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  1. I'd forgotten about all about this product. I've got 4 leads from a Sky LNB hanging behind my Unraid server doing nothing. Anybody using these in the UK with freesat? If so, would you need to use TVH and TVH Proxy to get it into Plex?
  2. Any audio transcoding is still handled by the CPU, but that would be significantly lower. All video is GPU. I don't have a P2000, but there are a few videos where people have got about 12/13 4K transcodes simultaneously (although 4K transcoding doesn't look right yet). If it's 1080p stuff, more. I have the 1231 processor, and I find it's now only taxed if one of the other dockers has a moment. Plex just works, and if I get any holdups, it's usually either a system pause whilst a drive spins up or network congestion.
  3. It's another Unraid build with driver support for TV tuner cards by CHBMB (predates Nvidia plugin). Fortunately, because of the rise of network tuners, choosing between the two builds isn't the end of the world.
  4. You mean like Unraid Nvidia and Unraid DVB?
  5. Good to see Squeezelite still going strong. Used to have it installed at work and stream music from home before the likes of Spotify and Plex came along. And IT clamped down on open ports.
  6. Wow! Thanks for that. Haven't stopped by their forums in a while so this passed me by. I've installed it straight from the plugins, restarted and navigated to /material. Looks great and is snappy. If I get on with it on the desktop I'll make it the interface default.
  7. Thanks for that - I use Squeezer, but it's worth a try. I used a HifiBerry on my Volumio project - just the audio interface, not the amp. Really impressed with it though.
  8. Interesting. I use a three Squeezebox players at home (Radio, Receiver and SB3), but have had various alternatives over the years. One of them was a touch-screen O2 panel which I meant to sell on, but forgot). Plus Softsqueeze machines. The radio still wakes me up every morning. I use Volumio on a standalone Pi as a media player at gigs that can be controlled from a browser. However, haven't looked at it in a while (just set up and left it). As mentioned earlier, the receivers are the way to go for a "just works" solution. Once they're connected to your wi-fi, they're perfect. Also echo the fact that the Controller is awful.
  9. Hi @tidusjar - sorry for contacting directly on here, but I'm not that good with Github... Since approx December, my weekly newsletter email is not including Movies - just TV. I raised an issue on Github (https://github.com/tidusjar/Ombi/issues/3342) which was auto-closed after a few days because of the template (not sure what I'm doing). Somebody else has the same issue, and pointed to log lines (which I have too) 2020-01-11 09:04:29.630 -07:00 [Error] StatusCode: NotFound, Reason: Not Found, RequestUri: http://api.themoviedb.org/3/tv/?api_key=b8eabaf5608b88d0298aa189dd90bf00 Anything wrong at my end?
  10. Not the audio, no. AFAIK that's still the responsibility of the main system.
  11. Or you could use midnight commander at the command prompt (mc)
  12. As an aside, there is another way to trigger the interface, although I can't remember the specifics right now. Involves using the skin name in the URL. There might still be other skins installed (like "mobile"). Part of me still prefers the classic theme - much less code.
  13. That looks like the classic skin - The Squeezebox interface from before Logitech got involved. From memory, settings, interface, web interface, select one of the others (default?).
  14. (As a side note, a folder with many thousands of files in will take *much* longer to transfer than a folder with a series of sub-folders containing the same files broken into a couple of hundred in each folder. Long story short, a web-app I built lasted much longer than I expected - I hadn't really planned that an uploaded images folder would contain hundreds of thousands of thumbnails. Backing them up over FTP, many days. Rewriting system to store in sub-folders, couple of hours backup.)