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  1. interested to see how this goes. I have just virtualised unraid on proxmox to also play with lxc alongside....
  2. Yes you could do that. I had to CHMOD my directory as the persistence db wasnt saving. Just rename it after stopping the docker.... and then restart. You may have to set the permissions on the new directory.
  3. if you shell on to unraid can you see the directory? can you use the filemanager plugin to see if the files are there? You might have to CHMOD -r 777 (or just RW privs) on the mqtt app directory (beware of the consequences!) as unraid changed the permissions/owners for appdata a while back Let me know how you get on. I use 6.10 with lots of mqtt clients with this. I should really get around to looking at building a more modern mqtt broker and template....
  4. Strange! What version of unraid are you using?
  5. If you use the "by-id" serial identification this won't happen as it uses the identity of the printer. If you use ttyACM0 or ttyUSB1 methods, these can change
  6. I have no idea - it should work! (sorry, I know that isn't a proper answer. I will reinstall my setup and check in a couple of days)
  7. You probably could by adding extra keys, but you can also spin up another docker (use one for each printer)-that is what I did!
  8. best to use the /dev/serial/by-id/ method rather than usbtty as the port may change if you plug the printers in differently
  9. just create a strong user/password and use port forwarding from your router to the mqtt port?.
  10. yes, I see a few people on the internet see the same problem. I wonder if adding --user="nobody:users" to extra parameters would make a difference?. Otherwise you may have to chmod the data directory =
  11. Its not my docker, but did you fix it? I use the zigbee2mqtt docker as well so I will try and help
  12. You can change your own: chgange the repository field to nodered/node-red:2.1.6-16
  13. I have been using a similar solution for sometime - based on opnsense firewall and wireguard. Once you understand the basics, it is very easy to setup and use!
  14. is this with a new blank appdata/pihole directory? try a different name name to make sure (I had issues with permissions from an old installation). Is already in use elsewhere? ... thats all I can think of at the moment