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  1. I deleted the databses, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. If I see it again, I'll send you the database
  2. This is what I get. How do I fix this? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall ? seems to be a corruption of the sql database
  3. That's the way I see as well and the whole question is what percentage will it be.
  4. I have to agree there, and would like to get some answers as well. In addition, I would like unRAID to think about the consequences as the GPDR will apply to you guys.
  5. Thanks for the honesty but in the after-covid period, why not hire developers in Europe who work remote? That seems a way better logical choice.
  6. You were right, it works now. This is so wild. Thank you very much again for your support, this is very very appreciated.
  7. Ok I did this and here is the output of the command after. It appears that the problem is still there Edit, I added 2 GB of files that why the 114 shows 112 now
  8. Ok I moved around 120 GB of files. Here's the output of btrfs fi usage -T /mnt/disk13 now: What's the next step?
  9. I read the other post, so how much data do you want me to move first ?
  10. Done, created the thread in the general support forum.
  11. I only have disk shares on my server, and I have one drive which is filled up to 98.8 percent. I cannot copy anymore and fill up the remaining 1 percent of the drive anymore. It seems that there is a limit at 99 percent, when I try to copy a file that will exceed this number, it tells me via SMB in windows that there is no more space left on the drive even if this is not true. Has anyone experienced this ? Attached diagnostics from the first conversation, here's a screenshot.