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  1. @SpencerJ and I were playing Rome Total War II, when all of sudden Caesar started sending us a weird message. '6CD:@? e]`_]_\36E2a_ a_a`\_d\b`
  2. Hello again everyone, Samuel just called @SpencerJ and I. He left this message that we cannot decode: "...- . .-. ... .. --- -. / -.... .-.-.- .---- ----- .-.-.- ----- -....- -... . - .- .---- ----." Side Note: I will not spill the beans on the content, I respect the Unraid development team very much.
  3. Thanks @SpencerJ, no problem, I have some ideas for the next one 🙂
  4. A new appearance 🥳😎, same cipher 😏 "dW5SQUlEU2VydmVyLTYuMTAuMC1iZXRhMTgteDg2XzY0LnppcA=="
  5. I thought about bringing some fun in the lounge. For the curious minds 😏, something appeared 😎🥳 The answer lies below "dW5SQUlEU2VydmVyLTYuMTAuMC1iZXRhMTcteDg2XzY0" Have fun guys
  6. great job guys !!! Stay safe !!! We need you !!!
  7. Let's see how many people get this Status
  8. I agree, I bet they are testing recovery of the multiple pools.
  9. a little bird told me that they already were at beta8, huge changes coming....
  10. it was btrfs which seems to be the issue. I resolved it by deleting the plugin and rebooting unraid so that everything in the plugin was gone. That being said, I see this as a big issue as something was left from the container that kept hammering the log after uninstallation of the plugin.