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  1. Additional information: Each time the drive spins up the number of reads (on the MAIN tab) increases by ~3-6. I have the following plugins running: CA backup/restore Appdata (no scheduled backups) CA Cleanup Appdata Community Applications Docker Folder Dynamix Local Master Dynamix SSD Trim Dynamix System Buttons File Activity Fix Common Problems - Background checks disabled Nerd Tools Network UPS Tools Open Files Preclear Disks Recycle Bin Server Layout (Plugin I wrote that doesn
  2. I uninstalled the plugin and problem "fixed"
  3. I am experiencing many random disk spin-ups. It is almost always disk3 which has a dedicated share "Documents". No other share is using this disk. My last spin-up was a few minutes ago (09:42AM). No one is at home and all PCs are in sleep mode. There are 2 running Windows 10 VMs but no files are open on them. Running dockers: Home Assistant HassIO Supervisor, MariaDB, LogitechMediaServer, Qbittorrent - All mapped to cache and downloads pool devices (not in array) I have the FileActivity plugin installed and can see access to files I have
  4. Can Flood ( be run in this docker?
  5. The "problem" is that I have no other PC or smartphone currently open with an unRAID webUI tab open.
  6. I am having the same issue - message in syslog everey 1-2 seconds from 10:31:28 to 12:30:28 and suddenly stopped. What is a "stale" web GUI tab? why is it defined as stale. I am also getting the following errors also related to nginx every minute in between the "nginx worker process" messages: May 21 12:30:20 Tower nginx: 2021/05/21 12:30:20 [error] 29362#29362: *143060 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /plugins/ HTTP/2.0", upstream
  7. Recently I am having trouble stopping array and/or shutting it down. Each time I try I get 300 seconds timeout (when shutting down) due to VM share not being able to unmount. May 20 23:42:23 Tower emhttpd: Unmounting disks... May 20 23:42:23 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (181): umount /mnt/virtual_machines May 20 23:42:23 Tower root: umount: /mnt/virtual_machines: target is busy. May 20 23:42:23 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (181): exit status: 32 May 20 23:42:23 Tower emhttpd: Retry unmounting disk share(s)... May 20 23:42:28 Tower emhttpd: Unmounting disks... May 20 23:42:28 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (182
  8. I am getting random "errors" and "crit" in log file related to external (outside my LAN) IP addresses. Does anyone know where this is coming from? What the source of the problem is? May 19 01:47:28 Tower nginx: 2021/05/19 01:47:28 [error] 18420#18420: *6209 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /admin//config.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:", host: "" May 19 08:04:08 Tower root: error: /GponForm/diag_Form?style/: missing csrf_token
  9. When copying files from one share to another share via an intermediate Windows10 VM is the virtual network connection a limiting factor? I get max 500-600mbps (about 50-75MB/s) when copying large files. Is the limit the HDDs or the virtual network?
  10. Can you post the IOMMU for the x99 board (in the Tools section of unraid)?
  11. I did make sure that the video and audio parts are as should be (same device different functions). I can't get virt manager (running on unraid) to connect to the libvirt. I tried a new VM install and got video but once the windows installation restarted I got black screen - monitor went to sleep, don't know what is happening in the VM.
  12. Still not working. Seem to have some kind of resource conflict but can't find it: Any other suggestions? When I try and install a clean Windows installation with only the GPU also no video to monitor.
  13. WOW - I removed both VNC and ROM definition as got it going fine !!! but then I wanted to see if I put back the ROM will it work and it didn't so I removed it but could get it working again. I started again from the original VM (no GDU) but couldn't retrace the results - can't get it to work again. The main problem when debugging is that without a VNC I don't know what is going on when I have no video signal to the monitor. I do know that it is not loading (to windows) because I get no ping results.
  14. I have a working Windows 10 VM without a GPU. I would like to pass-through an nVidia Quadro 2000 GPU to this VM. I am using a SeaBIOS BIOS because the Quadro 2000 doesn't support UEFI. This is my HW: I installed the GPU inside my server (after moving my SATA card to a slot with a different IOMMU so the GPU is isolated in a dedicated IOMMU). Once installed I have the following in System Devices: I enabled Binding of both above devices and rebooted server I edited the existing VM by adding the GPU as a
  15. How can I get mc to work with a mouse from the built in unRAID terminal accessible from the WEBUI?