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  1. I have deleted the old bitwardenrs template tio use the new vaultwarden one (but keeping appdata). I'm in 2.19 two. Don't know if it's a bug. After checking it's normal.
  2. So you lost 500GB. I talking about cache pool, not the array.
  3. You can use cache pool to create a RAID 1 with your 2 1TB disks. But you will be force to add only 1TB disks in this pool after if you want to add disk (and change to RAID 5 or 6). And I find "cache pool" not appropriate for HDD (and for the usage we do with)
  4. Maybe arrays can be tagged as Required or not by the user (default with required), and maybe only for encrypted XFS. Or lot of checks may be required (mapped path used in dockers/VMs...)
  5. I found another use case. One array with xfs, and another with Encrypted XFS. So we can start and use dockers/VM even after a reboot.
  6. +1 like tautulli for example, and many others systems that send notifications. Support for apprise will be great too.
  7. I want to create 2 arrays, one with 7200rpm disks, another with 5400rpm. So multiple arrays or at least dual array should be great!
  8. As I said, maybe a change that I forgot.
  9. Is it possible that the plugin can cause crash with "tired" usb flash drive, caused by the add of git. I've deleted the plugin because I've lost my array (not the data) multiple times since I've installed the plugin. No problem without the plugin.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong or I forgot something that I've done, but I changed the "data dir' path in the photoprism docker settings and this morning, I found that it is set to the default one. One thing I am almost sure is that using /mnt/user/ instead of /mnt/cache seems to work well. But it should need more testing
  11. I changed the path. But It has been reset after that change (maybe after the docker update, but I'm not sure). But I used to use /mnt/user/appdata path and it seems to work well.
  12. So I have to rename my cache pool to avoid any problems later ?
  13. Hello, by default, data dir path is bind to /mnt/cache/appdata/photoprism. I changed that but I don't know why, it was reseted. So It has created a new "cache" folder in /mnt because my cache pool are not named cache. It would be great to use /mnt/user/appdata/photoprism because it will use the right cache pool assigned to the "appdata" share
  14. I think we always need th vBIOS, just, it's not necessary to modify it with an HEX editor to use it. But I'm not sure of what I say.
  15. Why "Now if only AMD would make the same gesture... 😉" ? I didn't know that AMD locked the use of pass-through