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  1. I love how user friendly the interface is yet still allows advanced users to do lots of customization. I would love to see official support for multiple btrfs SSD pools.
  2. Thanks you. Yes I just did try. Tried with 3 different USB flash drives as well. No change. So it doesn't appear to be related to a specific kernel. This where it gets to before it reboots the server. capture.avi
  3. Is there anywhere I can get a download link for the rc3 build? That's the last build that I can successfully boot my EPYC server with and I need it to do some testing. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for testing that. The only other variable is that my two unassigned NVMe devices (Intel Optane 900p drives) are part of a btrfs pool. My queries are identical to yours. My cache drive reads fine but if I choose either of the two drives in the btrfs pool I get no data.
  5. Just confirming that 'nomodeset' does not allow my EPYC 7302p server to boot in RC4-RC6, not in any mode (I tried all 4).
  6. Oh I see what you did there. Ok yea that work (stacking the inputs). Have you had any luck getting data off unassigned NVMe's or do you not use any in UD's?
  7. Yup that did it. So I have to do that for all my spinner disk as well huh? I also noticed that the only nvme device I'm able to pull temp data on is my cache drive. I have 3 other unassigned nvme's but I can't see the temp data on those. Odd. Also, are you just manually installing smartmontools after each container update or are you doing it through a script?
  8. Hmmmm. I can't seem to get the smart data to show up in my database. In my telegraf.conf, if I have 3 nvme devices do I need anything more than this? [[inputs.smart]] attributes = true devices = ["/dev/nvme0n1,/dev/nvme1n1,/dev/nvme2n1"]
  9. Thanks for reminding me, Nvidia support was the reason I switched to this image as well. And thanks for the tip on getting smartmontools working. But I'm not any smart data available to choose from in my grafana queries. Was there anything else you had to do?
  10. I have not. How exactly is that done? Just add nomodeset in each of the Syslinux configs?
  11. Yea this image isn't going to work with my current telegraf.conf. It doesn't appear to support the new inputs.apcupsd input that was recently added by telegraf and it gives me errors with all the fields I have in inputs.docker. It's not worth getting all that to play nice if this workaround won't even persist across container updates so I'll need to find a different solution.
  12. I can try switching but I remember having some kind of issue with atribe's container when I first got this setup. Let me see if I can get that container working.
  13. That's what I was hoping to avoid, a non-persistent work around. But even so, that does not work. apk is not a command that works for me inside the container.
  14. Has anyone successfully gotten [[inputs.smart]] working in telegraf on Unraid? It seems that using smartctl is the only way to get temperature metrics on NVMe devices but I can't discern a way to pass smartctl through from Unraid to the telegraf container.