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  1. Is there anyway to edit/update the Historical Device notes?
  2. Thanks!! Seems to have worked.. I'll see later if it is all really there. It looks like it's synchronizing block info now. Jim
  3. So I have to migrate by the end of the month. (Yeah I've been procrastinating...) Are the instructions in the very first post still valid? My crashplan docker says there is an update available. I think I was holding off because I didn't know it would have done. Do I update before I move pro docker?
  4. Damn I just read my e-mail about crash plan for home going bye-bye!! This sucks! From what I read here it make more sense to migrate to the pro version than go to carbonite? It seems like that's what most folks are doing. So what are the down side for me for going to pro? It seems like it's just the cost? Right now I'm only backing up one computer (unraid) But unraid has acronis backups of all my other computers! :-) I don't back up to another computer and I only have like 600GB backed up. So am I correct in assuming the only change for me will be the cost (eventually)? Last question... Should I transition now or later? I'm good till Oct of next year. Is the transition stable enough? Or should I wait a little longer for everyone else to work out the kinks! :-) And thanks to Djoss for the quick update to the container to support the pro transition! You rock!
  5. I'm also getting OOM errors when the mover starts. I just tried to alter those two settings: Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_background_ratio' (%): to 2% Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_ratio' (%): to 4% My question is... Are they changed on the fly or do I have to reboot the system? Jim
  6. Is there a plugin or setting that will let me know if a docker stopped? I've had one of my dockers stop twice on me now and it took me a while to figure out that it wasn't working. Is there anyway to have unraid notify me that it is no longer working? Thanks, Jim
  7. But it can all be done with the array single parity protected. A agree a rebuild/expansion is painless... but without dual parity, you are left un protected. The thought is there IS a way to do it without losing parity protection and should be supported without using command line stuff. We shouldn't have to be forced to go to dual parity if there is a way to do it without. I'd love to run dual parity.. but spending the $$ on another 8T disk just for dual parity isn't in the budget. Luckily I've be able to do the process described in the thread.. but I know my way around the command line (a little bit, anyway)
  8. Not true.. Zero-ing out the drive will be stressful.. but you're protected.. Adding a drive not stressful if it's been pre-cleared.
  9. But if you lose another drive while you are rebuilding... Then you are screwed... Unless you have double parity.... which I don't (yet)
  10. I think he was more referring to emptying a drive for removal and assumed the drive was still working such that you could move the file off then zero out the drive. And then never losing parity protection..
  11. Not the best way... but could you move it all to the cache disk and then let the mover "rebalance" it with the share set to the correct setting (I forget which one it is..)?
  12. Thanks, Squid! Is there a post somewhere that outlines how to find the offending process that's keeping the drive from being unmounted? I tried the the lsof command but I couldn't figure out what I needed to kill. I'm pretty sure it was something accessing something that was mounted from the docker image. Jim
  13. I needed to reboot my machine yesterday so I stopped all my dockers and then tried to stop the array. It got stuck trying to umount the drives. It was stuck trying to unmount the drive that my docker image was on. I couldn't find any browser or telnet session that was using or pointing to any docker image files. I ended up having to force a reboot from the console. Luckily I was able to restart my dockers on a reboot with no issues. I couldn't find any info in the FAQ.. So what is the proper way to shutdown/reboot when using dockers? Do I need to manually stop the dockers and then stop the docker service? Or if I stop the array will it do everything for me? This will also come into play in a power failure scenario. Will the system shutdown cleanly when the battery gets low. Thanks, Jim
  14. I have a new disk coming online soon. I'll probably have to move more file around. I'll check the permissions before I run it next time. Thanks for the help guys, Jim
  15. I don't recall if I had any permission issues. I think I might have. And I just installed unbalance several days ago! I didn't think to check for an update so soon! :-)