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  1. Trying to pull out audio with makemkv.. I get following error Strangely cause it always worked How do i fix this? Its on my cache drive, so is the addon
  2. I would still love to see a possibility to: - see if there are updates for dockers/plugins/unraid OS - able to shut down the server - correct info disk usage - parity check - reboot server But an unraid api addon in HA would be even better :p @ElectricBrainUK any update for this?
  3. Ok attributes card is fixed :p I added heading_name and now its loading
  4. Trying to fix the custom attributes card. I think nothing is wrong with the api or the broker part. I think its HA i saw the attributes card was still js instead of module i changed to module but i still get error: create-element-base.ts:64 entity-attributes-card TypeError: Cannot add property heading_name, object is not extensible at HTMLElement.setConfig (entity-attributes-card.js:50) at s (create-element-base.ts:61) at c (create-element-base.ts:81) at u (create-element-base.ts:132) at Rt (create-card-element.ts:55) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:62) at hui-view.ts:295 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:294) at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:222) One question about glances... I dont get correct glance for disk use percent in the past, there was a disk_used_percent, but i cant see that anymore
  5. i did a test view also, with picture entity cards: - type: picture-glance entities: - sensor.unraid_server image: /local/Unraid.jpeg Failed to load resource : the server responded with status unraid.jpeg: 1 of 404 (not found) the picture is in /local/ and yes its in www folder together with the other pics, that do work very strange i also tried jpg instead of jpeg Anyway thats the least of the problems :p I want the server stats back up When i click the webgui of the api docker can you tell me each step to do can i check if its in the broker?
  6. i restarted the api docker logged back in and it says connected... looked at HA, and the binary sensor still is off Yeah i considered putting the broker on unraid, including HA. But i came back from that, for energy costs. I remember ElectricBrainUK saying he would look into putting the unraid api on home assistant, so all remains active although unraid is down, but i dont think hes there yet I also added the picture and put in home assistant, but it doenst load... very strange
  7. ok thx Can you give me your github home assistant link if u got one? maybe i can use stuff :p heres mine Actually yes i need help... all was running fine, but now i got errors the unraid api is on my unraid machine, that one howwever isnt 24/24 available the broker is on my raspberry pi (whereis my home assistant too) It would be nice , if all would stay available although my server is down... However my server is now online, and in home assistant i get error Cannot add property heading_name, object is not extensible When i look at my entities , i see my unraid binary sensor is not available When i look at the unraid api and launch the webgui, it looks strange too Help to get it back up running would be grate
  8. Yes please, can i have your code... Also can i have your server image pls? I have the same and would like to use if, if i may? I've seen this also, and would merge the 2
  9. @ElectricBrainUK, any update? Also it was working for me, but with the recent frequently updates of HA, i get an error now in the webgui Cannot add property heading_name, object is not extensible
  10. ElectricBrainUK, any chance to add to the list: - Power up the unraid machine - power down the unraid machine - possible to see the download status of sabnzb on unraid? - possible to add nzb to sabnzb on unraid this all through Home assistant?
  11. mmm how do you have it then? Can you show me? I think the card-mod thing is causing all stuff
  12. i delete the attributes and tada, there are the glances again
  13. or should i delete the template sensors i created from the binary sensor and enter the entity "binary sensor" in the card and then point to the attributes? How did you do this here? See also It also keeps saying the binary sensor is unavailble the first time under development options i could look at the binary sensor and see the attributes, now i cannot anymore Hopefully this will all be fixed once you have a HA addon :p
  14. its under packages > server.yaml #### CUSTOMIZE ################################################################# homeassistant: customize_glob: sensor.unraid_server: templates: hs_color: "if (state === 'up') return [115,100]; else return [360,100];" glances: - host: !secret unraid_server sensor: - platform: template sensors: unraid_server: entity_id: device_tracker.unraid_server friendly_name: Unraid icon_template: mdi:nas value_template: > {% if is_state('device_tracker.unraid_server', 'home') %} up {% else %} down {% endif %} server_motherboard: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'motherboard') }}" server_cpu: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'cpu') }}" server_memory: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'memory') }}" server_diskspace: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'diskSpace') }}" server_arraystatus: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'arrayStatus') }}" server_arrayprotection: value_template: "{{state_attr('binary_sensor.unraid_server', 'arrayProtection') }}"