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  1. Arcaeus

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    @Squid Just wanted to clarify, can I just wipe the existing one and start over? What is the best process you recommend for going through with this and saving what data I can? And how do you think this happened?
  2. Arcaeus

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Ok, so is that a whole new flash drive or just wipe everything and start over? Is there a way to save whatever config data I have on there?
  3. Arcaeus

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Ok, and would I have to go into my router and make sure it's assigning the same DNS to the Server? To change the network setting, I have to stop VM Manager and docker service. However when I go into Settings > Docker and change enable Docker to No and click Apply, it refreshes the page and it's still set to Yes. The same thing happens for VM Manager. All Docker containers are stopped.
  4. Arcaeus

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    @Squid Hey there, I'm trying to update CA and getting this error. Restarting the server produces the same result. I also am getting an error on updating the Unassigned Devices plugin: Any thoughts on a fix? Posted diagnostics just in case. tower-diagnostics-20190417-1110.zip
  5. Arcaeus

    Array taking 30+ minutes to start up

    @itimpi Ok, that sounds like a good idea. I'm transferring some big files with 4k video and all, so I'd like to set it for 50GB or so. I do have soime 80Gb UHD movies, but trying to set it for 160GB I think will just bypass the drive more often than I'd like. Right now it's set to 5,000,000. Is that in bytes or what?
  6. tower-diagnostics-20190215-0723.zip No, I have all the downloading containers stopped. I tried stopping all of the containers, but that didn't change anything.
  7. Ok so i did that, but it looks like there is still a file on the cache disk in the downloads share. I tried running mover again, but it doesn't run.
  8. So it sounds like it should go to /mnt/user/Downloads then? And based on how small my cache drive is, I'm just hinking of setting it to cache-no so I don't have to keep checking on it and/or it locking up my dockers.
  9. Yes, I have SABnzbd's /data path mapped there. I also have been transferring files back and forth from my server to my main rig in order to rename the files properly. I think that may be adding to it too.
  10. @trurl Ok cool, good to know. So I'm still having issues with my cache disk filling up. I have cache = no, have stopperd and restarted the docker multiple times, but it keeps writing to that disk. Do I need to delete all of the undownloaded torrent files out of Deluge and re-add them? or what?
  11. @trurl Ahh that makes more sense. I was trying to figure out how it could do RAID across different sized disks. So now is there a way to decrease the loading times of the array (making it faster), outside of having everything on the cache disk? Or is that just what it is? And in your opinion, what would you say Unraid really excels at? What is the use case where someone would choose Unraid over something else? Say, a Windows 10 computer with a bunch of drives in RAID 5/10?
  12. @trurl I understand, thank you for writing all of that out. Now the more disks you have in the system, the faster your overall transfer/load speed should be, correct? Doesn't Unraid use a Raid 5 kind of system to spread the data across the array?
  13. Alright, I'll work through this. Isn't that what the cache drive is for? To write everything to before moving it out to the array? If I turn that off, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having the cache drive there?
  14. tower-diagnostics-20190211-0638.zip
  15. Ok, confirmed that all of those are set as instructed, with new diags on the way.