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  1. Hopefully somebody else can answer your actual question, but as a side thought you could replace... mdcmd spinup 0 mdcmd spinup 1 mdcmd spinup 2 ...with... disks=$(ls /dev/md* | sed "sX/dev/mdXX"); for disknum in $disks; do /usr/local/sbin/mdcmd spinup $disknum; done I currently run this on a CRON schedule every 10 minutes between 19:00 and 23:00 to speed up Plex. I'd therefore be interested in your question too, as it's more useful.
  2. Thank you! renamed the file unbalance_old.conf and it started up fine.
  3. Hate to be one of those guys, but noticed that mine wouldn't start either, so I've just run the above and got... configuration variable provided but not defined: notifyCalc Usage of /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unbalance/unbalance: -apiFolders="/var/local/emhttp": folders to look for api endpoints -checkForUpdate=1: checkForUpdate: 0 - dont' check; 1 (default) - check -config="/boot/config/plugins/unbalance/unbalance.conf": config location -dryRun=true: perform a dry-run rather than actual work -folders="": deprecated - do not use -logdir="/boot/logs": pathname where log file will be written to -notifyPlan=0: notify via email after plan operation has completed (unraid notifications must be set up first): 0 - No notifications; 1 - Simple notifications; 2 - Detailed notifications -notifyTransfer=0: notify via email after transfer operation has completed (unraid notifications must be set up first): 0 - No notifications; 1 - Simple notifications; 2 - Detailed notifications -port="6237": port to run the server -refreshRate=250: how often to refresh the ui while running a command (in milliseconds) -reservedAmount=512: Minimun Amount of space to reserve -reservedUnit="Mb": Reserved Amount unit: Mb, Gb or % -rsyncArgs="-X": custom rsync arguments -verbosity=0: include rsync output in log files: 0 (default) - include; 1 - do not include 2020/10/12 19:19:33 Unable to start the app: configuration variable provided but not defined: notifyCalc
  4. Not test, no. And there's a second setting to make in the docker parameters (see link above).
  5. Left my radio on this morning when the alarm went off to test. It turned off after about a minute, then shortly after turned on the default alarm clock music. I'm also using a Unifi AP, but with a pfSense router. The web browser says it's still connected, it typically gets about 88% signal, and my other player - a duet - plays for most of the day without problems (also on wifi), only cutting out when the internet goes weird. Both players are playing the BBC iPlayer plugin. Admittedly, I had only just woken up and didn't try anything else. I'll investigate further later with local media and tune-in.
  6. Fantastic! Got it going first time. Thank you very much. I think it was the template pointing to the config file, since everything else was pretty much what I'd got. Might be able to retire Jitsi now, which I like but it's 4 separate containers and I'm not clever enough to maintain them through Portainer.
  7. My radio seems OK, although TBH it's an alarm clock that I tend to turn off fairly quickly at the moment. I'll try and leave it on in the morning and see how it goes here.
  8. Have you tried setting VPN_ENABLED to "no"?
  9. Yep, I was just being as brief as possible to reinforce the point that the USB isn't an installer, it is absolutely required. As we've seen here, it can not live in RAM alone...
  10. As you're likely aware now, the Unraid operating system lives on the USB stick. The license is tied to that stick. Plugins and config files also live on there. No stick, no Unraid. Take a note of drive assignments on the home page before you rebuild and try to replicate when setting up again.
  11. Not yet, no. I keep prodding it every now and then, but I don't have enough Turn knowledge to really know what I'm doing (or if what I'm trying to do is sensible).
  12. Long shot, since I've not really had issues, but might "Force Recheck" sort this?
  13. Deletion is handled by Sonarr/Radarr once it has the files copied over - you'll need to check over there. https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/wiki/Completed-Download-Handling
  14. A UPS to cover an Unraid server doesn't have to be that expensive. And it isn't just outages. It's where something in your house trips the mains, or you're working in your rack and accidentally unplug. Whilst mine is currently unprotected, when it was it was a big peace of mind. If only to save a 24 hour parity check because I was stupid. Currently replacing it, and I'll be happy when it's protected again.
  15. From what I've found, Radarr tends to want a fairly strict naming convention for the folder name, e.g. "It's a Wonderful Life (1946)". If it's not movie title (year) then it just tends to ignore it on a scan. I've got a few foreign language movies that I've titled "English Title [Original Title] (year)" and it will not see them. I have to add them manually, then when I'm on that movie in Radarr, press the refresh button and it'll find the file. They can't be nested in sub-folders either - I originally had stuff like Movies\James Bond\Dr. No (1962), but had to change that to Movies\Dr. No (1962) Somebody may correct me here, but I *think* it uses themoviedb as its reference for the correct title and year of a movie. If your folder is named the same as on that site, you should be good. If the title has illegal characters in it - colon, slashes, quotes - then Radarr seems to remove them. It seems OK if you replace them with dashes, which I often do. Also, the year is sometimes different on themoviedb than it is on imdb. Not sure whether that makes a difference. That's just folder formatting - it doesn't seem to be too concerned with filenames, but I'm not sure about recognised file formats. When I originally installed Radarr, I scanned my movie folder and assumed that it picked everything up. Years later I still find movies in my collection that it's not aware of. Wish there was an easy way for Radarr to tell you everything it has ignored, so you could at least do something about it.