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  1. I’ve haven’t had any issues with UnRaid for years. However, I noticed that the second parity drive was disabled. I shut down the server, cleaned it, and checked all of the connections. Turned it back on, and the parity drive 2 still disabled. So, I shut it down and moved the parity drive to a different slot. Turned the server one and the 2nd parity drive still disabled. I searched the forum and Googled it, and I am not able to find a solution to this issue. I have attached the system log as well. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. Well, I have been busy, and I was able to turn on the server. I was able to access it via IP address, and it is now running a parity check. I will do a memtest and file system check thereafter.
  3. Thank you. I will most likely try to do that some time this week.
  4. I have not used my UnRaid server for over a year. The last time I used it, it was working just fine. I am in the process of getting my home theater set up back again and adding my UnRaid server back again. Once, I get my server up an running, is there anything I should do first prior to updating UnRaid?
  5. Updated from 6.6.5 to 6.6.6 without any issue. Running parity check at the moment. One thing I noticed, I am able to access Plex outside my network now. When I updated to 6.6.5, accessing Plex outside the network stopped working, and I just got tired trying to fix it, but now after the update and rebooting, it started working by itself.
  6. Sorry, I have been busy with work. I ran reiserfsck--rebuild-tree. I also check all the connections to the cache drive, and everything appears to be good. I am in the process of possibly ordering new cables since the one's I've got have never been replace since I build the server almost 5 years ago. Yet, I think it is time to upgrade. So, I'll be slowly but surely get some new gear to build a new server. The array is back on line and all of my shares are back. It doesn't appear that I've lost any data. Thank you for all of your support.
  7. After running the filesystem and starting the array, the cache drive said it was unmountable and gave me the option to format the drive. I haven't done anything yet. I am just hoping I lost lose all of the movies and tv shows I've got. It took me many hours to rip and transfer them to my unraid server.
  8. Ran filesystem on disk6 reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md6 Will put log info to 'stdout' ########### reiserfsck --check started at Sat Sep 1 16:38:39 2018 ########### Replaying journal: Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30886, desc 1957, len 1, commit 1959, next trans offset 1942 Replaying journal: | | 0.1% 1 trans Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30887, desc 1960, len 1, commit 1962, next trans offset 1945 Replaying journal: | / 0.2% 2 trans Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30888, desc 1963, len 1, commit 1965, next trans offset 1948 Replaying journal: | - 0.3% 3 trans Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30889, desc 1966, len 1, commit 1968, next trans offset 1951 Replaying journal: | \ 0.5% 4 trans Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30890, desc 1969, len 1, commit 1971, next trans offset 1954 Trans replayed: mountid 643, transid 30891, desc 1972, len 1, commit 1974, next trans offset 1957 Replaying journal: | | 0.7% 6 trans Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/md6' in blocks [18..8211]: 6 transactions replayed Checking internal tree.. finished Comparing bitmaps..Bad nodes were found, Semantic pass skipped 3 found corruptions can be fixed only when running with --rebuild-tree ########### reiserfsck finished at Sat Sep 1 16:42:52 2018 ########### block 191562442: The level of the node (0) is not correct, (1) expected the problem in the internal node occured (191562442), whole subtree is skipped block 70360034: The level of the node (0) is not correct, (2) expected the problem in the internal node occured (70360034), whole subtree is skipped block 326825679: The level of the node (0) is not correct, (3) expected the problem in the internal node occured (326825679), whole subtree is skipped vpf-10640: The on-disk and the correct bitmaps differs.
  9. The diagnostics file attached.
  10. So, I woke up today, and tried to access my UnRaid server via my window 7 PC. I clicked on the Network tab, click on Tower, click on the Media Share folder, and the folder is empty. Yet, if I click on the individual disk shared folder/media/ is had my movies and tv shows folder. I check my system log, and it has a lot of errors, which I am not sure what they mean. I have attached the log, and I would greatly appreciated for your help. Thank you.
  11. Added the new drive, rebuild the array, and now preclearing the old drive and afterward running some SMART checks. After cancelling the rebuild, it doesn't show any more bad sectors.
  12. Never mind found the answer just by Googling it. Thank you. I am adding the new drive for parity. I think the old parity drive might me under warranty. I'm going to check and see if it can be replaced.
  13. Well, I just started the rebuild of the old drive. Would it be safe to cancel the rebuild and replace it with the new 4TB drive instead. I rather be safe than sorry?
  14. I haven't started any rebuilds yet. I am waiting for the preclear to be complete for the new 4TB drive. All of the data appears to be fine in all the drives. I just would like for the parity drive to be good again. I'll follow trurl direction to rebuild the parity drive after the preclear is complete. Thank you guys for the help.
