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  1. All my kext are in the clover/other folder and it seems to load everything correctly. I see lilu and whatevergreen in kextstat. Im running clover 5090 and have updated to 19A602. I did read kext injection was broken in 5093... I dont see MCEReporter kext in kextstat at all but it boots up ok...I used the kext from here.
  2. The config file is at /etc/wireguard/ you can edit it all you want. You just need to stop start wireguard for the setting to take effect.
  3. This sounds like the AMD GPU reset bug more than anything. Rebooting a VM with a certain amd GPUs leaves it in a bad state. You have to reboot the host to be able to use the GPU again.
  4. This may come down to the client. My Note 9 get internet when connected to my wifi/wireguard but my laptop running pop os only gets lan and no outside internet when I'm connected.
  5. default via dev br0 metric 212 dev wg0 scope link dev wg0 scope link dev docker0 proto kernel scope link src dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev virbr0 proto kernel scope link src linkdown tower-diagnostics-20191013-1619.zip
  6. yea is the same issue i am having. When wire guard is active i cannot connect to dockers with a custom ip. This is from my normal network not the vpn. The connection times out.
  7. So this is why my custom ip docker where not working.....Turned off wireguard and back all good. Gonna figure this one out...
  8. Did you try the new machine type? 4.0 or 4.1.
  9. The only thing I can see with your VM is the vmxnet3. I would change that to e1000-82545em. The upload on vmxnet3 has been super slow for some reason.
  10. Set the allowed IPs in your wireguard app to ", ::/0" that will allow you to get to your server.
  11. Want to use "remote tunneled access" to use wireguard like a VPN right?