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  1. Hi - this has now happened three times, but earlier I wasn't sure whether it was because my Flash drive was full up. Drive 1 and 24 went into error state separately, and after a flash replacement, disk 24 has just done it again. Disks 1 & 24 are the newest drives in my array, and running a check on them has returned no errors. Unassigned, start, stop, reassign and rebuild returned to normal for a day or so. All 24 data drives are connected to a Supermicro backplane via a reverse breakout SAS cable from 4 SAS ports on the motherboard. Didn't have a problem on 6.8.3, but not
  2. Thanks @Squid and @jademonkee - Sandisk on order (only because it was quicker delivery). Mine used to be on the front, and I'm surprised it's lasted this long and not snapped off. Yay for internal USB!
  3. Only minor issue here is that it looks like my 12 year old 1GB flash drive is now too full. Wouldn't upgrade until I cleared some space (after backing up); now Fix Common Problems tells me it's up to 90%. Sounds trivial, but is there still a recommended hardware for Unraid OS flash drives? Or will anything do?
  4. At the top of the page In the Deluge support thread
  5. If you're using Deluge as a privoxy then this is down to a Deluge update. Check in that thread for what you need to do (pinned post, plus posts from the last few days).
  6. I think this plugin just solved a lot of problems for me in one go, so I think I've just bought you a beer (if a beer is more there, let me know!). If I can just run through what I've done to make sure I'm not being very stupid, as this is a bit new to me... My Unraid system is built on a SuperMicro X10SL7-F motherboard inside a SuperMicro SC846 chassis. Up until last week it was running stock fans and quiet PSU, but after a year of working from home, I decided it was time to make it quieter. I replaced all the fans with... 3 x Noctua 120mm 3000RPM PWM industri
  7. Hi - thanks for making this! Didn't realise you'd done it and found it by accident. Installing now and trying out
  8. Interesting, yep. Still on earlier (new) release and same here. My reverse proxy (NGINX proxy manager) points to 9080 and works (via https and SSL cert) and locally on 9443
  9. Progress - kind of. Tried all of the above, no difference. Then tried accessing from externally via reverse proxy, and I'm in. Restored original config/session and it's back to how it was (externally). Just can't access the web GUI from inside my network. All other dockers are fine internally (incl 7 other binhex), and I've made no changes to pfSense. Hadn't tried external links for a year because of lockdown here. My network here isn't complicated, so I'm scratching my head.
  10. Cleared cookies, tried two different browsers on another machine, just times out. Was definitely working before update, so a bit confused.
  11. Hi - renamed the .rc file, updated the container, didn't make any other changes. Can't get into the web GUI (took too long to respond). As far as I'm aware, I'm running stock. Attached log with user/pass redacted. Any ideas? supervisord.log
  12. Fair play, cheers. I'll play around with my codec settings for now. 👍
  13. @saarg Is compiling with NVENC still difficult, do you know? Trying to setup a profile for transcoding to Chromecast.
  14. AFAIK, adding... 'filesystem_check_changes' => 1, ...to config.php automatically scans the filesystem when a listing is needed. I wish more settings in Nextcloud were in the interface.
  15. I use the second script on here to keep the disks spinning for Plex in the evenings. Adjust the custom CRON schedule to suit your times and set the frequency of the CRON to retrigger a spin up before they'd naturally spin down. I currently use */14 19-23 * * * (every 14 minutes between 19:00 and 23:00)