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  1. Click on the name of the VM under the name Tab then click the number under capacity.
  2. I use dP with my rx 560 and get no sound from it. The roccat juke just works..plugged into a pcie usb 3.1 card that i pass though to the vm.
  3. Getting sound from a GPU is a bit of a chore bare metal or in a VM. I use a usb sound device, just works.
  4. npt patch was added a long time ago so that won't be it. Have you tried running it without the SSD to see what happens in the log?
  5. Thanks. I have a 2700x but if I move up to 3000 series and that bios bug is still around with my motherboard I may just have to try it out.
  6. Cant beat the top notch vm support. It makes it too easy.
  7. Use these OVMF files with your VM to get going. These are the ones I'm using. OVMF_CODE.fdOVMF_VARS-1024x768.fd
  8. You're going to need a dummy plug for the GPU. It won't really work if it doesn't have anything connected to it. Amazon has a bunch of dummy HDMI plugs.
  9. So it's not connected to a monitor?
  10. You connect using HDMI or DP? I don't see why it would not be using the AMD GPU as the primary adapter. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Did you install the AMD GPU drivers?
  12. After you have installed catalina make a new vm and use your catalina disk in it but use virtio instead of sata. Catalina supports virtio now but only after the os has been installed.