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  1. There's a pretty big reason that there can't (well... "won't" would probably be more accurate) be a single all-inclusive backup of everything in unraid - different applications/files have differing requirements for ensuring file consistency. A good starting point for your research would be looking for information regarding application consistent vs crash consistent snapshots/backups. In short, a crash consistent backup will just ensure that the filesystem of the OS itself is intact. An application consistent backup is one from which you can restore the application's specific data i
  2. There are already 3-4 (I think?) onlyoffice templates available, I'm not sure another would get approved... But that's almost certainly something that the Pi community would have interest in if they dont already have a go-to alpine onlyoffice, I'd hit up that community and gauge interest!
  3. I'm going to assume you've probably not taken a backup prior to the upgrade then, as it's not something that's automatically done... I'll try to take a look in the morning to see where the plugin/hub configuration is loaded from - I've an idea that you could simply remove that file from the directory and restart the container in order for it to be regenerated, but I'm not certain and it's about 0130 here. Will try to remember to check it out once I wake up
  4. You'll just have to restore your backup is all, if you find no way to manually remove the plugin - though I'd assume theres a php file somewhere that you could edit out the reference to it manually to address. Youd have to do a little poking around in that one though, restoring your backup would definitely be far simpler and quicker
  5. Right after an update, the cache will usually need to be rebuilt, as the DB indices are updated and the existing cache is essentially no longer 'valid' (the cache doesn't get it's existing contents updated). I'd give it some time and re-evaluate. As to the phone details, you can configure them manually as well within config.php (same place you put the DB connection information etc) 👍
  6. That's calling out the SMB PHP module, which I'd assume is an installed plugin - if you uninstall the plugin prior to your upgrade, do you still have issues?
  7. At first, it almost certainly must feel that way to most, I'm sure. But let's take a quick look at what all one can do with nextcloud (both by default, and by adding plugins from the hub) by thinking about what other containers we'd need in order to accomplish similar tasks: Syncthing (and various others) - Sync files between multiple devices automatically, retain backups of files/file versions, and so on Youtransfer - web sharing of files to guests/etc MakeMKV (ffmpeg) - Convert video files (seems ridiculous to have this in 'the cloud', but it's surprised me by being ridic
  8. @skois idk if you ever got this answered, but here's the format in case you still need it: root@048509f9b924:/# sudo -u abc /usr/bin/php -f ./config/www/nextcloud/occ config:app:set previewgenerator squareSizes --va lue="32 256" Just open the console, run that, and you're set (modify to suit) - the issue with yours above is: * Since their shell defaults to bash, you must first call php - bash doesn't understand the command context as it's php input (the application itself is being modified, so we're in effect 'writing in php' here - pretty much everything in this doc
  9. The error 43 is the exact driver shenanigans they pull with video cards, but with virtual functions its unfortunately even more difficult to get around. A couple things you can try: * instead of running the full installer, open the executable (.exe installer) with 7zip or the like, and manually install the drivers for your OS (using the .inf files) * test against a different version of windows 10 to verify whether its locked to a specific build type (education, pro, pro for workstation, or an enterprise LTS build) * read through the release notes for earlier driver v
  10. What version of windows 10? It's like I said with mellanox drivers, they're all kinda tied up in licensing crap... My suggestion would be to use something like 7zip to manually extract an older version of the drivers from the executable and then attempt manual installation. For windows and virtual functions, intel (and some chelsio) are really the only sure fire way to ensure compatibility thanks to the crap nvidia and mellanox have pulled with their drivers.
  11. And you're only just scratching the surface! Wait till you start looking at latency numbers; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you start looking at nano instead of milliseconds My work life has kind of run over all my other projects the last few weeks so I've not been able to really dig back in as of yet - but I'm certainly glad to see you experiencing some of the benefits already! Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any questions as you're working on it - I'm happy to help 👍 @trott there's no direct way to do so via the unraid UI - I'm not sure
  12. Totally understood! Moreso posting to try to help any others that might end up seeing issues and come in with such a question 👍 Would it be worthwhile to have an open access GitHub page or something where all of the 'known' scripts could be stored, then folks can just edit to update them as/when needed? Or is that something that'd be discouraged at this point?
  13. Hey @Squid - I couldn't find if this had already been addressed elsewhere or not (if so, my google-fu sucks): As of at least 6.9, the top of the script needs a tiny edit, from: require_once("/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/community.applications/include/xmlHelpers.php"); To: require_once("/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/community.applications/include/helpers.php"); For anyone getting something about an error at line three, calling blah/blah/xmlHelpers.php when they run the plugin integrity check script, the above is the quick fix (hoping to catch some search key
  14. BVD


    I've seen various requests for it in all number of threads, but never explicitly as it's own topic... I might've missed it though, for sure. My hope is that they'll feel the time is right at this point to actually implement one - the team's grown significantly since version 6 was released, and the development community has undergone significant change and growth as well. I feel like having a roadmap available to us could only help accelerate adoption at this point, now that they've the additional headcount as well as the expanding number of those in the community who are willing to