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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before. Dual parity just isn't enough with large arrays. I've had to replace 2 disks a couple of times now, and having the extra peace of mind with that one extra disk would be amazing. I know it's likely a big CPU overhead with the maths calculations, but if you could give people the choice, who have the hardware to do it, that would be amazing Once you hit 14+ drives, the chance for an additional failure whilst rebuilding must skyrocket thanks!
  2. Really hope they offer this at some point. I would jump on it. EDIT - Just asked!
  3. Agree, with 28 drives, the chance of a third failure must skyrocket. I understand that additional parity causes a big CPU overhead, but it's a must have as far as i am concerned. Dual parity simply isn't enough.
  4. Hey froberg, so i did try that first, and removed the /sync folder. However the container then won't start, it seems like if it doesn't have the /sync folder mapped, the container won't run. One would assume that when you start sync and then go to add a share, you would see the folders you had mapped, but it only shows /sync, with no way to move beyond that folder and access the other mappings you made
  5. Morning everyone. Is there a way to setup sync without giving the container access to my entire server (/mnt/user) Currently the /sync share needs mapping to this, but i only wish to sync 5 different shares between two servers - Sync really shouldn't need access to everything (not best practice)
  6. Hi, My Ryzen 3600 CPU is completely maxing out when copying large files onto my array (well to the cache drive...). This was a single 40GB mkv file. Any ideas why this is happening? I can see iowait is super high, not sure what it means? SSD is a Samsung 850 Pro 2TB, which although not nVME, is pretty quick still. System specs below Asrock X570 Pro4 32GB ECC RAM Ryzen 3600 2TB Samsung 850 Pro (cache) 14 x 14TB WD Reds (dual parity) 2 x LSI 9211-8i SAS controllers System was just at the end of a parity sync, not sure if that's part of the issue Ignore the resilio sync errors, i'm trying to find a way around having to share the entire root of my server to the /sync folder. Infuriating... goku-diagnostics-20200218-2034.zip
  7. Hmm so really i could have just amended the main mnt/user share to read only and saved a load of work! Lol
  8. Just wondering if there is a best practice guide for setting up containers? I was concerned that the standard share that seems to be mapped for almost every installed container /mnt/user gives the container full access to the entire unraid server (which i get makes things easy) So i removed this from Plex as a test, and added a specific path for every single share and then amended each library and rescanned. It was a lot more work of course, and is it really worth it? Is giving a container full access to the entire share ever necessary, and is it better practice to lock it down to what it only actually needs?
  9. Use Krusader to move data from disk to disk
  10. Hmm would be a shame if thats the case. Interesting to know if anyone knows of a way to check. I did try Memtest, but not sure if its able to simulate ECC errors and repair them
  11. Morning chaps When building an unRAID server i always spend a bit more to go for ECC RAM, given the amount of silent memory corruption that can occur. My question is that i have heard so many conflicting reports about ECC not actually working, be that on X570 or X470 platforms. How can i test that it is working and repairing errors that it finds?
  12. 168TB usable, with 14 x 14TB including two drives for parity. 16 bay server, didn't want to go 24 bay as was worried about having more drives with only two parity drives.... (triple parity please!) Got all the WD Elements 14TB drives for £190 each off Amazon.co.uk. Bargain
  13. Lol, lesson learned for next time! Thanks
  14. Hi, I put a new 14TB disk into my server and precleared it whilst my array was doing a parity check. The disk cleared, and then formatted. Once the parity check was complete, i stopped the array and added the newly cleared disk into the array. It's now forced me into doing another clear, with no way for me to say "this has already been done", and it's going to take around 16 hours Is this expected behaviour?
  15. Hi mate This is compatible https://www.scan.co.uk/products/16gb-crucial-ct16g4wfd8266-ddr4-udimm-2666mhz-pc4-21300-unbuffered-ecc-cl19-12v These are unbuffered UDIMMs which Ryzen uses, they do not support registered memory