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  1. This is fixed. Changed CPU to a 3900X and it sees all 64GB. Obviously a weaker IMC on the older Ryzen chip
  2. Could be related to the IMC on the Ryzen CPU. Zen+ might not have the juice to run 4 RAM sticks. Ill try a newer CPU
  3. Add this to advanced settings inside "extra parameters" inside every container --log-opt max-size=50m --log-opt max-file=1
  4. There is an option for Above 4G Decoding, but that's only relevant for GPUs? This is the RAM i have, its dual ranked, which should work on all four slots @ 2666 - CT16G4WFD8266 CPU is the 1600 AF which i believe is classed as Pinnacle Ridge
  5. I went through the BIOS options one by one, and nothing seemed to affect it. I increased the voltage from stock and also tried dropping the memory speed. Made no difference. BIOS shows 64GB, but memtest and unraid both only show 32GB.
  6. Hmm, ran memtest and only showing 32GB.... i need to see wtf is going on here OK tried every stick of RAM one at a time, and all good and detected in memtest. However, i can't get more than 2 sticks of RAM to show in memtest, despite all four showing in the BIOS. Memory is set to auto speed (2666) with default settings. Very confused
  7. Hi, I have 4 x 16GB Crucial ECC RAM inside my Asrock Pro4 board, all detected fine inside the BIOS and showing inside the info section of unraid However, the usable RAM seems to only be 32GB, and i can't work out why I am on the latest BIOS and the RAM is supported on the board by Asrock. No onboard video consuming RAM, its got a discrete card The RAM is seated correctly (or wouldn't show in the BIOS) Any ideas?
  8. I'm not sure how wise it is to fill the array now, when you have tons of free space, compared to waiting until you need the space, and then buying the larger drives that will subsequently be out, for the same price. I've done the same thing and kinda wish i hadn't!
  9. As long as the drives are installed back to the same location, the CPU, RAM and board make no difference. Data won't be affected
  10. If you're using a Unifi system, you can just enable MDNS and have Pi-Hole work across all VLANs
  11. Many thanks for your extensive investigation here. Having just spent over £500 on two 2TB nVME drives, i appreciate it!
  12. Hmm, honestly dude it just worked out of the box, no issues!
  13. Old thread but yes this is indeed a problem. My 2 year old Samsung 850 Pro SSD (which was used for cache for only 12 months!) has over 450TB written which effectively means the warranty is now void...
  14. Fixed - downloaded the latest ISO for Server 2019 and it's now working. Weird. 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_en-us_1