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  1. Awesome release 🙂 I had no problem upgrading with my LSI 9207-8i.
  2. Any update on the official release of 6.7.0 ? or will there be an rc8 ?
  3. @johnnie.black Looks like you were dead one again, as the controller then just decided to drop all eight drives. Luckily, I had a spare one, I just hope it is not the PCI port. Thanks for your help again.
  4. Hi guys, I am coming for help as I am starting to see something weird with my array. I am attaching the diagnostic. It looks like from time to time disk 1 to 8 are going to throw me thousands of read errors. I don't buy that all eight disks have so many errors and suspect the controller lsi 9207-8i to be at fault. In addition, all eight disks are attached to that controllers. Could someone have a look at the diagnostic and let me know ? galactica-diagnostics-20190328-1225.zip
  5. Thank you, you are awesome !!!!
  6. i am having this issue as well. it happens when files are read or copied, and affects writing to the array. The files appear to be fine. In the beginning it is detected and not flagged as errors Jan 22 06:57:17 Galactica emhttpd: shcmd (605): mount -t btrfs -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/md1 /mnt/disk1 Jan 22 06:57:17 Galactica kernel: BTRFS info (device md1): disk space caching is enabled Jan 22 06:57:17 Galactica kernel: BTRFS info (device md1): has skinny extents Jan 22 06:57:17 Galactica kernel: BTRFS info (device md1): bdev /dev/md1 errs: wr 0, rd 41884, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 Jan 22 06:57:19 Galactica emhttpd: shcmd (606): btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt/disk1 In addition, not reported as read erros. galactica-diagnostics-20190122-1757.zip Edit some more after some writing to the array. galactica-diagnostics-20190122-1931.zip
  7. I have the same issue, I can confirm. The files copied to the array or read cause those warnings.
  8. still going through bugs and testing ?
  9. Should be close (tm) No announcement hasnt come
  10. ohohoh, I found an interesting link, should i spill the news ? "6.7.0-rc0j"
  11. @trurl Thank you for the explanation. I will do that, and report back. I will probably have more questions as I go through.
  12. @Squid Are the writing speeds to the array faster when using a cache drives ? What are the typical write speeds obtained ?
  13. @Squid Thank you for your answer. So from where I am now, it is requiring an additional folder in the disk named disk1, disk2, etc ? Would it be the way you would do it ? Do you have any advices ?
  14. Hello guys, I am pretty new to Unraid and I do not understand how the mover works. I just put two hard drives for cache. Could someone explain to me what are the requirements for the mover to work ? I currently only have enabled disk shares and not user shares. Do I need to enable user shares for the mover to work ? I would like to use the mover and have it then copied the files to a particular disk. Is this possible ?