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  1. I seem to be having an issue in the last few weeks of Radarr not being able to connect to my Newznab indexer. Sonarr however has no issues connecting to it with the same URL and API key. @trurl @Squid @binhex Any thoughts on why this may be?
  2. @trurl Bumping this to see if you may know why it's doing this. I just downloaded Season 1 of a show, and that downloaded, renamed, and moved the files no problem. Clicked to download the second season, which it downloaded but the files are just sitting in the completed folder.
  3. After looking in the folders, it almost seems like it's erroring out before it can complete everything as there are little files left over:
  4. So I checked that and it seems to be ok because I see files coming through: The problem is, there are only some files that it is renaming and moving. If I look at my usenet_complete folder, I see this: What would cause only some files to be renamed and moved? And is there a way for Sonarr to scan for completed files to rename and move?
  5. So I'm having an issue where my episodes are downloading, but Sonarr is not renaming and organizing them properly. SABnzbd seems to be downloading them fine, but then they just sit in my completed folder instead of being moved to the TV Shows directory so Plex can see them. I have the Media Management settings turned on here: But when I look in my completed folder, see this: And Sonarr should be able to move them to the correct directory (rather than copy) so I don't end up with duplicate files, correct?
  6. ...nevermind, apparently it fixed itself? Idk its working now.
  7. So I was trying to run my SABnzbd traffic through privoxy. I put everything into Sonarr and Radarr fine. I put the same information into SABnzbd under the "Listening Port" section, and now I get this error: How do I revert back to the previous information, and set it up properly? @trurl or @Squid, you guys may know the answer to this too. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nevermind, I solved it. I had the container path as /Media when it was mapped in Plex as /media. Thank you for your help!
  9. @trurl So then rather than retrying all sorts of different paths, does it make sense to just delete the libraries in Plex and re add them? because all the files are the same and they've already been named properly and all that, the paths just need to be rebuilt so it can see it properly.
  10. I just put the /Media mapping back as I thought that was all I needed. I didn't have the backup of my config file which was a mistake on my part, so I'm trying to remember exactly how I had the whole thing set up. Here is what I have for the template mappings:
  11. I'm just having all of my media data on the array, and the Downloads share go to the array directly. My thinking is that the only things I would want on the cache drive would be the appdata share, and any other system related shares. It has seemed to work well for me in the past to keep the cache drive as open as possible so if I'm transferring files from my main computer, it has the space to do so. And shouldn't Mover also move files between the disks to balance the load out?
  12. So these should all be set to cache:prefer? I was having issues originally with my cache drive filling up and then breaking my docker containers. However, these all seem like smaller system files and nothing that would take up 250gb. Edit: all shares listed above have been set to cache:Prefer
  13. So I reinstalled this after my flash drive died. It installed and connected fine, but now when I try to play back my media, it can't find the file. I tried a Rescan of Library files, but that didn't seem to do anything. Here is the error I get: Thoughts?
  14. So my flash drive died and I had to replace it. After I did, Mover seems to not run or do anything. I installed a fresh 4TB HDD that had been precleared, but every time I click to run Mover, it just refreshes the page and does nothing. Thoughts? diags posted just in case mediavault-diagnostics-20190420-1226.zip