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  1. Fixed this by simply doing an erase on the disk via the preclear plugin.
  2. Having trouble finding the command to delete a (non-cache) btrfs pool that was created using this method. The pool currently has a single device in it but I can't for the life of me find the command needed to blow the pool away completely. Trying to delete the partition from UD fails as well. Any ideas?
  3. I'm seeing the samba service using a lot of memory and not releasing it on a consistent basis. I have samba shares from this server mounted to another Unraid server and do lots of file transfers (radarr/sonarr imports, tdarr conversions) between them. But even unmounting those shares does not release the used memory by samba. Maybe someone can enlighten me on what could be causing this memory usage to remain even when no shares are in use. athens-diagnostics-20200528-1444.zip
  4. You probably have to set the number of backups to keep number to something other than 0 first.
  5. Well than there's my answer. I suspect Radarr is the cultprit as it's constantly upgrading movie qualities.
  6. Ok so I see all the extra share cfg files. Most of those shares don't exist anymore and I've confirmed none of those folders exist on any of my disks. The only shares I have left are the following: Furthermore, while those shares were originally created with capital letters, they've all been converted to lower case. I guess the 'mv' command while changing the directory case does not change the share.cfg file, I'll have to fix that. The only shares that are set to Use Cache = Yes (meaning they eventually write to the array) are 4k, media, and data. And on every disk, those top level folders are indeed lower case. I've also confirmed all my docker templates reference the lower case shares. I've also just done a test file transfer to each share and every transfer wound up on cache and not on any of the disks. So if all the top level folders are correct on each of the disks to match the current shares, I'm not sure what could be causing the disk spin ups. QUESTION: If say radarr/sonarr are upgrading a file quality that exists on the array, would that cause a parity write during the write to cache since sonarr/radarr is technically deleting the previous file and overwriting it with the new/better quality version?
  7. I'm looking for some help in identifying what is causing my parity drives to constantly spin up. Every single one of my shares uses the cache drive and I only enact the mover once per day. Yet my parity drives are constantly being spun up periodically even though my disk spin down is set for 1hr of idle time. My data disks spin down and stay down unless the shares are being accessed, but I'm constantly seeing parity drives up during the day. So my question is, what could be causing parity writes to the array when all my shares use cache and none write directly to the array? unraid.zip
  8. It does, I'm using it now and it works well.
  9. Got it, sounds like that should work. How does one run the container with the headless option? And is there a shutdown option for once jobs are complete?
  10. Unrelated issue, if I try to enable Real Time Sychronization and hit OK, the program freezes up and is unresponsive until I restart the container. There is nothing in the container logs when this happens.
  11. Thank you. That seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know why the characters were an issue with the smb option but when the destination is set as a local mount point (via UD SMB mount) it works without issue and identifies the files on both ends are identical thus not creating any duplicates.
  12. If I mount the destination SMB share via UD, how do I notate that in the docker template? Local? Because if I still use remote, I'm not sure what's changing.
  13. I'm doing a sync now. Will let you know what the result is. Destination is an SMB share, it's not mounted locally via UD.
  14. Hmmmm. I guess I'll delete the files off destination and let them copy over with DirSyncPro and then see what happens upon the next analysis.
  15. Try just creating a folder named Déjà Vu (2006) with a text file with the same name inside it. Or try this actual video file. And btw, I'm using a local for source and smb for destination.