  15. I swapped the first disk, and let it completely rebuilt. Everything was fine. Thereafter, I swapped the second disk, let it rebuilt. There was an error messages stated the parity drive had 1 error during the rebuild. I let it completely rebuild, and that is when I noticed the parity drive had a red X next to it, but all of the other drives are good. I did shut down the server completely to do the disk replacement. So, shut down, remove and install new disk, start array, let it finish rebuilding. During the first disk replacement and rebuilt everything was good. Second disk replacement, shut down, remove and install new disk, start array, let it finish rebuild. It showed 1 error and the parity drive had a red X. The array is good. All of the drives are green and no errors. It is just the parity drive that has the red X.
  16. I've been replacing two 2 TB drives with two 4TB drives. When I switched the first drive everything was fine. Thereafter, I switched the second drive, and the parity drive had a red X (Disabled/Faulty drive). What I've done: 1) Shut down the server. 2) Checked all connections 3) Turned on the server----still red X 4) Shut down the server 5) Moved the parity drive to a different slot 5) Turned on the server---still red X When I go to the WebGUI, and click on the parity drive, under the ATTRIBUTES section, it has a yellow message: 197 Current pending sector.... Raw Value: 1. Under the SMART reports it states no errors. I've also ran a SMART short self-test and attaching the file. I've also attached the log file. I'm currently preclearing a 4 TB drive to replace this one just in case. Thank you for any help. Currently using UnRaid 6.5.3 tower-smart-20180818-1126 (1).zip
  17. I would like to thank CHBMB for helping me and fixing my issue with UnRaid 6.5.2 and Plex. It was a network issue, which he figured out in a few minutes, and I was pretty much giving up.
  18. My last name is Oviedo, but my great-grandparents were from Spain. I was born in Central America. I've been told that Oviedo is a nice place. May be one day I will visit.
  19. I'm thinking of possibly upgrading to 6.5.1, and uninstalling Plex and re-installing it under 6.5.1. May be that would work?
  20. Followed the instructions again. Everything installs and works fine including Plex with in-network access. However, it doesn't work with out of network access. I noticed under Plex Settings that it shows accessible out side network, but there is no private / public IP and no internet access. I had to open the port under my router settings before in order to access Plex outside network with UnRaid version 6.3.5, but for some reason it isn't work for UnRaid 6.5.1. It's 4 AM in CA, and I've been messing around with this for 3 hours already. So, I'll revert back and stay on 6.3.5 for now. May be one of new future version will eventually by plug and play and work. Thanks for your help.
  21. Yes, I did. Everything seemed to be working, but I never tested accessing Plex outside my network until yesterday, and it wasn't working. I went under the Plex setting, and it stated it was accessible outside the network, but it wasn't. I supposed I can give it another try and test it out, but I haven't been able to upgrade past 6.3.5 version due to this issue.
  22. Updated from 6.3.5 to 6.5.1 without issues. I mainly use UnRaid for Plex streaming. Under the linux Plex docker setting it states that the server is accessible outside network, but when I tried to play a movie while outside my network, it wouldn't connect. I also tried to update the Plex docker, and it wouldn't update. I guess back to 6.3.5 since that's the last UnRaid version that works for
  23. I was having the same issues as you. The server would work fine, which I mainly use for Plex streaming. I took my server apart and checked all the connections. It was pretty dirty inside of it as well. Everything appeared fine. I noticed this started to happened after upgrading to version 6.3.2. I just left it alone and waited for the 6.3.3 version. I upgraded to the newest unraid version, ran the new permission under the Tools menu, thereafter I did a parity check. I was still having issues with the WebGui being slow. A few days later, the WebGui started loading fast and it was responsive like it used to. So, it pretty much got fixed by itself. However, I must add that some of my hard drives are pretty old. So, I've been buying new HDD whenever I see the 4 TB on sale for $99.99 or less.
  24. If I transfer to the cache drive and / or shared folder via my Window 7 PC, I get between 50 to 90 Mbps transfer speed with a 2 GB file. However, if I use my Win 10 HTPC, I only get 1 to 12 Mbps transfer speed. So, I supposed the culprit is the Win 10 HTPC, which I didn't have this issue before. The HTPC is connected to the router, my Win 7 PC is connect to a switch. I'm going to connect the Win 10 to the switch as well, and see if that does anything. Also, I will be switching Ethernet wires just to make sure that's not an issue either. The other issue that still persist with both Win 7 and Win 10, is the UnRaid GUI is really slow to load and respond to anything I click. Again this started happening with the last update. I wonder if I revert back to the previous software if this issue would be fixed?