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How many TB's is your Unraid Server?


How many TB's is your Unraid Server?  

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Currently at 114 TB. Starting to replace my 8 TB with 10's. Once complete 150 TB, but that will take the rest of the year I believe.


Update 12-16-2019

Finished upgrading hard drives to 10 TB's. With my old 8 TB drives created a second server. 230 total TB's between the 2.  I now am done. Specs are in signature. added picture of my 150 server..AKA Landfill





current Unraid.jpg


Edit : This is my current storage and as you can see , I have upgraded to the 10 TB drives.  If I do go larger next step would be to the 16TB drives.

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Added info for current storage.
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I'm currently at 40 (excluding parity, unassigned and cache...)
but I am only using 6 of the 15 case slots. if only i won a very small lotto ticket, it would be full!
UPDATE 07/2022:
78TB (excluding parity, unassigned and cache...) using 10 of the 15 case slots.
Finally got to the stage of mixing drive sizes!

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160TB usable here (192TB raw platters).
Norco RPC-4224

SuperMicro X10DRL-IO

2x 1tb intel 660p for cache
24x Shucked WD Red 8TB drives from BestBuy black friday last year (over 60% off the price of the raw reds)
64gb DDR4-2133 ECC
nVidia Quadro P2000

Not exactly happy with my HBA situation. Currently have an IBM M1015 connected to an HP port expander. The IBM card reports the drives as "standby" even though they are spun up. And the port expander only negotiates 3gb/s links (24 drives through two 4 port 3gb/s links is down to 1gb/s total bandwidth per drive)
Going to be upgrading that, but not a lot of controllers that support IT mode and handle 24 disks. I'd like to not use a port expander but may be forced to.

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On 4/5/2019 at 5:50 PM, Xaero said:

Going to be upgrading that, but not a lot of controllers that support IT mode and handle 24 disks. I'd like to not use a port expander but may be forced to.

Even with a SAS2 or SAS3 port expander it should have full bandwidth per drive (about 125MB/s). If you get a dual port SAS2 expander that's 48gbps over 24 drives which is 250MB/s right (with SAS and PCIe overhead I guess around 200MB/s?).

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I'm community-small-fry at: 24TB array (4TB duel-parity, 3 & 4 TB disks - WD reds, black, golds) 13TB used (54%).  I would love to update my array, but my budget is what it is. 


Anyone have any youtube channels to recommend scrapping/archiving?  Please direct-message replies, as this is tangent to post. 

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My system isn't up and running yet, but my current installed, raw capacity at home is a total of about between 120-150 TB. Somewhere in there. I've lost count and it's been a while since I've audited all of my systems/servers, etc.


The two new builds that I am targetting now is somewhere between 8-12 TB of pure NVMe SSD "cache" (of sorts) (using two or three Asus Hyper M.2 x16 cards and 8-12 Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB NVMe SSDs) that might sit "in front" of 12-16 10-14 TB drives. (So lowest capacity will be 120 TB raw, and highest will be 224 TB raw.)


It'll depend on what's available and what can the management software do vs. what the hardware itself can do and cost of all of it.


(My 80 TB (raw) server is already 85% full.)

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