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  1. (As a side note, a folder with many thousands of files in will take *much* longer to transfer than a folder with a series of sub-folders containing the same files broken into a couple of hundred in each folder. Long story short, a web-app I built lasted much longer than I expected - I hadn't really planned that an uploaded images folder would contain hundreds of thousands of thumbnails. Backing them up over FTP, many days. Rewriting system to store in sub-folders, couple of hours backup.)
  2. Then go into the plugin via the settings page. You'll see the available versions in the dropdown. Note: the plugin doesn't need updating for a new version of Unraid to be added to the list of available downloads.
  3. If the messages are annoying, then just downgrade to a stable version.
  4. I'm a bit confused, since I opened up the db over the weekend and the field was there (pretty sure it was), and my "movies" request page was OK. However, I *think* my last newsletter didn't include added movies. Is this not a situation that affects everybody?
  5. You should be able to pick up a second hand 1050ti (or similar) from Ebay.
  6. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but some of the points raised have piqued my interest in getting TV back and working - specifically using a Pi as a streamer (as I can't afford a Homerun right now). If I were to be using TVHProxy and Plex, would TVHeadend need to do any transcoding? Specifically, would any heavy-lifting be needed on a Pi if I installed TVHeadend and TVHProxy on it? Or would Plex do the transcoding (which is already using my graphics card)? You could always fall back on Sat-IP on the Pi and TVHeadend on the Unraid box if processing was excessive, but as Plex is already using my card it would be nice to hive all DVR functionality to a TV box if possible. I wouldn't be planning on using TVHeadend as anything else (ie, direct connections from other clients), as I'd want Plex to be the sole interface.
  7. Pedantic alert incoming! There are six bays vertically on the Supermicro SC846. Whilst an extra four drives would come in real handy, I'm afraid I don't have them - it's a 4x6 configuration. Sorry - any chance of a v2 of the above please?
  8. The first page or so discusses compatible cards. I *think* the link I used was here...
  9. I've got a 1050ti. Can't recall the make/model, but got it fairly cheaply off eBay (used). I've got the same motherboard and CPU and it's taken the load right off the system. My plan was to get this to test and get me going whilst I saved up for a decent one. So far it's been excellent so haven't yet needed to upgrade. Once Plex is configured, it just works. Hang on... PALIT GEForce GTX 1050TI STORM X (according to eBay history). I thought it was passive (no fan), but must be mistaken. Can't hear it over mild system fans. Might have been because it's a fairly low power consumption.
  10. I *think* @tidusjar meant the settings within Sonarr itself, not the docker settings for it.
  11. Supermicro SC846, if you get a chance (otherwise the 4U-disks is close enough) https://www.supermicro.com/CDS_Image/uploads/chassis/cse-846be2c-r1k03jbod_front.jpg (that's a fairly generic version of it)
  12. You need the plugin, and use it to install an Nvidia variant of Unraid - that is exactly what this plugin is for.
  13. NP. If a title is set to "not monitored", then Radarr is aware of it but will not touch it. It therefore can't be added again.