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  1. I have just noticed, following a short (few seconds) power outage that there is no UPS failure notification/event in the log file. When using the built-in unRAID UPS support it used to catch them all. Also, can UPS events (power failures) be marked as Error/Warning/System in the log file?
  2. How can I set a cache drive folder as the syslog server folder? I just get options for the shares. Don't want to keep array disks spinning...
  3. How can I define the cache drive as the folder?
  4. I tried it on Docker but then opted for the VM path - wanted the whole HASS.IO package benefits. Runs very stable. Did you try it on a VM in unRAID or do you have a reason not to run it on a VM in unraid? Do you take down or restart your unRAID often?
  5. I also have the same problem - new Qbittorrent docker user (used until now on my Win10 VM with no issues)
  6. Thank you, HPET and USB root hubs (I disabled the controllers in VM Device Manager) did the trick. Now idle CPU usage on unRAID sever for the windows VM is ~2-3%
  7. I have the same issue. How do you know which USB root hubs are in use? Does your solution still work?
  8. OK I misread the original fix post. I recreated just the WEBUI port, but did not create an additional WEBUI parameter. Now working THX
  9. I have tried changing the default port as mentioned in this thread - with NO success My Docker configuration: Docker Command: I tried manually going to port but always get "This site can’t be reached" error All my other dockers WEBUI work OK. What I noticed is that the qBittorent.conf file has the following parameter: WebUI\Port=8080 even when I change it or completely delete the file or the whole Docker appdata folder each time I run the docker it is recreated with the 8080 port. I tried reinstalling the docker a
  10. What I like changes from time to time depending at what stage I am at. Now it is VMs and Dockers. What I would like to see is the continued development of unraid (which I am sure is happening)
  11. Looking for an answer to this a well
  12. Have been a paid user for almost 9 years (2010). The best thing I like about unRAID is that I forget it is there 😊 although I like tinkering I only need to when I want and have time and not when the server asks for help - which it doesn't !!! Keep up the wonderful work.
  13. I have tried compiling for 6.4 and am having compilation problems... will continue to try.
  14. Sorry for the delay. I have other things on my plate at the moment. Released update. 2018.01.25 - Updated for unRAID v6.4 - Thank you Squid