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  1. What the current status with 6.7.0 RC4? Are there still stability issues, or has the situation improved?
  2. At least they are still actively troubleshooting it after 17 months. [he says almost convincingly... clinging to hope]
  3. Pauven

    Share Your Banners

    Simply awesome, thanks for doing this!
  4. In case anyone needs it, here's a link to the original discussion on the Ryzen lock issue: Most of the troubleshooting comes before that entry. Some notes: I never got a log entry, ever, in all my crashes - it just crashes too fast. On a few occasions I was able to see a crash dump on the console screen, but that was rare, and though I shared photos of it, no one was able to determine anything from it. I also configured my system to boot into Windows by default, then manually started Unraid - that way when it crashed the next boot was into Windows, and it was there that Windows reported the Machine Check Exceptions (MCE's) in the logs, which seem to get stored in the BIOS and reported to the system on the next boot, though Unraid doesn't show this info.
  5. Do NOT disable C6. I've recently seen this advice floating around the forums, and even saw it in someone's video. Not only will disabling C6 not help, it actually makes it worse. How do I know? I'm the guy who originally identified the solution nearly 2 years ago. I meticulously tested every BIOS setting, figuring out that disabling "Global C-state Control" is the solution. I even have a link to this in my signature (though for some reason our sigs don't show here in the bug report section). Disabling C6 is not the same thing as disabling Global C-state Control. Now, all that said, it seems there's something going on with 6.7 that even Global C-state Control isn't helping.
  6. Pauven

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    I can't see the gallery you created, or any galleries at all. Is this section of the forum invite only?
  7. Pauven

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    That's a great idea. That way it's either half stretched or half squished, so it will look more normal. I went ahead and created a 1080p version, and even stretched to 4K it looks okay, so for this one I'll just stick with 1080p. Since we seemed to be missing some AMD love in here:
  8. That's really disappointing. I keep hoping ASRock will add that feature to my BIOS, or maybe I'll get lucky and find it hiding somewhere I hadn't looked. But if it doesn't even work.... then I guess I don't need to email ASRock support to ask them to add this setting. What's your motherboard?
  9. Pauven

    Share Your Banners

    I don't GUI boot, and rarely view the GUI on a mobile device (rare enough that I don't care how it looks there). 90% of the time, I'm viewing in Chrome or Firefox on a 4K monitor. Sometimes I'm viewing full screen, and sometimes I pin the browser to one half of the screen. So effectively I'm viewing at both 3840 and 1920 on the same monitor. Occasionally I view on my 1080p TV. To test, I just created a 4K banner (3840 x 90) and it looks perfect at fullscreen, but when I shrink the browser to half the screen width the banner gets smooshed. I also noticed that due to the smooshing/stretching, the server info at the right and Unraid logo at left cover different portions of the banner depending upon how smooshed/stretched the banner is. The banner I created is very dark, and needs a lighter box at both ends to make the text overlays readable, but the size of the necessary box changes depending upon the smoosh/stretch factor. Would be nice to be able to adjust the transparency of the server info background box instead - is that possible? It is too transparent. I'm still on 6.6.6 - not sure if 6.7 changes any of this behavior. Paul
  10. Pauven

    Share Your Banners

    I've got a mixture of 1080p and 4K monitors. Is there a solution to one banner that displays correctly on 4K and 1080p?
  11. Those are definitely not the ones you want to touch! The AMD BIOS's are typically very complex, with settings hiding where you wouldn't think to look. Try poking around, as Global C-state Control is a pretty universal option. Paul
  12. @TechnoBabble28, I don't think you disabled the correct setting. You do not want to adjust C6, as it will make the problem worse. Leave it at Auto. Instead, you need to disable "Global C-state Control", which is typically located here: Advanced --> AMD CBS --> Zen Common Options --> Global C-state Control Tom, sorry I'm not going to try 6.7.0-RC1, I need stability in my life right now. Paul
  13. I noticed from your screenshot that you are running a Ryzen 1700. These Ryzens are famous for hard locks since day 1. I believe that the core problem was traced down to idle power use being so low that it causes a mismatch between different power rails on many power supplies, causing things get wonky and then the system locks up. There have been multiple fixes, from disabling C-States, Unraid config file parameters, and the best solution being enabling the power supply compensation setting in your BIOS (if your BIOS has this - mine does not). I am currently using the settings in my config file. Typically these Ryzen machines lock up only when idle, as that's when they can enter the lower power states that lead to the problem. Your usage matches this. Your time-frame to lockup is also very indicative of this issue. I have noticed that different Unraid releases seem more/less susceptible to this issue. Perhaps the latest 6.7 release with 4.19 is more susceptible - maybe the new code is so efficient it is idling better. The fixes for this are outside the scope of this thread. Just wanted to make sure you were aware - sorry if you already knew all this. With a fix in place, the hard lock is completely resolved. Of course, this may not be your issue at all, and like Tom said you need to open a bug report. Paul
  14. I gotcha beat. I live in a gated community, and you have to dial 666 at the gate to ring us to let you in. Needless to say, we don't get many visitors. 😈
  15. Somehow I feel you were secretly calling out to me to update the Unraid Tunables Tester. 😎 Maybe it is time.