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  1. Hello all, posting here if anyone else runs into this issue. Saw there was an update to Unraid 6.9.1 this morning. Update installed with no issue and restarted my server. On reboot, my Plex container was not started (should be auto-start). When I went to start it, it just gave me the "execution error: bad parameter" error. I tried editing the docker settings, and when I went back to the Docker tab, Plex was gone. This was odd as it was working perfectly last night. I tried to add the container again from my previous image but kept getting this error: I searc
  2. Hello All, Set up the Pi-hole docker per the video, but just receiving a "Site cannot connect" message when attempting to open the webGUI. It opened the webGUI very breifly, but when i clicked login, it just gave me the "cannot connect" message again, and has sat there since. Attempted to restart the container a few times but to no avail. I was trying to set my time zone (eastern time) but did not see the exact wording to use when setting up the container. I put in "Eastern Standard Time" and when it was updating the container I saw "America/New York" for tiem zone so I
  3. Hello there, I ended up finding a killer deal on an APC NetShelter 24U cabinet, which came with a rack-mount CyberPower 1500W UPS (PR1500LCDRTXL2U; I picked up the network adapter (RMCARD205) to have network connectivity as the UPS already had their webGUI/software to manage everything ( On their website it says that it can auto-shutdown "workstations and multiple servers", and "up to 50 clients", so it seems like this is
  4. Hi all, I had my network card on my server go out about 2 weeks ago and just got it back up and running. It seems like everything is working well so far, except that the DelugeVPN container won't connect to the webGUI. When I click on the docker container icon and click on webGUI, it opens a new tab and I get "this site can't be reached" with the message [local IP] refused to connect. I have changed none of my container settings since my old network card, and made sure to give the server the same static IP it had before
  5. OH so that's what that's called! Thank you for explaining that. Thanks! Good to know that's not an issue. I do use Deluge to download torrents, but as of late haven't really known any good places to find torrents. Therefore I generally just stick with NZBs, as the quality and download speed generally seems to be better. I'm open to torrent site recommendations if you know of some. I also only have one indexer (NZBgeek), so if you or anyone knows of a secondary, that would also be much appreciated. Possibly one that does a good amount of anime too. I have an option vi
  6. Ok good to know. What is the "Docker run command"? Is that where you edit the mappings, ports, and such? There are a couple labels in Deluge, but they have nothing in them as I'm just using Deluge for the Privoxy/VPN component. Seems like the network traffic is the only thing Deluge should worry about as the rest of the "file management" is handled by SAB or Radarr/Sonarr?
  7. Haha that could be the case! So now that's working, it seems like Sonarr is downloading the files, but not renaming them and moving the to the Media directory so Plex can see them. I downloaded a tv series in Sonarr (and a movie in Radarr) and then it just sat there, not renaming it or moving it anywhere. Wasn't this a feature that Sonarr (or SABnzbd) would do? And then once it's moved it to the main Media Library delete it from the usenet_completed folder? or am I thinking of something else? In the Sonarr settings I have "Rename Episodes" turned on.
  8. Looking at Deluge in the Interface Tab, SSL is unchecked. Seems odd that one would work and one wouldn't.
  9. Like a charm! Thank you so much. Why would SSL prevent that from communicating? Especially when Radarr has SSL enabled?
  10. Ok so I figured out some of my issue. tl;dr I didn't have the current IP address set in my delugeVPN Privoxy, so the other programs routing traffic through there were just hitting a dead end. I went through and rewatched all of SpaceInvaderOne's setup videos one by one for Setting up a privoxy and setting up Radarr. I made sure all of my subscriptions were up to date and had the right information in them. Now, Sonarr keeps giving me an "Unknown exception: The operation has timed out.: ''" error when trying to connect to Deluge, and an immed
  11. Hi all, I had setup my server awhile ago and it was working great. I let my NZBgeek, PIA, and Usenet.Farm subscriptions lapse and hadn't used Sonarr, Radarr, or SABnzbd in 6 months or so. I reactivated my supscriptions to all of those without otherwise changing anything. When trying to test the connection to NZBgeek indexer, I am getting the "Unable to connect to indexer, check the log for more details" error. Upon looking at the log, I see: 2020-06-04 17:49:11,444 DEBG 'sonarr' stdout output: [Warn] NzbDroneErrorPipeline: Invalid request Vali
  12. I seem to be having an issue in the last few weeks of Radarr not being able to connect to my Newznab indexer. Sonarr however has no issues connecting to it with the same URL and API key. @trurl @Squid @binhex Any thoughts on why this may be?
  13. @trurl Bumping this to see if you may know why it's doing this. I just downloaded Season 1 of a show, and that downloaded, renamed, and moved the files no problem. Clicked to download the second season, which it downloaded but the files are just sitting in the completed folder.