 2 are full SATA III, (at least in unRAID, as the Marvell controlled ports have an issue in unRAID, I can't remember specifically what it was). I run 3 LSI 9211-8i's in IT mode, so all but my 2 cache SSD's are on the controllers.