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  1. Sure it is. I already proved that it's related to the "Stream count" in the "Shares" box in the Dashboard. But it should be stopped when the WebUI is closed (display another tab like Main or Docker doesn't stop it. You really need to close all the unraid's tabs)
  2. @SimonF will the 2.8 be pushed in CA? Thanks for the 6.12 upgrade
  3. Strange decision to use Amazon Cognito maybe ?
  4. Where are the backup keys? Or any second 2FA method ?
  5. Vivaldi, because it's the best of all worlds (except it's not OpenSource)
  6. oh yes ! good to know!
  7. Did you try with another dns server (just had to add or 8.8.8. 8 at the end of the command)
  8. Maybe a loopback issue or DNS rebinding issue with your router. Or just DNS propagation. If it's the last, you just have to wait a bit.
  9. Yes the the new domain, like the old, send the local IP address when you resolve it. Don't know why you have "Non-existent domain." as a result.
  10. Can you try "nslookup {yourdomain}" in a terminal? If yes, what's the answer. Is it the new URL that you're trying to connect to?
  11. I'm curious to know how this new link increase privacy
  12. Just tested, seems working well. I have no more "lsof" in htop when I close my browser.