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  1. Thanks @trurl. youre right, seems to be something about the SMART readings.
  2. Hi there @trurl, apologies i know this is an old thread, i just have the same problem and its driving me insane. my disks are not spinning down, because some routine Read is occurring on the array and i cant find out what it is. Its on all Array disks simulatanesouly, typically around betwee 341 and 682.0 B/s. I have: - shutdown all docker instances - shutdown all plugins - changed plex settings - removed file integrity, unassigned devices, directory cache, turbo write, Dynamix SSD TRIM - using Open Files, i cant see anything open on the array But nothing stops the Read fr
  3. Hi guys. Not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but I cant find it anywhere. I am running Nvidia build 6.7.0. I want to upgrade to build 6.7.2, but that includes the Nvidia driver 430, which my GTX 770 does not appear to work with. As soon as I upgrade, Plex no longer is able to play vides (giving some network error). Is it possible to upgrade the Nvidia build, but retain the old driver?
  4. i was having this problem even after following ALL of the vidoes and advice above - from SpaceInvader through to UEFI boot and techpowerup bios edits. I found a solution by upgrading the GPU BIOS to the latest version, by flashing the newest ROM from tech powerup. then i edited that same ROM using the HEX editor and added it to the VM config. I then installed the latest Nvidia drivers. now its working like a charm. I was trying to get a GTX 770 working on a single PCI-e slot motherboard. The only way i can get the VM to boot without a black screen is if i add a second VNC graphics displa
  5. ive tried all of the above and am still having the problem. this occurred to me after trying to pass through a GTX 770, not getting anywhere and setting it back to VNC. now no VMs can start. EDIT: creating a new VM and attaching the old disk fixed the problem. Not sure how much damage that does though. Try configuring 2 graphics displays in the VM config: VNC and the GPU
  6. Hi guys. Im looking to increase the performance of my unraid Cache pool by converting a pool of 3 SSDs in RAID1, to 4 in RAID10. Has anyone seen any tangible performance increases in RAID10? Or is it just a waste of money (unless youre doing benchmarking)? I know Greg2895 says he noticed no difference, but surely there must be something in it?
  7. Hi, Ive upgraded to 6.6.1 and now I keep getting the following error when trying to enable VMs on the VMs tab. Libvirt Service failed to start. Under VM Manager settings, this is the LIBVIRT log that I have: 2018-09-27 23:31:09.873+0000: 10287: info : libvirt version: 4.6.0 2018-09-27 23:31:09.873+0000: 10287: info : hostname: Tower 2018-09-27 23:31:09.873+0000: 10287: error : virGetUserID:1043 : invalid argument: Failed to parse user 'tss' 2018-09-27 23:31:09.873+0000: 10287: error : virGetGroupID:1123 : invalid argument: Failed to parse group 'tss' 2018-09-27 2