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  1. Yes if the remote end of my VPN is down I'd have to manually start the server but thats extremely rare and I'm ok with that.
  2. To picky back off of this, you can also autostart your encrypted array without having the key stored on your USB. I edited my go file to auto start my array with the key on a network device connected to my network across a site to site VPN connection that is offsite. There are other options as well such as what's shown in this video.
  3. I updated fio. Try again and let me know This worked, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the response. I'm sure my issue is because Unraid is running in a VM. I'm probably SoL.
  5. Were you running those fio tests on Unraid or another system? I ask because I'm testing a scenario running Unraid in a VM on Proxmox with an all NVMe zfs pool added as a single "drive" as cache in Unraid. However, I'm unable to run fio even after it's installed via NerdTools. I just get "illegal instruction" no matter what switches I use.
  6. Has anyone gotten fio to successfully run? I just get "illegal instruction" even with --disable-native set. I've tried this in both 6.9 beta 25 and 6.8.3 stable.
  7. I'm seeing major SMB issues in 6.9 beta 25. Simply browsing my shares it often takes 20-30 seconds for each subfolder to load in Windows Explorer. I'm seeing the same behavior on 4 different Windows 10 1909 machines on my network that I've tested with. I'm also seeing the following error messages in my syslog as soon as I first access a share from Windows Explorer: Aug 20 15:51:07 SPARTA smbd[35954]: sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]! Aug 20 15:51:07 SPARTA smbd[35954]: sys_path_to_bdev() failed for path [.]! Aug 20 15:51:07 SPARTA smbd[35954]: sys_path_to_bdev() faile
  8. Does anyone know if NFS v4 is/will be supported in 6.9?
  9. Fixed this by simply doing an erase on the disk via the preclear plugin.
  10. Having trouble finding the command to delete a (non-cache) btrfs pool that was created using this method. The pool currently has a single device in it but I can't for the life of me find the command needed to blow the pool away completely. Trying to delete the partition from UD fails as well. Any ideas?
  11. I'm seeing the samba service using a lot of memory and not releasing it on a consistent basis. I have samba shares from this server mounted to another Unraid server and do lots of file transfers (radarr/sonarr imports, tdarr conversions) between them. But even unmounting those shares does not release the used memory by samba. Maybe someone can enlighten me on what could be causing this memory usage to remain even when no shares are in use. athens-diagnostics-20200528-1444.zip
  12. You probably have to set the number of backups to keep number to something other than 0 first.
  13. Well than there's my answer. I suspect Radarr is the cultprit as it's constantly upgrading movie qualities.