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  1. The buying or selling of unRAID keys ON THE UNRAID FORUM is not permitted. Lime Technology does not support the transfer of registration keys between users as per the posted policy. WARNING: The Lime Technology key replacement policy only applies to the registered owner. Lime Technology will not issue key replacements to individuals who have purchased a key registered by someone else.
  2. http://lime-technology.com/new-licensing-announcements/
  3. http://lime-technology.com/popular-applications-in-unraid-6/
  4. http://lime-technology.com/exciting-new-developments-with-unraid-6/
  5. From what you shared above, split-level 1 is correct. With the share name being 'movies' and the next levels being 'movie_name' and 'movie files', this will ensure that the movie files stay on the same disk as the movie name. A couple of questions for you: 1. How big is each movie directory? 2. During the copy process, when did you decide it was doing the wrong thing? (i.e., can you quantify "well beyond 50%"?) If your first disk was filled to 1.449TB, it would have copied the next file before switching to the next disk. In other words, the high-water mark (in this case 1.5TB) doesn't trigger until it adds a file that goes above it. That next movie directory file could have been a large one (e.g. 20GB). If you don't think this is what happened, please let me know and we can look into this further. On your TV show hierarchy, split-level 2 is correct. Thanks, TomH
  6. All very good ideas. The two major areas are: 1. How can I go one level further beyond a "thank you" to someone who has helped me out or provide recognition for a great post; and 2. How can we contribute to a developer (unRAID customer) on a plugin we like. We have discussed this internally in the past and will discuss more soon, but, as you can imagine, the focus right now is on getting the next releases out. Meanwhile, it's great to see your ideas, including the pros and cons. Thanks, TomH
  7. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=33426.0 Thanks, TomH
  8. To find out if your server is 64-bit capable, do the following: 1. Log into your unRAID consul. 2. Type "grep --color lm /proc/cpuinfo" [from WeeboTech's sig] 3. Look for "lm" in the flags (which indicate it is 64-bit capable). TomH
  9. If you don't know, we'll share a command line here shortly to help you find out.
  10. If you're using a hardware-mirrored cache, please reply with your configuration. Thanks.
  11. Add up parity + data + cache disk (if present)
  12. I'm glad you found this post useful. Once you enable the Cache on your "Media" Share, it will be automatically replicated on the Cache drive (preferred method). While you can duplicate the Shares on the Cache, make sure there aren't any typos/misspellings or else the data won't get transferred. As you capture data from SB or CP, it will automatically go to the Cache drive first. The Mover will take care of moving any new data to the array at 3:20 am (default setting), unless you change the time. Once the transfer is successfully completed, the original files on the Cache will be deleted. TomH