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  1. can you do an ls -al on that directory please?
  2. for serial devices (such as my two 3d printers using octoprint), I just use the /dev/serial/by-id/@xxxxxxxxxx paths for them.
  3. You may have to keep changing it as the template is not refreshed on the update. Check your /boot/config directory structure for the cached templates and also edit it there Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  4. I have pushed this - note that you will not see the change if you already downloaded NR as the template is cached on your boot drive. Thanks for the link - I didnt see it when I first made the template in 2016! You can change it on your own system btw
  5. actually I was wrong again - NodeRed was changed but not pihole... SORRY - will fix it now
  6. I've not changed it yet....... :-) WRONG!! I did change it some time ago to /mnt/user/appdata/nodered/ .It must be cached on your boot/config volume.....
  7. You are free to set the appdata to where you like. This was a setting that I used when the template was originally written. The problem is that changes to templates are not written back to existing installations.
  8. nbrowser seems to have not been updated for a long while. There is another node (scrape-it) that may help?. I used to use the HTTP nodes when I wrote an integration to HiveHome - but I swapped that over to HomeAssistant.
  9. tried this one: ?
  10. The NodeRed team did not allow SUDO or APT-GET in their docker images so unfortunately you will need to build a different docker file if you need to do this. (INCORRECT) I just built the template for the official docker image (and abandoned my custom one some time ago). What are you trying to do with nbrowser? EDIT: add "--user=0" without the quotes to Extra Parameters, this will allow you to use the APK command to install any dependancies
  11. Use the /dev/serial/by-id/ directory so that your tty address does not change. You will need to add the additional serial posrts in octoprint as per my earlier post
  12. try changing your octoprint settings: Mine are
  13. ok, thats a shame. If you did not have any extra rules setup then it is easy to reinstall. I couldn't operate without it now!.
  14. Unrelated to any problems for the official pihole docker (my template has no tweaks, its just vanilla), @testdasi has produced a nice version with DOT/DOH baked in. It is worth a try for more security & piece of mind.
  15. @Unraiding Both of my Piholes are running ok (sorry, but I know that doesn't help you!). There seems to be a number of people using pihole that have had similar messages in the past with pihole. Most just reinstall. I guess the easiest way is to use the SETTINGS/teleporter function to save your settings, stop pihole, delete files in the data directory, reinstall and load settings back in using teleporter. The docker is the official one from Pihole with no changes - so you can also post on their github page. (there does seem to be similar messages there