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  1. Try putting the card on a different bus. I run a mac os VM on pop os and usb device would not work when the bus was a high number like 0a. Just something to try. <hostdev mode="subsystem" type="pci" managed="yes"> <driver name="vfio"/> <source> <address domain="0x0000" bus="0x7c" slot="0x00" function="0x0"/> </source> <address type="pci" domain="0x0000" bus="0x3" slot="0x00" function="0x0"/> </hostdev> <memballoon model="none"/> </devices> I changed your code from 0a to 3 in the part above, I did not see anything on 3 in your xml.
  2. Im seeing this on the cache page for my main cache drive. I have another cache pool that does not show this but shows the correct usage info. tower-diagnostics-20220311-0939.zip
  3. 6900k does not have a iGPU, did you mean another chip?
  4. rx 550 if you can find one. I used the cheap Dell OEM rx 550 and it worked great.
  5. You may have to pass through a usb controller so you can directly connect the mouse. Something about high polling seems to throw the VMs latency way up. I had it happen with logitech and a roccat mouse.
  6. I had a strange issue like this when i ran a gaming VM. It was my mouse and the high polling rate that caused it.
  7. I only ask because someone said their machine would not boot after updating. I thought he had a issue with the newest driver.
  8. So 510 beta driver does work?
  9. Change the puid and pgid in the docker template to 0 and see if it works.
  10. I had a hard time getting VMs with a GPU passed through past a black screen when using UEFI boot for some reason. GPUs used where a rx 580, GT 1030 and RTX 2070. Its the one reason i never tried UEFI again. Just my personal experience.
  11. No problem using the ubuntu template. Ive ran Pop OS a couple of times in a VM.
  12. Have you tried creating a new Windows VM but adding the old Vdisk to it to see if would boot?
  13. Enable user shares in the shares settings. Its default is off for 6.10.
  14. I used skylake-server with my setup but did not try anything with nested virtualization. I went bare metal hackintosh so I cannot test anything right now.
  15. I will also say I was able to install windows 11 onto a older Intel laptop I have by copying the install.wim file from the windows 11 iso to a windows 10 iso and installing using the modified windows 10 iso. It's kinda hacky but worked. Now will Microsoft fix that loophole maybe...but I'm sure people will find ways around the tpm and secure boot requirements.
  16. Well the leak definitely required TMP and secure boot. I had to turn both on when installing on my ryzen desktop with a gigabyte b450 motherboard It was easier installing in a VM for sure.
  17. I had the leak windows 11 running in a unRAID VM with no issues. I didn't have to enable tpm or secure boot. I just installed it straight up from a iso. Works well too.
  18. I have -lilubetaall in the boot args thats the only thing i added there. The OC im using is 0.6.3 version for the VM. My laptop running Monterey is on 0.6.9 with pretty much the same boot args and all my kext were update as of the yesterday. I will say i have a bug where it boot loops on VNC for some reason. Passing thru a gpu maybe more stable.
  19. Simple install with any recently updated version of opencore. I hear bluetooth breaks boot on bare metal so i would avoid that. Im using virtio for the network and the disk type and it boots just fine. Now to see what does not work.
  20. Time to get it cooking again...Monterey dev 1
  21. Using nvidia persistence mode may keep the cards at idle. I run this command in a user script when the array starts up using the user scripts plugin. nvidia-smi --persistence-mode=1