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  1. Hi I have 2 machines, 1 running home assistant on a rasp pi with emby server on it. 1 running unraid with my media on it. I'm having problems with my emby. How do i know if emby server will have acces to my media on the unraid server? I have added the folders, but i dont get anything. i know i could just run emby on unraid (but i'm moving away from it). Normally when i acces my unraid, i have to login with password, but the emby server on my pi didnt ...
  2. As soon on that video for instance for sabnzb my data should be -> mnt/user/downloads And for the config -> mnt/cache/appdata/binhex-sabnzb the config one is ok the data one is not, cause i can point to mnt/user but then theres no folder "downloads" allthough i've set the same in sabnzb to point to downloads... Edit: also set up sabnzb as network type: bridge (never understood bridge/host)
  3. Really? Not even when sonarr is on different machine than sabnzb which is on unraid? The appropriate path mapping to the template, what template you refer to? The docker on unraid? Could help me a little more please, i know theres LOTS of info on the wiki and forum,
  4. Hi I installed sabnzb on my unraid machine. (not 24/24 on) I installed radarr on my rasp pi (24/24 on) Now i know i need remote mappings from my radarr to sabnzb The download folder of sabnzb is on a cache disk on my unraid under downloads/complete I followed this guide In step 3 i need to put in a local path but im not able to browse to the cache disk and the download folder. Who can help me here pls? how am i sure that my radarr instance has acces to it? Thx for the help here !
  5. strange its back up sorry to disturb
  6. Anyone can help me please? ITs still unreachable
  7. Here you go
  8. Hi Strangely, but i turned on my headless unraid machine, and now my webui isnt reachable. Strange thing is, i can access my server through my windows explorer and i see all shares and stuff Any idea?
  9. Trying to pull out audio with makemkv.. I get following error Strangely cause it always worked How do i fix this? Its on my cache drive, so is the addon
  10. I would still love to see a possibility to: - see if there are updates for dockers/plugins/unraid OS - able to shut down the server - correct info disk usage - parity check - reboot server But an unraid api addon in HA would be even better :p @ElectricBrainUK any update for this?
  11. Ok attributes card is fixed :p I added heading_name and now its loading
  12. Trying to fix the custom attributes card. I think nothing is wrong with the api or the broker part. I think its HA i saw the attributes card was still js instead of module i changed to module but i still get error: create-element-base.ts:64 entity-attributes-card TypeError: Cannot add property heading_name, object is not extensible at HTMLElement.setConfig (entity-attributes-card.js:50) at s (create-element-base.ts:61) at c (create-element-base.ts:81) at u (create-element-base.ts:132) at Rt (create-card-element.ts:55) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:62) at hui-view.ts:295 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:294) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:222) One question about glances... I dont get correct glance for disk use percent in the past, there was a disk_used_percent, but i cant see that anymore
  13. i did a test view also, with picture entity cards: - type: picture-glance entities: - sensor.unraid_server image: /local/Unraid.jpeg Failed to load resource : the server responded with status unraid.jpeg: 1 of 404 (not found) the picture is in /local/ and yes its in www folder together with the other pics, that do work very strange i also tried jpg instead of jpeg Anyway thats the least of the problems :p I want the server stats back up When i click the webgui of the api docker can you tell me each step to do can i check if its in the broker?