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  1. Not sure if this is a 6.8RC1 issue or some other temporary docker image repository issue but all my dockers shows they have an update and won't update. The previous script fix for this in 6.7.2 doesn't fix it. Diagnostics attached. beast-diagnostics-20191015-1731.zip
  2. Last I heard the team was having issues with the latest linux kernels and that's so idk how quick this one will get released.
  3. My fear is we dont see 6.8 until they figure out the SQLite issue which is anyone's guess.
  4. Is there a permanent fix for this? Seems this has to be done every time on certain VMs (ie. MacOS VM).
  5. Oh hmmm, it finished a lot quicker than I thought. I was looking at the time going up and that was the time of the movie not the time left. When it finished, I didn't see and ending stats like you showed though.
  6. GTX 1660. Tremendous value GPU for HW acceleration. Can do 20 1080p > 720p transcodes or 5 4K > 720p transcodes at once. Lower power usage. All for $220.
  7. Hmmm I wonder why my FPS is so low then. It's been holding steady at 169 FPS the entire time. I have heard the new Turing GPU's are a little slower and high quality but this seems really slow.
  8. The one line worked. What kind of FPS do you get with that command and what GPU are you using? Trying to compare to my GTX 1660.
  9. With or without the quotes like you have in your initial command? EDIT: Nvmd, it worked without the quotes. I guess I needed to remove them in my above command?
  10. Yup. NVENC works fine in your handbrake container and in both Plex and Emby. Hmmmm.
  11. Running this command on my system gives me the following error. Any ideas? docker run --rm --runtime=nvidia -v "/mnt/user/Downloads/handbrake/watch:/input:rw" -e 'NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES'='all' -e 'NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES'='GPU-90490eba-cd03-39f1-d641-3360df982f5a' djaydev/ffmpeg-ccextractor \ > ffmpeg -hwaccel nvdec -i "/input/test.mkv" -c:v hevc_nvenc -c:a copy "/input/test1.mvk" docker: invalid reference format. See 'docker run --help'.
  12. I've got a pretty beefy server with plenty of CPU/RAM/room for GPUs) to spare. I'd love to be able to add 1-2 zero/thin clients to bedrooms in my home to be used for basic web browsing, word processing, Youtube, etc. Is anyone doing this using nothing but a zero/thin client connected via Cat6?
  13. The mover is absolutely going to affect cache since it's going to be doing reads off of cache. So if you have trying to play a 4K remux off cache at the same time the mover is reading from cache I'm not surprised you are having issues.