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  1. There's a speedtest on their website for each server, and I just got a spinning wheel when trying to access Sweden. Couldn't find a server status page, but that *might* be just as useful.
  2. Sweden by any chance? I have no idea why, but it might be down. Can't connect there from a desktop app. Edit: and now I can
  3. I've often thought that the Tools tab is where most plugins should be. Most of mine are tools/utilities, not settings.
  4. I'm confused here - are items not being moved into a completed location, or are other dockers (radarr/sonarr/whatever) not picking up completed items and processing them?
  5. Thanks @wgstarks - that's what I was thinking (as in: if you're worried about losing data when formatting, why are you preclearing before taking care of the data?). However, I've been wrong too many times to be confident!
  6. But both a format and a preclear will lose all data on the drive, yes? Alarm bells started ringing when somebody is worried about losing data on a preclear topic (but the more I thought about it, the less I probably know)
  7. Conversely, I've not had any issues running the Plex script at all (touch wood). Presumably if one is always using direct play, the Nvidia card would be redundant, no? Your assumptions are correct - it's an easy install - install plugin, select version, install customised Unraid, reboot. Unraid will look and feel exactly the same. To my knowledge there's no harm installing it without a card, but there's also not much point.
  8. Why didn't I think of that?! Thanks for that binhex. I've got several apps each using their own authentication, and have it disabled on reverse proxy (apart from one web server). Flip it on it's head, and single external login with no internal authentication. Sorted!
  9. Just to chime in - I've had no problems at all with the upgrade either. Didn't have to change any settings (other than configure the columns displayed).
  10. Whilst others will be able to advise on your specific problem, I personally wouldn't consider running dockers without a cache drive. If you've got a SATA port, the price of a 250GB (or 120) is so low now, it's a no-brainer. I haven't run without one, so can't comment directly, but a lot of these issues seem to stem from running dockers from the array.
  11. You could write a user script to restart the docker and give it a daily cron time to run. However, you'd be better off finding out the cause of the problem - other things could be affected.
  12. Hey! Movies appeared again in the regular email. Thanks for sticking with it.
  13. Is this happening on all, or just a few? They should recognise that they're obfuscated and pick them up. Sometimes they don't though (e.g., if they're nested within folders). If the main file is within something like... Title/folder1/folder2/media.mkv ...then move it into Title/media.mkv - after a while it should be picked up. I've sometimes tried renaming it to be Title/Title.mkv. Sometimes I give up and process it manually - it's only renaming, copying over and triggering a library rescan. This is assuming that the file is OK. Just a few thoughts, but if it's always happening, something else is wrong.
  14. Hi - thanks for that. Lost broadband over the weekend so have only just checked. Performance *seemed* to take a hit if several things were writing to the cache and/or mover running. Can't say for definite what it was though. However, the other reason I neglected to mention was that the cache drive was starting to run low on space. Since building, docker/appdata size has crept up to the point where it wasn't difficult to fill the drive (which could take the dockers down). Rather than upgrade the drive, I decided to add a second one and spread the load). Copied the IMG / appdata / VM files over to the unassigned drive, repointed everything and restarted. All seems to be working well.
  15. Is anybody else having issues with the Newsletter functionality? For the last few weeks it's only been sending out TV Show updates, no Movies. Clean install a few months ago. I'll go into the logs over the weekend, but just putting the feelers out there...