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  1. theone

    VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    I have tried compiling for 6.4 and am having compilation problems... will continue to try.
  2. theone

    Server Layout Plugin for unRAID v6

    Sorry for the delay. I have other things on my plate at the moment. Released update. 2018.01.25 - Updated for unRAID v6.4 - Thank you Squid
  3. Just found this solution - I am running Windows 10 1709: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4046019/guest-access-smb2-disabled-by-default-in-windows-10-server-2016
  4. I have the same problem and do not want to reinstall windows. Started a few days ago. I can access other PCs and SMB shares from the "problematic PC" and I can access Tower from other PCs fine. Anything I can do to fix it?
  5. I though this would have been fixed by now... Would this also explain the first 2 issues as well? (preclear button not responding and retrieving information not completing)
  6. Hi, I have added a new 6TB HGST drive to my unRAID and have a problem running preclear. unRAID version 6.3.5 * When trying to run from unassigned devices I get no response when pressing the icon. * When trying to run from preclear under Tools menu the tool open but is stuck "Please wait... retrieving information!" * When trying to run from command line I get the device is busy error lthough it is listed under the -l option - see below: Linux 4.9.30-unRAID. root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk# preclear_disk.sh -v ./preclear_disk.sh version: 1.15b root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk# preclear_disk.sh -l ====================================1.15b Disks not assigned to the unRAID array (potential candidates for clearing) ======================================== /dev/sdf = ata-HGST_HDN726060ALE614_K1JW10YD root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk# preclear_disk.sh -c 2 /dev/sdf ./preclear_disk.sh: line 1337: /root/mdcmd: No such file or directory sfdisk: invalid option -- 'R' Usage: sfdisk [options] <dev> [[-N] <part>] sfdisk [options] <command> Display or manipulate a disk partition table. Commands: -A, --activate <dev> [<part> ...] list or set bootable MBR partitions -d, --dump <dev> dump partition table (usable for later input) -J, --json <dev> dump partition table in JSON format -g, --show-geometry [<dev> ...] list geometry of all or specified devices -l, --list [<dev> ...] list partitions of each device -F, --list-free [<dev> ...] list unpartitions free areas of each device -r, --reorder <dev> fix partitions order (by start offset) -s, --show-size [<dev> ...] list sizes of all or specified devices -T, --list-types print the recognized types (see -X) -V, --verify [<dev> ...] test whether partitions seem correct --delete <dev> [<part> ...] delete all or specified partitions --part-label <dev> <part> [<str>] print or change partition label --part-type <dev> <part> [<type>] print or change partition type --part-uuid <dev> <part> [<uuid>] print or change partition uuid --part-attrs <dev> <part> [<str>] print or change partition attributes <dev> device (usually disk) path <part> partition number <type> partition type, GUID for GPT, hex for MBR Options: -a, --append append partitions to existing partition table -b, --backup backup partition table sectors (see -O) --bytes print SIZE in bytes rather than in human readable format --move-data[=<typescript>] move partition data after relocation (requires -N) -f, --force disable all consistency checking --color[=<when>] colorize output (auto, always or never) colors are enabled by default -N, --partno <num> specify partition number -n, --no-act do everything except write to device --no-reread do not check whether the device is in use -O, --backup-file <path> override default backup file name -o, --output <list> output columns -q, --quiet suppress extra info messages -w, --wipe <mode> wipe signatures (auto, always or never) -X, --label <name> specify label type (dos, gpt, ...) -Y, --label-nested <name> specify nested label type (dos, bsd) -G, --show-pt-geometry deprecated, alias to --show-geometry -L, --Linux deprecated, only for backward compatibility -u, --unit S deprecated, only sector unit is supported -h, --help display this help and exit -v, --version output version information and exit Available columns (for -o): gpt: Device Start End Sectors Size Type Type-UUID Attrs Name UUID dos: Device Start End Sectors Cylinders Size Type Id Attrs Boot End-C/H/S Start-C/H/S bsd: Slice Start End Sectors Cylinders Size Type Bsize Cpg Fsize sgi: Device Start End Sectors Cylinders Size Type Id Attrs sun: Device Start End Sectors Cylinders Size Type Id Flags For more details see sfdisk(8). Sorry: Device /dev/sdf is busy.: 1 root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk#
  7. theone

    VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    Simple install apache web server and download and untar phpvirtualbox into the webserver folder.
  8. theone

    Server Layout Plugin for unRAID v6

    The numbers are for reference only so you know what bay you are assigning too, I could have used letters/symbols/words instead. They have (should have) no other meaning.
  9. theone

    Server Layout Plugin for unRAID v6

    I am running unRAID 6.3.5 without any issues (plugin version 2017.03.03)
  10. theone

    A big thanks to the Limetech Team

    Started with a Spectrum 48K in 1982. and since from there to a 8088 then 486DX and since then things are fuzzy Started using unRAID about 7 years ago and indeed it has been like going back to childhood enjoying tweeking my PCs.
  11. Hello, I am having my first parity check errors (6400) A couple of days ago I had a power failure and UPS died. after restart I had read errors on a data disk but no parity errors during the power on parity check. Yesterday I had another power failure (UPS still not fixed) and the parity check after power on showed parity errors. Aside from fixing the UPS what do I have to do regarding the parity errors? Should I run another parity check with or without fixing? How do I know if the parity errors are due to incorrect data or incorrect parity values?
  12. theone

    VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    Your chosen location is not persistent - change it to a disk/cache or USB drive instead (I use the cache drive)
  13. theone

    VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6

    The prompt is new (since virtualbox 5.1.20). Does anyone know if there is a way to accept the license ("y") via a script? If so I will add it to the plugin... P.S. I uploaded latest Virtualbox 5.1.22 compiled package for: * unRAID version 6.3.4 - kernel 4.9.28 Edit: Nevermind - I think I found the answer "yes | command....". I will update the plugin.
  14. theone

    Server Layout Plugin for unRAID v6

    i think you entered 2 Rows and 12 Columns Try again with 12 rows and 2 columns. I get: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . . .