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  1. No change whatsoever, no. EDIT: I think it is coming from plugins that no longer work, in particular Trailer Addict plugin. I removed it and the errors are gone. Thanks for the support
  2. I don't know, I am not even sure why all these sources are consulted. BUT it looks like a connectivity issue, right? So more like an unraid/docker issue to me. Also, it is not just the free stuff that is not accessible from within Plex now, it's all my content. Anyone has an idea? Thanks
  3. Hi all, apologies if this issue has been brought up already. I am having difficulties with Plex not displaying my content. It looks related to what I can find in the log (see screenshot attached). Does any of you know why I get all these errors? Thank you in advance! D.
  4. You mean like no connection to the web? All the other docker containers do have access to the network with no apparent issue. Also what I do not understand is why each docker container shows an "update" available, yet none actually need any update...?
  5. Hi everyone. Today I noticed that there was an update available for my Plex docker. I therefore clicked on it and it generated the following: Now Plex does not work and I am not sure what I did wrong and how this happened. Can anyone assist me please? EDIT: I actually see an "update" available for all other dockers as well (Sonarr, Deluge, etc.) None of these actually seem to update anything Thank you
  6. Thanks, just did that and no I do not access. Actually last week I had that issue, and after a while I managed to access the UI so I thought it was sorted. Now I really cannot access. Any browser. Also the torrent was downloaded and incorporated to Plex just as usual. I just cannot figure out why I cannot access the WebUI. I stopped the service and restarted it and I can access the WebUI. I did restart it earlier and it did not fix access. It feels random. Any idea?
  7. Hi all, I am looking for an advice on how to fix my issue. I basically cannot access Deluge WebUI. All other dockers are running fine and WebUI's can be accessed. Deluge is started. I am getting a "this site cannot be reached" message in my Chrome browser. I access my unraid server remotely from within my home network. I would like to share my log files but I am not sure what to share and if it is all safe to share...? Through Radarr I have just added a torrent to download and I can see it is indeed downloading. Where should I look? I am no expert so gen
  8. After reversing to 6.6.7 more than a month ago, things are rock solid, handling big database and many downloads, not a single corruption. I am sticking to this version until a true fix comes out. It is frustrating to not benefit from any update of a product I payed for, but I am confident the team is hard at work trying to make us all happy again.
  9. I am also getting worried by the lack of response. Does it mean this is less urgent than it used to be? I currently cannot upgrade unraid and benefit from the latest features and fixes.
  10. Dear Unraid team, thank you for looking into this. I have had Plex corruptions since upgrading so I downgraded. Unfortunately I cannot run the test as I do not have the time for this and do not want to take any risk with my data, even though it is backed up. But for what is worth and FYI, my app data path is as follow: /mnt/user/appdata If you need any log file, etc. please let me know.
  11. Thanks for the answers. drsparks68, I will take a look at the ghithub place. ssarg: I understand, but the corruption is only happening with the latest update of UNRAID. Now that I have reverted to previous version, all runs smoothly. So is the problem on Plex's side, or UNRAID? It is an open question, I do not have the answer, but I feel Plex people could give me the exact same answer as yours.
  12. Metadata is not downloading anymore. Hi all, since upgrading to 6.7 I got database corruption issues. I managed to use a backup and things seem to be stable now. However, for some reason (and I do not know if it is related to the corruption/backup process), new movies and TV shows files are recognized, included in the database, but NO metadata gets downloaded using the different agents. I am really pulling my hair out and do not understand what is going on. The circle keeps on going round and round, the video screenshot (used as movie poster) keeps on flashing for some reason, a
  13. Thank you very much Johnnie I shall try that. Could you just tell me if, once I have backed up all my shares into the unique pool I have created, I can unplug the devices, plug them back later and obtain the exact config?