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  1. Noted 🙂 Great job to the team !!!
  2. yes you are correct 🙂 "56657273696f6e20362e31302e302d62657461323820323032312d30382d3035"
  3. Hello all, "56657273696f6e20362e31302e302d62657461323720323032312d30382d3034"
  4. @hcgonzalezpr Congratulations !!! I know that this one was not easy 🙂
  5. I get about 24 hours for 12TB
  6. Karl Dönitz, leading another wave of unraid community U-boats raiding the unraid offices, was able to send us this information, before @SpencerJ sank them again. Damn magnometer 😏😉 @doron, ja ja Herr Kapitän 😏😏👍 "B-G-1-2-4" "plugboard empty" "qgcj vhkw ajju aari czdr zemm buwm anmk ehrj xarq psgl ijdh kybp lnaq mjjh drld avu"
  7. Congratulations to @doron that found the correct answer, and answered with some humor back :-).
  8. Not in disagreement with you there based on my experience
  9. We are going to be able to store so many linux isos 🙂
  10. @SpencerJ sank the German U-boat approaching the Unraid offices, and killed the accompanying sharks. Luckily, the unraid community on board was able to send us those final messages: "B-G-1-2-4" "plugboard empty" "qgcj vhkw ajju aari czdr zemm buwm bcou drsl hxyk jxcj tpjd fiik mxuc bvpe xqui xv"