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  1. Haha love it, thanks for the good laugh.
  2. I installed the beta18 and it's running well.
  3. Awesome again, getting closer.
  4. I have to agree with @Lolight. Thanks.
  5. Those threads were always built with some crypto challenges since 6.10 You can remove yourself as a follower of this thread in the top right / footer and/or also adjust your notification settings via your profile.
  6. @SpencerJ kicked the development team in second gear Version 6.12.0-beta13
  7. As @SpencerJ was riding really fast, he lost his remaining hair /s Version 6.12.0-beta12
  8. I was literally about to post it, you beat me to it.
  9. That's exactly the point of this thread and bring some fun to the Unraid community
  10. I was totally late on that one, my own fault. Damn work. Thank you @xaositek
  11. For record, I have been doing those little challenges for 6.10 beta and 6.11 beta to bring some fun for the Unraid community and created that thread. You can adjust the notifications and can remove yourself from it, if you don't like it. You will have to wait for the RC then.