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  1. Just updating that I did a full long format with rufus and that still didn't help. So it must be the flash drive.
  2. Is it possible to complete this process in Unraid or some other Linux (one that can be run from LiveC) distro? I have no way of running Windows on my server currently and would love to get my Connectx-3 working in Unraid. EDIT: I managed to install Windows onto a USB3 HDD to the above steps working perfectly. Thanks!
  3. Well it was indeed the flash drive. So even though I did a chkdsk on it and there were no issues, something must be wrong with it. Boots fine using another new identical flash drive.
  4. Just doesn't make any sense though. If I take my other IDENTICAL flash drive that has my current Unraid install on it that I've been running for 4 months and plug it into the same port, the server boots fine.
  5. If I connect it to Windows, yes it's labeled Unraid. Afterall every test I've done has been using the USB Creator at which point the final product is the drive labeled Unraid before I eject it. This is what the df command returns after login at root.
  6. PREFACE I have this server running perfectly fine using an identical USB flash drive. That configuration has been running for 4+ months. I'm moving that USB flash drive to new/migrated build. If I pop that USB into the same USB slot, my server boots with no issue. STEPS TAKEN Chkdsk on the flash drive (clean) replaced flash drive with brand new identical model (same as working drive above) Tried both 6.8.2 and 6.8.3 with the USB Creator Tried with Allow EFI checked and with it unchecked Tried booting in bios and UEFI mode Tried using DHCP or setting static IP settings ISSUE My server is unable to get an IP address or respect the static IP set using the USB Creator for a brand new install. It seems like it is not respecting (or even detecting as seen from the last command of the video) the network.cfg file (see below for what the network.cfg file shows when accessing the flash drive on a Windows machine). # Generated network settings USE_DHCP="yes" IPADDR= NETMASK= GATEWAY= BONDING="yes" BRIDGING="yes"
  7. and is there a variable one can use to call the name of the script?
  8. By default that shows a red notification as if there's an error. Is there a way to manipulate the color displayed? Nvmd, was using the old WebGUI notification. Thanks.
  9. Is there any easy way to add a start/stop notification for user scripts?
  10. I feel like the following things would greatly enhance the docker tab in the WebUI. Container Groups (for commands): I know personally that it would be hugely beneficial to be able to select a group of containers and run a command (push the button) on just that group of containers. For anyone who has more than 10 containers, the Start/Stop/Restart/Pause/Resume/Update buttons are pretty much useless because that's essentially the same thing as disabling docker all together. The same thing goes for checking selecting/unselecting Autostart. Right now we don't even have the option to change that for more than one at a time. Having to click on say 30 of 50 different containers individually to manage them so that certain other containers get left alone is a huge burden. Container Groups (for organization): To piggy back off the previous request; those of us who have a lot of containers, it begins to just look like a wall of text after a certain point. This really makes it hard to manage what is where. So being able to visually group containers together with separators would be great. And even better would be the ability select those groups (with a checkbox) and then run commands on them.
  11. Then yes, its of no use to me. That's disappointing that there is no ram directory that I can use more than 50% of my ram with.
  12. Yea that's what I have for my ramdisk. I will test writing to /tmp again and if it does dynamically assign more ram I will add those SMB settings.
  13. I'll have to test it again as I could have sworn /tmp was acting the same as my ramdisk. And I switched to using a ramdisk because I like having easy access to it via an SMB share for insight as I use it for a bunch of services (plex and Emby transcoding, downloads, etc.).