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  1. Use the "USB Creator Tool". See the website
  2. Clear your browser's cache and reload the page. Does that help?
  3. There is no file system on the parity disk and for it to remain in sync over its complete size, it needs to be zeroed.
  4. I made a typo instead of "-a" (add) you should use "-u" (update)
  5. Regular management of Unraid is done from the GUI, and CLI access is more of an exception. The same is true for manually editing config files. At this level we are talking "regular" linux commands and utilities. Documentation about these can be found online, and are not specific to Unraid. The GUI allows creation of shares, which become accessible for each remote system. When a share is given the security level "private", it will force remote systems to access such a share with a valid username and password. Associated with the username are the access rights, and for private share there are 3 options: no access, read only or read-write. All controlled from the GUI. Not sure what you mean with "they are visible to each other". Any system which has SMB enabled will become visible on the local network, regardless of Unraid. Unraid does not take part in any communication between remote systems themselves. When permissions are not set correctly (maybe due to copying from different sources/users/applications), you can run "New Permissions" -- see Tools -- to restore each share to the correct permissions.
  6. Please explain what you try to accomplish. The specific user information is stored in a different files, and the smb extra file is primary used to set specific SMB settings, which are documented by Samba, see https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/current/man-html/smb.conf.5.html Keep in mind that "Unraid users" is not the same as traditional "linux users". Within Unraid regular users have no access to the system itself, but are created to give access to shares. Within the GUI you can define the access rights of each user and specific share.
  7. Creating users and assigning/maintaining associated rights is all done in the GUI. There is no need to do this by manually editing the smb config file.
  8. You can run the CLI command (this updates the files in the specific folder) /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/scripts/bunker -b2 -a "/mnt/disk5/iTunes/Music/Wolfgang Haffner/Kind of Cool"
  9. When you manually delete "rclone.plg" from the USB stick (or uninstall the rclone plugin from the GUI, see Plugins) and reboot your system, it will start without rclone and any folders+files it had created before.
  10. Yes the system runs in RAM, but occasionally it will access the USB stick. It is not recommended to pull out the USB stick on a running system, because it may give unexpected situations.
  11. How did you prepare the USB stick in the first place, on a linux machine? I am not sure if fsck understands fat32.
  12. Looks like your USB stick got corrupted. Shutdown your system and take the USB stick out. Do a disk check (and correction) on the USB stick on a Windows machine.
  13. bonienl


    The Unraid 6.7.3-rc releases are only intended for a selected group of people, who experienced data corruption and are willing to participate in testing (see bug reports). There is no formal announcement made, which is ALWAYS done for public releases and includes all the release notes (see announcements).
  14. For what it's worth. I can confirm it is on the todo list of Limetech and actively looking for a solution.
  15. Why chosing a RAID controller? Unraid works best with HBA controllers. I am using Adaptec HBA 1000 series (supported from Unraid 6.4+) and HBA 1100 series (only supported from Unraid 6.8)
  16. Unraid can handle many NICs. My server has 7 NICs and several interfaces are dedicated to Docker. Other interfaces to VMs. When a (new) interface is discovered upon start up, it will made available to Docker, but this needs to be configured in Network Settings and Docker Settings. Perhaps you had something configured wrongly in either network or docker settings (after bonding was disabled).
  17. bonienl

    Better Defaults

    It shouldn't be possible to "break out" of a container and as far as I know this isn't possible. Otherwise it will be a security vulnerability of Docker itself.
  18. bonienl

    Better Defaults

    Ok, but is there somewhere a "proof of concept" to confirm the claim?
  19. bonienl

    Better Defaults

    Any link to that example ?
  20. Any attribute which has the value "FAILING NOW" is reported by Unraid, because it indicates a serious issue according to the SMART definition. It is not possible to disable/ignore this in Unraid, and the true solution - as @johnnie.black mentiones - is a firmware update by Crucial.
  21. Or set a value of 0 to disable the particular threshold.
  22. In the Main page, click on the blue icon at top right to toggle between display of disk counters or disk throughput
  23. Disable "bonding" (Settings -> Network Settings) and see if that makes a difference.