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  1. Different for every router, but when you open up port xxxx you hopefully should have some kind of "from port" and "to port" option. xxxx would be in "from" and 21 would be in "to". Then, all traffic coming in on port xxxx would go to your unraid IP on port 21. Hard to say without seeing the router what the actual settings are (or if it's configured elsewhere in a port forwarding section, or if it supports it in the first place - should do).
  2. Have you tried just putting the IP address in to the hostname field? "" in your case. That's all I have, and it connects fine.
  3. I picked up a 1050ti from ebay a year ago for about £90 and it's been perfect for me. Granted, I've only dabbled with 4K content on it so far, but it seems OK.
  4. I wish I'd seen that before! Could never remember which "version" of cron was supported. Have generated valid but incompatible schedules several times.
  5. Thank you for that - I had not seen the first link (but had the second). I'll read through that tonight. I *think* it's the way I've set up Coturn (as I'm not sure what I'm doing), but I'll have another look later. Thanks for your time.
  6. I was asking if your docker has a path mapped to "Music" (upper case M). That is, confirming that your playlists folder is definitely pointing to the same place as your media library.
  7. Can your LMS docker see "Music"? My install has a container path of "music"
  8. Has anybody got this to work for Nextcloud Talk? Coturn is something I've not had dealings with before, so it's going to be my fault entirely. Here's a few things I've tried/thought... I've pretty much set it up as per the instructions above I don't have a static IP. I have set up a turn.mydomain.com address to CNAME to my duckdns account I've installed the above, but using port 3479, as 3478 was in use by my unifi-controller docker (as a STUN port - not sure whether there's anything there I could use instead) I'm using pfSense as a router. I've forwarded ports 3479, 5349 and 49152-49172 as described above I use NGINXProxyManager for handling other sites. Don't know whether it needs to get involved with this though. I've set up turnserver.conf as per a lot of Nextcloud guides I've seen Whenever I've entered turn.mydomain.com:3479 and my pass into Nextcloud, I've always got "No working ICE candidates returned by the turn server". Pretty sure my issue with with how I've set up Coturn, as I can't get anything from public test sites either. I don't know whether I should/can run a turn server, or whether it's not a home user type setup. I've got Jitsi running, which I assume runs something similar - I just fancied getting it all under one roof if possible. Any help from anybody with Turn/Nextcloud knowledge?
  9. Not yet. Two options.... 1. Set up one of the drives as an Unassigned Device and move your dockers over there. When repointing the dockers you'll need to set R/W Slave in the path options for everything that points to an Unassigned Device. I used to have my setup like this, Or, 2. Wait for the next version of Unraid to be released (when it's ready). Supports multiple cache pools for this purpose
  10. Looks fine from here - that address gives me an XML file.
  11. Hard to say from me - it took me a fair bit of hitting to get it over the line. Once it's all sorted though, it's great. Perhaps somebody else could take it from here?
  12. Yes, I got it working by following the notes near the bottom of the first page. Change to Bridge and add a port pointing to 80 In my case, port 8088 points to 80.
  13. Hi - I installed this yesterday and have got it running with a reverse proxy. I think everything is good (haven't tested externally), but I have a few questions. First, my installation. I followed the instructions, but made a few changes... Using MariaDB rather than SQLLite Installed it as a Bridge, with port 8088 pointing to port 80 Using NGINX Proxy Manager rather than LetsEncrypt for reverse proxy I am not using Split DNS, but I have enabled NAT Reflection on my pfSense router All appears to be fine, but I've got the following concerns with my setup... File Ownership The cron script (page 1, docker exec -u www-data Nextcloud php -f /var/www/html/cron.php), and the call to occ (page 6 - docker exec -u www-data nextcloud /var/www/html/occ) for me both result in the same error... Console has to be executed with the user that owns the file config/config.php Current user: www-data Owner of config.php: When I check appdata/config/config.php it has the ownership of nobody:users. If I remove "-u www-data" from both commands, they run fine. Should they be owned by www-data, or am I OK to leave them as nobody? Active .htaccess File? Settings, Administration, Overview has the following warnings... Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/caldav". Further information can be found in the documentation. Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/carddav". Further information can be found in the documentation. The documentation suggests fixes in the .htaccess file. However, I've found several .htaccess files... appdata/nextcould/config appdata/nextcloud/data mnt/user/nextcloud appdata/nextcloud/nextcloud <- this one has the settings suggested by the documentation, plus a lot of extra config - the others above seem like a basic config Have I missed a step, is there a configuration issue, should I ignore the warnings, or something else? That's it for now. Otherwise, I think it's working well. Have ONLYOFFICE working (internally, at least), and I think the rest of my questions are more down to Nextcloud itself rather than this container. Any pointers appreciated.
  14. Typical! They have to have issues at the same time as I power down, recable and power back up again. I can stop scratching my head now and randomly rebooting things.