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  1. After putting playtime in, the performance is less than 50% of native so I guess I'll be rebooting into Windows
  2. I looked into core specific monitoring cause it seemed like I was having <1% usage on some of the pinned cores with docker disabled but I don't remembers whether it was core 0.
  3. Running the vm on 0-7 with unraid pinned to 8-9 has almost resolved it. The performance isn't quite 100%, but runs at 80 fps at worst and normally around 140 fps which is far better than it was initially. GPU load is around 95% once the textures have finished loading in which would probably indicate this is as good as I'm gonna get performance wise i would imagine. Its still lacking 30% of native, but is playable.
  4. I tried a combination of different pinnings and it seemed to improve consistency, however the performance isn't quite there. I installed some stuff to figure out what package is best for me to run cpu stuff on for my gpu, but wasn't quite sure how to interpret it. It seems I should be doing all latency cpu stuff on the first package? thebeast-diagnostics-20180914-2309.zip
  5. Sorry, I meant 2700x, however I'm running it on a x370 taichi board.
  6. I've recently swapped from a 4790k to a 2800x. Even when dedicating half the cores/threads to a single vm, I'm unable to get the frame rate for fortnite above 120fps. In heavy parts of the map, it struggles with 60fps. On native, these parts run at around 140fps and the rest around 250. The gpu isn't hitting max utilization (around 30-50%) and I think it's being cpu bottlenecked, however cpu usage sits around 60% so I'm confused as to what is causing this lack of performance.
  7. It think you'll find its pretty hard to pass the USB through to the VM.
  8. Looks like some of the links broke
  9. also getting the same thing fmp4m. "Control character error, possibly incorrectly encoded"
  10. Still crashing regularly in safe mode, I'm going to try running native macos and see if it's a hardware problem.
  11. Don't use a VM, use docker. Install an apache or nginx docker image and put the website on that. Open up some ports that forward through your router to the apache docker image. Bam done
  12. And down again in around 20 minutes... FCPsyslog_tail-2.txt
  13. It hung again today... I've attached the diagnostics from before it crashed. Please helppp! thebeast-diagnostics-20170813-1124.zip FCPsyslog_tail.txt