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  1. That should not be what show up. It should be the "Document Server is running" page. I don't use SWAG so I can't help you there so you should ask in the proxy's support thread.
  2. what happens when you visit the url using chrome?
  3. only change to http in nginx configuration. Here's what it's doing, nextcloud make a https request to nginx, nginx forward that to document server with http. so nextcloud still see the server as https.
  4. try proxy_pass to http instead of https
  5. So I umount the disks then stop mdadm then yeet the plug. Formatting went fine, running correcting parity-check right now
  6. It been 30 minutes already Here's the diagnosis Ignore the CRC error, I already tried replacing the cable, it doesn't go away.
  7. when you edit the container, what is in your ‘repository’ field?
  8. Since I only ported the official container, I do not know the inner working of these logs, I suggest that you ask here
  9. What seem to be the problem, does the web ui does not show up?
  10. NVM, I confused HSTS with CORS, I don’t really know how to solve this as I do not use NGINX based reverse-proxy, but I heard that people got it working when DS have the correct certificates (in Data/certs directory)
  11. What you just post there is called the server block, can I see one for the onlyofficeds? it should have a directive "server_name"
  12. That suggest that the certificate is not wildcarded at the sub domain level
  13. In my setup, I use one wildcard certificate that cover both nextcloud and onlyoffice install. maybe you can try that?
  14. The problem is probably with your reverse proxy, the two will refuse to talk if the certificate does not match. I don't really know how gui get change in to conf, do you happen to have an nginx server block for onlyoffice?