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  1. I'm on 6.8.3 ... Which I thought was the latest stable?? Are you saying we should try the latest beta?
  2. My terminal is all messed up when in this state as well... I have to use a putty window to talk to unraid.
  3. Ok.. it happened again today! grrr.... I'm posting this here to try for next time so I don't have to reboot.. I'll have to see if this resolves the out of memory issue without a reboot... I'd still like to know what's causing this or how to permanently avoid this... Jim
  4. Mine just happened again today... @limetech, any thoughts on this? It seems like there are several of us that have this issue?
  5. Mine just happened again. Is there a way to fix this without re-booting the system?
  6. Thanks for the info. so it was really just as easy as purging the log! I wanted to make sure. Thanks! I'll have to look into the log rotate if I want to do that.
  7. I was logging the default which was everything, I believe.. I've recently changed it to just errors and warnings. But I can't figure out how to purge it.. Or, potentially, how to use log rotate to keep it manageable. How do other folks handle the mqtt logging? Do they log everything but put it in appdata area? What are best practices? Jim
  8. Another question.. My MQTT log file is > 4GB! how do I get rid of it?
  9. So this is the second time this has happened in a couple weeks. Syslog fills up and runs out of space and the system grinds to a halt. Can you guys tell what's going on here? Here is the last couple lines of syslog before I get all the errors... Oct 21 06:20:03 Tower sSMTP[3454]: Sent mail for UnRaid@Busky.net (221 elasmtp-masked.atl.sa.earthlink.net closing connection) uid=0 username=root outbytes=1676 Oct 21 07:00:03 Tower kernel: mdcmd (1109): spindown 2 Oct 21 07:20:02 Tower sSMTP[30058]: Sent mail for UnRaid@Busky.net (221 elasmtp-mealy.atl.sa.earthlink.net closing connection)
  10. My MQTT log file is huge and growing.. What (and how) do you guys have your log stuff set to? I never messed with this so it's probably set to the default. This is what is in the conf file. log_dest stderr log_type all connection_messages true log_timestamp true
  11. For all you guys running Home assistant and such... I see some are running in a docker and some in a VM and some in a VM on a separate machine. HA in a docker seems fine except no supervisor. I'm no expert in HA (yet) but it seems I would like the supervisor ability. I tried @digiblur's video and I got it to install and such.. but it seems kinda pieced together and it didn't seem too robust. I thank him for his effort here to give us that option though... So I guess my question is.. what are the benefits of running in a docker vs a VM or just running it all (HA, ESP
  12. huh.. either I dismissed that warning.. or I never got it! :-)
  13. Ok.. that was it.. It must have changed from when I first installed it. I changed the repo and now it looks ok... Thanks for the help.