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  1. Unfortunately the author of the docker has not updated it for sometime. I will see if I can use the octoprint/octoprint version.
  2. Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use. Are you sure nothing is on that IP?
  3. For ther NodeRedv2 Beta docker -= please change the repositiory tag to nodered/node-red-dev:v2.0.0-beta.2 to get the latest. The NodeRed team have just changed their build process and it is not using the beta tag.
  4. Try it with Extra Parameters only containing: --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --restart=unless-stopped
  5. Please use a location for the cookie to be something like this: /data/AlexaAuthFile.txt It will then save it in your appdata directly and not the container.
  6. try adding: dhcp-option DNS to your client's .ovpn config, where the DNS is your pihole address
  7. maybe you can add a variable TZ to the template = America/Chicago (I haven't tried it)
  8. No problem. If you needed Node.js 12 - just use nodered/node-red:latest-12 in the repository field of the template
  9. Great - thats the way to do it. The template is for the official Pi-hole docker, I don't make any changes so please check their github for issues. I just changed the template to remove the dns entries from the extra parameters setting though as this was causing issues for some... Unfortunately this change doesnt roll down if you have already have Pihole setup. ( I dont think this fixes your issue though). I will take another look tomorrow (I'm in the UK).
  10. how did you update? Was it the docker container or inside the docker container (which you shouldn't do)?. My template pulls down the official docker container with no changes. If there are bugs with Pi-hole, please log them at or
  11. Which version of NodeJS do you need? You can change the version by using the appropriate tag in the Repository field:
  12. Thanks guys - unfortunately I only made the template and cannot vouch for the actual docker container. I'm sure they will fix the docker component quickly!