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  1. I've got a similar issue, but with the Nvidia Driver plugin however. Whatever, the missing plugin has been automatically downloaded right after reboot.
  2. I had the same troubleshoot. Whatever, I procedeed as you did and got this "false positive" solved. I don't like having some errors unsolved Thanks
  4. If you want to host several websites behind one WAN IP, you must forward the dedicated port to a reverse proxy like Nginx, then proceed to assign different domain name to each reachable host. Once the hosts named with a public domain name, set them into Nginx that will redirect the requests according to the desired domain name.
  5. If I can help you concerning the full dataset snapshots deletion: zfs destroy tank/docker@% The % in ZFS is like the most common * character to include any value. So any snapshot from the docker dataset shall be removed.
  6. Add User Script plugin and create a script with the relative command : zpool scrub tank Twice a month for public drives and once a month for professional drives.
  7. Indeed, ZFS is a "bit" more complex and I don't see it perfectly included within Unraid as they did with BTRFS/XFS. Using a plugin as it's the case with "My Servers" is not something that I expected, but it might do the work indeed. Only authorising its integration with the disk management GUI would be the least, and we won't finally require a dead usb-key or disk to start the array anymore. Indeed, words have a meaning. What do you mean saying "that's happened in a few places already" ? That other functionalities has been annonced but not released, or at least in another upgrade?
  8. ZFS support is official now for Unraid 6.11 : This release includes some bug fixes and update of base packages. Sorry no major new feature in this release, but instead we are paying some "technical debt" and laying the groundwork necessary to add better third-party driver and ZFS support. We anticipate a relatively short -rc series. @ich777 You'll finally have some rest with this thread in an aproximate future. ICE : Actual ZFS beginners users should audit their configuration in order to be able to recreate their zpool with the incoming Unraid 6.11. Save your "zpool create" command in a txt file as for your datasets in order to keep a trace from all the parameters you've used when creating your pool. BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA ON AN EXTERNAL SUPPORT. SNAPSHOT IS NOT A BACKUP. A COPY IS. ZnapZend or Sanoid plugins will help, or a simple copy from your data on a backup storage with the cp or rclone commands. Don't expect the update to happens with no trouble
  9. Please, provide your HDD references and your zpool properties for better support.
  10. @Jack8COke Please, if your using ZnapZend or Sanoid, DO NOT USE the script to remove your empty snapshots. These solutions manages Snapshots Retention for Archive purpose and would keep some snapshots longer. If your using this script, a snapshot managed to be kept a month can get simply removed...
  11. Sure, select yourpool/yourdataset instead of yourpool to apply specific commands and snapshots to this dataset Some scripts seems to exists, but for security matters, "We don't that here" as they take no space when empty (nearly). This script does the job but stay cautious, it can be break with an upgrade : Did your heard about Sanoid ?
  12. Well, doing an update is not this much annoying, mostly an habit.. 😄 Do you mean that we need to reboot our server if we want to apply the update?
  13. Well that's honest indeed. I'm not providing all the work you're providing with Unraid plugins and Docker containers, however I share your point of view about it. We're profiting about your free time already, and I'm grateful about ZFS and Nvidia support by now. Thanks a lot. 😉 Thanks for the answers!
  14. ZFS is not especially recommended for your use case; nor not recommended. What "we" use mostly, is an iscsi connection to connect a dedicated space area to several host. That's possible with ZFS with ZVOL, don't know for BTRFS. If your not interested more than that by ZFS, try the XFS or BTRFS solution to support ISCSI.