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  1. 128GB soon™ 32GB ZFS ARC 32GB Host + Docker... 48GB VMs
  2. I really want ZFS native support without needing to have at least 1 drive in Array (Unraid's array). ZFS can also do snapshots, encryption, and other stuff, it's literaly pleasing to be there .. That feature is on my top 10. followed by; 2. Backup option (incremental with rotation) using SMB, NFS, or whatever else users want 3. Better network settings, actually it is somewhat confusing and not professional (vlans, routing, firewall) 4. Better user controls (more admin accounts, higher control of user access, 2FA..) 5. Boot from HDD/SSD/network (change license linking, I believe it is easy now with My Servers plugin) 6. Better SHFS performance (it is cpu intensive and cutting speeds somewhat) 7. Better VM configuration, It is weird that I need to edit xml each time I change path of virtual disk (this change qcow2 to raw format in xml) and some other stuff 8. Telegram notifications tweaks (when network is lost, all messages are lost from that time) 9. Modernised WebUI, interactive 10. Thanks :))
  3. Well, from enterprise solutions, it's reading temps almost realtime and those machines works 24/7 for years.. I have never seen issue with that..
  4. I mean, why is default value that high? it may be 60 by default.. anyway, thanks for info.
  5. Oh really... I thought it is a lot faster... Can 60s polling rate cause issue or why is there such a nonsense value?
  6. Thanks for reply but Spike means it is for short time and then revert back to normal readings... Here it stayed at 84 degrees until reboot.
  7. Hello! Today I'v got alert that one of my Pool nvme ssd's went up to 84°C. after short research I have found that it is wrong.. update: after reboot it went back to normal readings.
  8. I got same issue, br0 not getting IP after boot, but not always. maybe some timeout is stopping us from getting IP?
  9. I want to re-open issue with database.. I am getting these errors: 1636996078: Error saving in-memory database, unable to open /config/data/ for writing. 1636996078: Error: Permission denied. I'v tried chmod 777, chown nobody:users, root:root... whatever... Can you help me please?