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    Unraid Server made from scrap parts. (AMD A8-5500 @ 3200 MHz, 24GB DDR3 EEC RAM, various HDDs from old scrapped laptops and pcs) Case is super classy with no front panel, bad cable management and HDD's just flopped wherever.
  1. Thanks, for the head up. =) I'm still super new at how the cache works in conjunction with move. (Figured something was better than nothing at least for small files). I bought a license but really I'm still just testing things out before updating drives. Currently my cache sits at about 200-500mb in a given day, but then again it's only being used to mothball files as a tertiary backup and a Plex Media Server serving up 2-3 devices.
  2. I just put my server together this weekend with junk just laying around. Total 16.9TB of HDDs but my array only has 3.5TB of storage. (My 2 largest drives are being used for parity). 16GB Cache on an SD card.