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  1. ok changed order to 2 2 port ASM1061 cards. Thank you for all the help !!
  2. ok gonna give the ZYT-SA3004 a try https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S7D7DDG/ref=emc_b_5_t
  3. what do you think about the ASR-6405E Adaptec 4-Port?
  4. Since Marvell controllers have issues with stability. What do you guys recommend. Hoping to find a cheap bit reliable 4 port card...
  5. happened again on rebuild. Same drives, same controller. Time to nuke the marvell controller.
  6. TY Johnnie! Your always super helpful!
  7. NVM i followed johnnies post that said to unassign, start, stop reassign
  8. So i logged into my server to find that 2-3 of my drives decided to disable themselfs. I rechecked connections and rebooted. Did a short smart test on all 3 drives and everything is ok, However how do i re-enable those drives? icarus-diagnostics-20200907-1600.zip
  9. Also next question, is it possible to only keep converted files if the file size is smaller? Alot of my lower quality stuff is going up by 50% vs down.
  10. anyway to make it do multiple libraries? Movies and TV
  11. So i had a hdd die (8tb). So i installed a new 3 TB drive and copied all the data off the emulated drive to the new 3 TB drive effectively making the dead drive empty. However the only way to remove the drive without replacing it is to do a new config. If i do this will it corrupt the parity forcing a new check? IE disk 3 is no longer disk 3 disk 3 died and the new disk 3 is now what disk 4 was....
  12. Thanx Johnnie for now i have manually edited the Database file of radarr to never automatically scan my stuff. Seems to be a temp fix. Link for others: https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/issues/1826
  13. Almost positive its due to Radarr, not just to starting the app but Radarr is scanning my monitored movie files and it spikes my CPU from 30% to 60% and shfs from around 90.0 CPU% to 166%. Not sure there is anything "wrong" per say. I guess
  14. still searching, wasnt deluge afterall (edited)