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  1. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014? All in time. We are prepping for a more rapid release schedule. I know its sometimes to see hard why approach things certain ways, but there is good reason for the slow and steady. Know th
  2. The primary core NAS feature in development right now is cache pooling. The virtualization stuff mentioned here isn't what's all going into the next beta, but rather, just an update on where we stand with that stuff. So UPS support, email support, AFP, etc.. are not making it into the next beta to be released for testing? If that's the case how will we get to test before final at Q3 2014?
  3. I understand this OP is hear to virtualization thus the thank you's meantioning contributors in that area (my understanding). It wouldnt hurt for a seperate post touching on unRaid contributions and thanking all the people that have contributed so much (non-virtulization based) who have been here a long time and put in a tremendous amount of time. By now mean an exhaustive list: JoeL. WeeboTech/and many other mods work Speeding_ant Few that have departEd but not nameless The bitchers that painfully pushed on Tom Madburg for thinking why only supermicro controllers ....
  4. Question, from the OP it sounds like the next beta to be published will only have virtualization updates, and no core NAS updates until further down the road? Did I read that correct? If that's not the case what should we be looking forward to seeing in this next beta release containing core NAS additions/updates?
  5. Do you have AFP enabled or ever enabled AFP, even once just to test or by accident?
  6. Right so besides coming here from the complaint dept to have my post bilged, I don't believe we received a clear answer on an AFP update. Besides Tom posting commitment and release notes stating its coming, this announcement had no reference to it. So I brought it up as a reminder as we are eagerly waiting to testing the updated AFP with apc and email. I for one feel that next beta will have more testers of v6. So what say we?
  7. The problem is not compile it, is link it with the config we make on the webGUI since the configuration syntax has changed to match to that used by SAMBA. That is the problem Tom has to figure out is to change that, and to address the database location. The package can be found here: It has some hacks to adapt the original generated config file to the new syntax. Take a look at the /etc/rc.d/rc.atalk script. I'll make a tutorial for compile this another time. Sorry, don't quite understand what u
  8. Easy as in your sleep? Like others have? Well that's not their stance, it will deviate from this new roadmap. Promises, statements, release notes cannot be held as commitments the way it's being communicated. As for the DB that is easy for some then others. I'll explain, since AFP was promoted in unRAID v5 nothing was ever done for noobs to be able to manage it. So I for one (others have similar solutions) have a vmdk dedicated for the DB, auto mounted out side of the array, before AFP starts. What does that do? Survives reboots, closes the DB properly on shutdown/reboots. So again we
  9. No worries, there are many more issues but for anyone to say including LT that its a guarantee an updated version would resolve ALL issues is not possible by anyone. Nor does a reference point exist or can be used by another system (non unRAID based) that the issues are solely Netatalk based, you have avahi in the mix and some issues can be say MD driver/fuse based spilling over. So until the update is provided no testing can be done under unRAID. That said I know its a dead end without an update to AFP otherwise, I know because I run AFP with maxdebug enabled and can see what is occurring,
  10. What would you find reasonable? What do you know about AFP, what can I would post that you would find reasonable about AFP? Because after all you don't care for it so its useless. How about while scanning media across the array, netatalk bombs (for a lack of better words) and keeps looping on the same file never ending until afp is stopped and restarted? How about while watching a movie via AFP, exactly timed with spin down you have set, media is cut off and has to be restarted. My friend your post is useless.
  11. Yes you will be told it will hold up UPS and Mail support, because neither technology have ever made it to LT, so they are busy scratching their heads and its going to take a few months for this to be accomplished by Q3 so AFP will sadly not make it in. I want ALL the core feature (UPS and email support included) so this is not at you jumperalex. How many remember how I had to pull teeth, whine, b^tch, etc... to get Hdparm and Smartctrl updated by Tom, anyone?
  12. Changes in 3.0 alpha2 UPD: afpd: Store . as is and / as : on the server, don’t CAP hexencode as "2e" and "2f" respectively UPD: afdp: Automatic name conversion, renaming files and directories containing CAP sequences to their not enscaped forms UPD: afpd: Correct handling of user homes and users without homes UPD: afpd: Perform complete automatic adouble:v2 to adouble:ea conversion as root. Previously only unlinking the adouble:v2 file was done as root UPD: dbd: -C option removes CAP encoding UPD: Add graceful option to RedHat init script UPD: Add --disable-b
  13. Read through that entire thread with respect to AFP. Seems like a low number of people are requesting the upgrade (in fact, you were the only one asking for an upgrade, it appears everyone else was just asking for us to not drop support for it entirely). I think we'll need to see more folks rally behind the cause to bump this up in the priority list of "to dos". I realize Tom may have made a commitment here, but we're looking out for the best interests of our users as a whole. Many users are reporting that Time Machine works fine under the current unRAID implementation. Again, not loo
  14. U are 100% right no argument. But I have a bad taste in my mouth and until I see things produced as promised it hard to shake off. I know you know the deal.
  15. Really? I must try it ... I've not seen it mentioned in any changes history/readme.txt files. Apologizes if that's not the case, I will take your word that it's not available yet. Traveling to take a look around and only peaked at one of the v6 betas early on.
  16. Here you go,
  17. I will find the last thread where we chimed in on AFP (believe is in a NFS thread Tom started). Just want to add Samba updated 4+ times since, NFS v3 fixes and NFS v4 introduced, all the while we were asked to waited for 1 AFP update which was supposed to be next in-line, if memory serves by b2 of v6.
  18. We were promised the latest AFP to come to v6, its been stalled over an over. Would be appreciated to know when this will be done already, especially since the goal stated is for v6 to hit final by Q3. This stall in AFP is a large pain point for those of us who use and rely on AFP with unRAID. It was stated it wasn't addressed in v5 because the time was going to be taken to get it going in v6. Six beta's not a single AFP update... when there is an up roar, promises are made and request we be patient, so then its swept under the rugs, again we have to complain many months later. The sta
  19. Nice read on the WD & Seagates
  20. Possibly, every manufacturer is different someone will accept the S/N and process warranty, some will want a receipt, i am no expert in these matters. But I would not go for this one. I got the 5900 version (silver sides) for the same price, longer warranty (granted I cracked the case open). Them only wanting to warrenty for 1 yr is a bad sign.
  21. It's just one of those things, you can get 100 good deals and one falls apart because of a factory defect, packager of item has no regard, shipper throws it as if its a football, etc.. Do what you have to and put it behind you; scratch this one off.
  22. Sorry to here that, nothing worse then DOA... time/money spent.
  23. Totally forgot one can check the status of a disk... arghhh. In the mean time i was preparing a test bench to figure this out. I found my backup SAS LSI card and a 146GB SATA drive to speed the test up and get to the bottom of this. So my thought was preclear the 146GB drive, verify (-t), reboot, verify once again (-t). I assumed this would pass and then move the drive from onboard SATA to the SAS card and verify signature again; this is where I though I may see something. Much to my surprise preclearing the 146GB drive and verifying (-t) right after instantly issues a "NOT precleared" fo