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  1. Very nice work guys. When are we going to be able to ditch using a USB flash drive for unraid, and move over to something more reliable as a boot device? It also makes it a royal pain to virtualise unraid (i know this isn't technically supported)
  2. Correct, assuming you're copying from the cache drive before the mover has ran or copying to the array for the first time and hitting the cache disk.
  3. imo, 10Gb networking isn't worth it on unRAID. You're limited by the speed of a single drive. For that many disks and speed seemingly important to you, i would be looking at a different solution personally. If sticking with unRAID, then it's madness to purchase all 20 drives in one go, unless you already have a ton of data to copy over and use the space. If not, then the best thing is to purchase a couple (of mechanical drives), and when they are approaching being full, purchase more at what will likely be a lower price (and possibly higher capacity drives). This is one of unRAID's main strengths and what it excels at, along with an excellent and user friendly docker experience
  4. On a completely different note, it's worth going through and downloading super high quality artwork to all your FLAC files. I did this, took me a good couple of weeks but it was well worth it!
  5. Sorry, i meant to say Airsonic Advanced (which is a fork of DSub) This should allow you to stream around your home too - not done it myself but i would be staggered if you couldn't via chromecast etc
  6. thanks chaps, ill take a look!
  7. You can use Dsub via docker. It can be configured to direct stream FLAC without reconverting to MP3. I've used this before for my 1.2TB FLAC collection
  8. Yeah i regularly run the file integrity plugin, this is part of the reason i'm switching to ZFS for my main data storage, and using unraid for less important data / backups and using docker etc
  9. Hey Chatnoir, thanks for the reply As far as i'm aware(!) i've not had any file system corruption (but this worry is why i'm switching my data to TrueNAS). I'll check the lost and found directory, thats a good idea I only copy into shares which encompass all the disks. I did search every drive one by one looking for the movies and they are indeed gone Very odd and a bit worrying. I'll check my main blu ray folder later which i'm dreading as i've over 2000 movies in it (hopefully!)
  10. Morning all Bit of a weird one. I'm just in the process of migrating all my data from unRAID to TrueNAS (keeping unRAID as my backup server), and i'm copying all my files over the network. I have various movie folders i.e '4K Movies' with all the movie folders within containing the movie file. I noticed that around 40 of the 600+ movie folders i have are completely empty, for what seems like no apparent reason. I would not have deleted the files in these folders, and i'm baffled how this could have happened. I've checked log files etc and nothing is showing with regards to any of the movie file names (so i don't think the log files would help) I've checked all disks and shares are active (so no folders are being excluded from the network folder search), and consequently checked the contents of each folder a disk at a time using FileZilla, and of the movie folders in question are indeed empty (seemingly randomly) I also checked the recycle bin, and nothing is there. Sorry i'm probably not providing any more info, but just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? I would consider myself as a fairly "advanced" unRAID user and its generally been pretty solid thanks
  11. I'm not convinced that trim is working the way it should be. I have two nvme devices each in their own named btrfs cache pool, and performance over time on these devices plummets down until i'm seeing less than 20MB/s write speeds when copying files. If i manually force a trim, i then see (as an example) 85GB trimmed, and the drive then speeds back up again. The system log is showing the drive as having been trimmed with the dynamix plugin, but it just doesn't look like it's working to me. Perhaps i need to completely remove the dynamix plugin if its not needed? On unRAID 6.9.2 by the way
  12. Actually just checked logs and looks like it is working. Weird how the speeds seem to be lousy at times. The Sabrent nvme drives are excellent too (not like the corsair MP510s!) Jun 11 15:00:52 GOKU root: /etc/libvirt: 25.6 MiB (26853376 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop3 Jun 11 15:00:52 GOKU root: /var/lib/docker: 1.6 GiB (1706770432 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop2 Jun 11 15:00:52 GOKU root: /mnt/vms: 331.5 GiB (355923521536 bytes) trimmed on /dev/mapper/sdb1 Jun 11 15:00:52 GOKU root: /mnt/file_cache: 262 GiB (281310846976 bytes) trimmed on /dev/mapper/nvme0n1p1 Jun 11 15:00:52 GOKU root: /mnt/appdata_cache: 24.3 GiB (26130849792 bytes) trimmed on /dev/mapper/nvme1n1p1 thanks though man, looks like i found the answer anyway!
  13. Hmm it's using M.2 drives, so the HBA should be irrelevant
  14. Can't seem to find a definitive answer to this, but copying to my cache drives is plummeting down to below 20MB/s at times, and it "feels" like the drive isn't being trimmed Does anyone know?
  15. This is fixed. Changed CPU to a 3900X and it sees all 64GB. Obviously a weaker IMC on the older Ryzen chip