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  1. Thank you - solves the SpaceInvader zfs clone script issue !
  2. Upgrade for me was easy and everything started to work ok. I use ZFS pools so being able to remove the last array disk was nice. A couple of people have mentioned the SSL library issue - it also affects @SpaceInvaderOne's scripts for snapshotting:- Starting ZFS replication using syncoid with mode: strict-mirror Sending incremental nvme/appdata@syncoid_Tower_2024-06-28:01:00:08-GMT01:00 ... syncoid_Tower_2024-06-30:21:13:37-GMT01:00 (~ 62.8 MB): mbuffer: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory warning: cannot send 'nvme/appdata@syncoid_Tower_2024-06-30:21:13:37-GMT01:00': Broken pipe cannot receive: failed to read from stream
  3. Hi! My office is in bits at the moment due to a m,ove, so I dont have access to my printers. It may be a month or so.....
  4. I had something similar that bugged me for months. I had moved from standalone unraid to a virtualised system and thought that was the cause and soent ages trying to fix it. The actual problem was a failing ssd that I was using as a cache drive that was not giving any errors, just running really slow for some sectors.
  5. have you tried setting the serverIP variable to the PiHole server IP (
  6. using the built-in filemanager in unraid, try setting the permissions for the pihole file/directories to rw to all groups/users. (I no longer use it, so I cant give you the filenames unfortunately)
  7. Glad you sorted it. Support is by the users. I just created the first template that wrapped the official docker. There are other templates available. I don't use it. I use ubound on opnsense under proxmox.
  8. what does /data/.npm/_logs/2023-08-31T12_10_04_289Z-debug-0.log contain? can you ping https://registry.npmjs.org from inside nodered container?
  9. This is a very useful site https://ikrima.dev/dev-notes/homelab/zfs-for-dummies/
  10. I use unRaid as a vm in Proxmox now. unRaid has all my docker technology covered. Proxmox has all my VMs (HomeAssitant, opnsense) covered Proxmox is also used for LXC - primarily Tailscale
  11. Strange error - one drive is not automounting and the manual button does not make it mount. Latest 6.12.3 unraid and UA plugin. Logs show my first drive (external LUKS usb) mounting successfully, the second (internal sata LUKS) shows an error. Jul 18 10:50:46 Tower unassigned.devices: Mounting partition 'sda1' at mountpoint '/mnt/disks/TowerBackup'... Jul 18 10:50:46 Tower unassigned.devices: Using luksKeyfile to open the 'crypto_LUKS' device. Jul 18 10:50:49 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount cmd: /sbin/mount -t 'xfs' -o rw,noatime,nodiratime '/dev/mapper/TowerBackup' '/mnt/disks/TowerBackup' Jul 18 10:50:49 Tower kernel: XFS (dm-4): Mounting V5 Filesystem Jul 18 10:50:50 Tower kernel: XFS (dm-4): Ending clean mount Jul 18 10:50:50 Tower unassigned.devices: Successfully mounted 'TowerBackup' on '/mnt/disks/TowerBackup'. Jul 18 10:50:50 Tower unassigned.devices: Device '/dev/sda1' is not set to be shared. Jul 18 10:50:54 Tower unassigned.devices: Mounting partition 'sdd1' at mountpoint '/mnt/disks/urbackup'... Jul 18 10:50:54 Tower unassigned.devices: Partition 'urbackup' is already mounted. Jul 18 10:50:54 Tower unassigned.devices: Partition 'urbackup' cannot be mounted. urbackup is not mounted - it doesnt show under /mnt/disks/ *** solved *** It seems that the partition/mount point cannot now be the same name as the disk drive
  12. Did you fix it? Looks like a Alexa credentials issue but that shouldnt stop NR from loading. Depending on the age of your template - do you have the safe mode option? If not, add a variable to the docker tempate NODE_RED_ENABLE_SAFE_MODE and set it to true. You can then startup NR without it starting the flows.
  13. Thanks for the feedback!. I threw this template together in 2017 for a project that needed it at the time.... I havent really looked at it since. 1) This is an easy change to make 2) I thought that the v2 template already uses this? Let me know!
  14. They must have had a tidy up!. Will do. Note that I dont use this anymore as I am running Adguard on my Opnsense firewall instead.
  15. try chmod -R 777 /mnt/appdata/nodered or what every you have called it..... The more recent versions of unraid restrict the permissions a bit. Note that this is a security gotcha as it enables execute too - you could also just change the r/w for all and leave execute alone
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