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  1. NVM, I confused HSTS with CORS, I don’t really know how to solve this as I do not use NGINX based reverse-proxy, but I heard that people got it working when DS have the correct certificates (in Data/certs directory)
  2. What you just post there is called the server block, can I see one for the onlyofficeds? it should have a directive "server_name"
  3. That suggest that the certificate is not wildcarded at the sub domain level
  4. In my setup, I use one wildcard certificate that cover both nextcloud and onlyoffice install. maybe you can try that?
  5. The problem is probably with your reverse proxy, the two will refuse to talk if the certificate does not match. I don't really know how gui get change in to conf, do you happen to have an nginx server block for onlyoffice?
  6. Quick question, are your proxy pointing to http or https of onlyoffice? and are your certificate installed in onlyoffice
  7. Do it in windows
  8. My config that used HAProxy also point to HTTP too, internal networks are typically secure, Proxy are used as an SSL Offloader. BTW, latest Documents Server seems to be stable now, version bumped to latest.
  9. The thing is I use pfSense’s HAProxy and it seems to work fine, I haven’t tried NGINX’s proxy_pass yet. So if the other image works for you, that may be your solution.
  10. Can you still access the web UI, or is the web UI is up and you can’t connect to it using nextcloud PS. I’m in the middle of a midterm exam RN, sorry for the late reply.