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  1. I hear PUBG radar hacks are usually done in VMware VMS. That's what I hear. 😏
  2. If u extract the uuid from your bare metal install you can use it for your VM. That way you won't run into activation issues.
  3. I have yet to get a ban from PUBG, ROE or any game. I pass thru a nvme drive for my VMs OS drive.
  4. david279

    Difficulty creating passthrough VM

    Must be something with the amd cards. I have two nvidia cards and both passthru without issues. I asked about the uefi mode because i have had issues passing thru my cards in that mode. Have you tried using a vbios file with the cards?
  5. david279

    Difficulty creating passthrough VM

    yea uncheck it and reboot then try again. Also i would add "kvm.ignore_msrs=1" to the syslinux config.
  6. david279

    Difficulty creating passthrough VM

    Click on Flash on the main menu and you will see the setting at the bottom
  7. david279

    Difficulty creating passthrough VM

    Have you tried legacy boot mode for unRAID?
  8. There's this children's book my son likes called "Waiting is not easy" We should read it.
  9. david279

    2 Gpu Passthrough, 2 vm's. Help

    You may need a vbios for whatever card is in the first slot. Also try legacy mode instead of uefi for unRAID if you're using it.
  10. david279

    Can a VM be copied and ran on same server?

    I think cp --reflink can only be done of btrfs volumes. Is the operation taking place on a btrfs formatted drive?
  11. david279

    i9-7940x and Asrock x299 Taichi

    I think you could game and transcode 4 or 5 streams at a time with that processor. 14 cores is kinda a lot.
  12. Get yourself a usb pcie card if you can. It makes handling usb devices in a vm easy. Some devices just seem to be a pain directly passing thru.
  13. david279

    Motherboard chipset drivers?

    I'm running that bios revision on my gigabyte gaming 5 ax370 and it works with unRAID with no issues. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk