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  1. While I can't really help with the heimdall part of your issue, use the CA Appdata Backup / Restore plugin for protecting your flash/SSD from failure. It will back up to a share. If you want more protection than that, you could always back up to a USB drive, or mounted SMB drive. Or into the cloud. This won't protect your img file, but the Community Applications previous apps feature allows you to select all the apps you used to have and reinstall them with one click.
  2. Hi - is this all working for you? I was looking at buying an SSD today and separating Dockers/appdata from the cache. Mainly so things like Plex won't take a performance hit if the cache drive is being hammered. Came to the forums to check whether it's a sensible thing to do and how to go about it.
  3. Set it up as a share in Unraid, and set that share to cache only (or equivalent - I'm not in front of it).
  4. A slightly different alternative would be to use the CA Backup & Restore plugin to backup your app & flash data. That handles stopping and starting of containers automatically. Then, to backup to the cloud, you could point duplicati at your appdata backup - then you've got on- and off-site backups. Just a thought.
  5. Same here after the latest update Nothing odd about my install AFAIK. *Seems* to be working OK otherwise
  6. Go into the plugin and select a stock build from the dropdown on the right. Click on download & install, then reboot when prompted. EDIT: @aptalcabeat me to it
  7. Have you read the Q&A on page 1?
  8. Click on the NZB logo in the top left, I *think* And yes, I've got a mover script running on CRON to stop my cache drive filling and taking out my dockers. I can either combine the restart with that, or run a second one. @binhex - no problems, yes. Gives me something to do this weekend.
  9. I've been on the previous version since the major unpack issue nobbled the latest, and it happens once in a blue moon at the unpack phase. Hasn't happened in a while for me though, and restarting always fixes it. Hadn't thought of scheduling a restart.
  10. Delete the Plex Docker Go to your Appdata share and delete the Plex folder - that's where all of its data is (exact name of the folder depends on how you've set it up) (although I'd just rename it for now rather than deleting it altogether, personally)
  11. FWIW, I don't seem to have issues running a Plex HW Decoding script. Don't know whether it's my 1050ti, media files, setup or what though.
  12. Haven't tried it, but should be possible. You need to first make your UD folder visible to the docker... Edit the docker At the bottom, add another path Give the Container Path a value of something like /ud_inter (your choice) In the Host Path, navigate to /mnt/disks/...your unassigned inter folder.../ In the Access Mode select RW/Slave Add the new path Apply the changes to the Docker. It will restart and now be able to see the ud folder In NZBGet, settings, paths, set the Inter to /ud_inter (or whatever you set it above)
  13. Yes. If you go back a few more posts there's instructions on how to do it.
  14. Solution is further up this page.
  15. Unless I'm missing something, Netherlands doesn't support port forward. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/how-do-i-enable-port-forwarding-on-my-vpn