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  1. I'd concentrate on solving the real problem first, but your cron schedule has WED in it. Use a number to signify the day of the week.
  2. Maybe somebody else could help with this part - I just collated other people's findings. Personally I don't think there's anything else needed. Whilst the instructions look long, it's actually a quick and simple job. I didn't find a way to 100% trigger the symptoms, so I don't know whether there's any way of testing the Pro drive prior to adding it to the away.
  3. Cheers. Some of my Ironwolf's are from there - just depends who's cheaper on the day. That's a good price for the Pro - could swap my parity with it. If you've got a spare machine you could use the standalone USB version. Haven't tried Windows for this.
  4. Out of interest, where are you looking at getting the Pro drive from? I'm running low on space again, will need to upgrade a drive soon.
  5. To be fair, it's a system-wide thing. If you had several plugins using PERL (say, Speedtest), and you uninstalled one of them, would you expect PERL to still be there?
  6. The redacted conf file that NPM creates is below. Not sure of the ssl and proxy files - will need to dig around... server { set $forward_scheme http; set $server ""; set $port 8088; listen 8080; listen [::]:8080; listen 4443 ssl http2; listen [::]:4443; server_name my.domain.com # Let's Encrypt SSL include conf.d/include/letsencrypt-acme-challenge.conf; include conf.d/include/ssl-ciphers.conf; ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-8/fullchain.pem; ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-8/privkey.pem; # Asset Cac
  7. Just had a friend check my URL remotely and it took just under a second to load. I'm using Nginx Proxy Manager with my advanced settings at the top of this page. Using the URL locally quick too. Occasionally use it to deliver/transfer work files and have had no issues.
  8. Have been too busy this week to look into it, but have been OK since reboot and parity sync. Why do you think you've got the same issue?
  9. Interesting, thank you. Will investigate.
  10. Hi - woke up this morning to a "500 Internal Server Error" on the Unraid web UI. I was able to access my file shares and some of my dockers (didn't try all, but Plex was not available). My dockers are backed up Monday nights - not sure if that went awry. Could putty onto the server and get a diagnostics file (attached). Could not run a powerdown though. After 10 minutes tried an orderly shutdown via IPMI, which failed. Performed an unclean shutdown, powered back up and all appears OK and it's parity checking now. Any idea what caused it? unraid1-diagn
  11. Just saw your post in the unbalance thread, and was about to suggest you check here. No need now
  12. Looks good to me. Would "docker start <name of container>" work, rather than docker run...? I was thinking of writing a generic user script which ran every 5 minutes (say). At the top you fill in an array of all the start/stop events you want to happen, each entry having container name, start time and stop time (or array of time ranges). Then when the script was run it would decide whether it needed to do anything by comparing the current state of a docker against its schedule. Puts it all into a single script then, but prevents the user from overriding the schedule by ma
  13. Because it was a fault with either the drive or the controller, and the fix was a change to the drives settings. I understand that other systems have also had problems with this drive/controller combo. Any future upgrade could theoretically break a previously unfound issue with anything. If the manufacturers don't step up then I'd reconsider whether to use their hardware for server work in future. Just as I wouldn't set up a pfSense box using Realtek NICs. If it helps, I've had zero issues since reining in the drive's settings.
  14. I only had issues with one model of IronWolf drives (mentioned in first post). All others were fine. Trouble is, out of 16 Ironwolf's, 4 were that model.
  15. I haven't tried the bootable Seagate utility, but I was assuming it would just load to a command prompt with the tools preinstalled. For me it was easier to go via Unraid (plus no downtime). In other news, I haven't had a single issue since applying the above (before I had three issues in about a week).