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  1. If it's specifically Plex stream info, install the Tautulli docker and connect it to Plex.
  2. Yep, you're just running VPN on a docker, and routing anything you want through it. Everything else stays the same.
  3. Typically, you have it running through a proxy/privoxy which has a VPN on it (several things can run through this proxy without affecting your VPN limits). In Radarr this is Settings, General. Several of binhex's VPN dockers have privoxy support (deluge, etc.), but if you aren't running one of those then install the binhex-proxyvpn docker, set it up with your VPN and point Radarr's proxy at this docker. A good video that explains it is here
  4. Yes, it's my default now. The only issue I have is if I'm controlling via Android and then go out. I'll have the play options in the status bar that I can't get rid of unless I force close. Probably me being me though.
  5. Your setup must be different to mine, since I've not had any problems.
  6. Although a couple of years old, these videos are worth a look... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su2miwZNuaU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBJ2MgbRg7U ...together with his other Unraid vids.
  7. Read back at least one page in this thread.
  8. No. Just go to the plugin and install Nvidia 6.8.2 - a full version of Unraid with extra drivers.
  9. Afraid that's not how this works. How did you upgrade to 6.8.2? If you went via an Unraid notification (or system tab), then you have uninstalled the DVB drivers. Go to the plugin, select 6.8.2 and install it. If you did upgrade via the plugin's page then this version doesn't look compatible with your setup and more investigation is needed. For a brief but maybe confusing explanation - this plugin does not install DVB drivers. It gives you access to custom versions of Unraid with the drivers added. Upgrading to vanilla Unraid (via a notification/system tab) will revert back to regular Unraid and remove those drivers. Therefore, the ONLY way to retain drivers and upgrade Unraid is to download and install 6.8.2 via the DVB plugin page. Mistake that a lot of us have made (myself included) - install plugin -> install custom Unraid -> Unraid is upgraded -> upgrade via normal route -> wonder where drivers have gone. If this isn't what you've done, apologies.
  10. This showed up as number 2 on a Google search.
  11. Try fully deleting them in NZB. Should get it to avoid the duplicate check when re-adding.
  12. I just came here to ask the "is your time correct" obvious question. Glad it's sorted.
  13. Thanks - it seemed to be a requirement/oddity when I originally set it up. Probably isn't now, and it's a job for the weekend to go through it again. Not sure why bouncing it to host and back would alter the GUI port though.
  14. The Unifi Controller Docker occasionally needs running in Host mode. When I revert it back to bridge, a port has changed. I'm putting it here, as I don't *think* it's container specific (everything is done editing the template). Steps Set port 8883 to 8884 in the template (8883 is in use on my system by Heimdall)... System works, but temporarily need host mode to discover access points Switch to Host mode Can only access UI via port 8883, so temporarily turn off other docker using it Configure access points just fine Switch back to Bridge mode The read only container port in the template has mysteriously set itself to 8444. Can no longer access system, as there is no longer a port 8883 All I've done is switched to Host and back, and the read-only container port has changed from 8443 to 8444. I have to delete the container port and recreate it. This happened when I originally configured it last summer, but just happened again on 6.8.2. Is this an issue with Docker, an unfortunate side-effect, or am I being stupid? It's obviously not a huge issue, but it took me a while to work out why I lost access.