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  1. Any precompiled version will not be able to do a clean shutdown of unRAID. The shutdown routine in open-vm-tools has to be patched to make that happen.
  2. I have the same bond0 error that StevenD has. It's not actually a network error, but it is not loading a driver for storage device and therefore is not able to read anything fro the USB. So far two people have asked fro the scripts I used for 6.3 - hopefully one of them will have better luck getting this working. It is not a simple task to build this plugin. Every time the unRAID kernel is changed, you have to create new patches to get open-vm-tools to work with the new kernel version. This is also why I never build for beta and RC's as it would take me a full 8-10 hour day to get it building again.
  3. I no longer use unRaid under ESXi. I had tried setting up a development VM, but was not able to get 6.4 to boot correctly. If anyone else wants to take on building this, they can send me a message to get a copy of my build scripts.
  4. Probably, but this is not dependent on open-vm-tools. Perhaps you should ask in a VMWare forum.
  5. The file is on the server and the logs show several hundred downloads since it was released.
  6. Uploaded a version for 6.3.4
  7. 6.2.4 compatible version is available.
  8. Thanks, Zeron. Unfortunately, we are now up to 6.2.4, with kernel 4.4.30. Just finished 4.4.26, 4.4.30 is next. Should be uploaded in a few hours.
  9. Un-escaped $ in the build script. Should be fixed now.