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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I don't think that the issue here, as there is no script set to run and the option to collapse the tree is greyed out. It's like unassigned devices is "asking me" to run the script, while there shouldn't be a reason for it.
  2. In the last few days, I've noticed drive three is expanded and a lightning is shown next to one of my drives in Unassigned Devices. I don't seem to be able to find any real info about why this is, except it's to execute a script. However, when I do, I get the prompt it's completed, but the lightning doesn't go away. Any ideas?
  3. That is the error: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/emby_monitoring_spinup/script: line 18: mdcmd: command not found Only difference to your original script, was that I changed it to monitor for Emby rather than Plex.
  4. I'm trying to use this script to spin up the drives to avoid the Emby coverart loading time. However, when I try to run the script, I get the following error: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/emby_monitoring_spinup/script: line 18: mdcmd: command not found Right now, I'm just running it to test using the CA User Scripts "Run Script" option. Any ideas why it's reporting mdcmd not being found? I did try to run mdcmd status | grep "rdevLastIO.1}=" | cut -d '=' -f 2 | tr -d '\n' from the webterminal and that worked fine.
  5. Just to give an update here: I'm back online! YaY Flashed the USB drive again Copied over super.dat and the drive assignments were found Copied over the Shares folder and got my shares back. Still had to do some configuration, as the shares weren't set up to use cache. Copied over the Plugins folder and got my dockers back. Some of them had broken templates as the xml file in flash\config\plugins\dockerMan\templates-user was lost. Turns out that if you uninstall a docker and leave the image and the reinstall and keep the same paths and ports, it fixes the missing template. I wish I had known this before I delete some of my dockers. Fortunately, the most critical ones were recovered Had to reinstall lots of plugins Had to set up all my settings again I only a few files that where in the process of being copied when I did the hard shutdown, and of course spent my Saturday fixing my mistake Lessons Learned: Don't write scripts after a bottle of wine Test and QA your scripts before using them Backup Backup Backup Unraid works a lot better than I expected!! Thanks for the help here and on Discord!
  6. Looks like only the plugins, shares and super.dat are intact. Reading a lot more instructions, it looks like that you can read out the disk assignments order from super.dat using strings. However, you can also copy super.dat to your new USB config folder (reboot) and then it should load the assignments. Gonna cry myself to sleep and wake up and try this....
  7. What I tried: > Copied the config folder to a backup location > Flashed the USB again and copied the config folder over > Booted up. I get a prompt, but the webinterface does not load, nor does the array start (was set to autostart) and /mnt/ is empty except for /disks/ and /remotes/ > Flashed the USB again, didn't copy over the config folder, webinterface now loads No I don't remember the disk assignments order. I have a partial screenshot of the drives, but none of the names are visible. Nor can I deduce from the screenshot which drive is what as the drives have been filled even more since then. What happens if I start the array again, but with a different drive order? EDIT: Is there a file in config that should have had the order? super.dat seems to have something, but it's not humanly readable.
  8. So I need to know - rather confirm - how badly I messed up, and what I think I need to do, is what I really need to do. Background: I was messing with CA User Scripts to backup a Emby's library.db and delete backup's older than five days using the command find . -type f -mtime +10 -exec rm {} ; .... but as you can see, I forgot to put the path appdata path in. I had webterminal open, no commands worked, not even ls... Unraid webadmin didn't even load anymore.... my heart starting racing, did I just rm -r everything!!! I panicked and did a hard power off on the powersupply. Checked the USB... almost all the files are gone :((( there are a bunch of files in /config... I grabbed a cuppa... read the community posts and wiki and I know I messed up badly... I followed the recommendations to copy off everything, flash the USB again and copy back the /config folder... Unraid boots, but webinterface isn't loading.... and no I didn't make a backup of the USB / flash backup, since I was still in the process of getting my 100TB server set up.... so... how bad is this? bad bad bad... or baaad... I'm thinking of just going to bed and crying... Right now I flashed the USB again and started booting up. I guess, I'm starting fresh... arg... Or give me some hope ppl... Although, I crushed that myself...