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    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Notice: You must be running unRAID version 6.1 or later to use these plugins The easiest way of installing plugins is thru Community Applications. This is an apps installation manager developed by Squid and needs to be installed separately. The alternative way of installing an optional plugin is from the Plugin page in the WebGui and use the tab Install Pugin. The URLs of the optional plugins as mentioned below can be copied and pasted in the install box. Available Dynamix plugins Active Streams shows in real-time any open SMB and AFP network streams. This allows instant view of who is accessing the server - either by IP address or name - and see what content is opened. Optionally streams can be stopped from the GUI. Cache Dirs keeps folder information in memory to prevent unnecessary disk spin up. Dynamix builds a GUI front-end to allow entering of parameters for the cache_dirs script which is running in the background. S3 Sleep defines the conditions under which the system will go to S3 sleep mode. It also adds an unconditional 'sleep' button on the Array Operation page. System Info shows various details of your system hardware and BIOS. This includes processor, memory and sub-system components. System Stats shows in real-time the disk utilizations and critical system recources, such CPU usage, memory usage, interface bandwidth and disk I/O bandwidth. System Temp shows in real-time the temperature of the system CPU and motherboard. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Your hardware must support the necessary probes, and additional software drivers may be required too. This plugin requires PERL, this package needs to be installed separately. System AutoFan allows automatic fan control based on the system temperature. High and low thresholds are used to speed up or speed down the fan. This is a new plugin and still under development. Schedules is a front-end utility for the built-in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly schedules. It allows the user to alter the schedule execution times using the GUI. See Settings -> Scheduler -> Fixed Schedules. System Buttons adds an one-click button to the header which allows for instant sleep, reboot, shutdown of the system or array start/stop. Local Master supports detection of the local master browser in an SMB network. It will display an icon in the header at the top-right when unRAID is elected as local master browser. Under SMB Workgroup settings more information about the current elected local master browser is given. SSD TRIM allows the creation of a cronjob to do regular SSD TRIM operations on the cache device(s). The command 'fstrim -v /mnt/cache' is executed at the given interval. File Integrity Real-time hashing and verification of files stored on the data disks of the array. This plugin reports on failed file content integrity and detects silent file corruption (aka bit-rot). WARNING: USING THIS PLUGIN ON DISKS FORMATTED IN REISERFS MAY LEAD TO SYSTEM INSTABILITY. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE XFS. SCSI Devices (unRAID 6.2 or later) updates the udev persistent storage devices rules file (courtesy of bubbaQ), which allows proper naming of SCSI attached disks. Please by aware that after installation of this plugin, it might be necessary to re-assign disks due to their changed names! Date Time (unRAID 6.2 or later) adds an interactive world map to the date and time settings. This allows the user to simply click on his/her country and select the corresponding time zone. In addition the world map highlights the countries in the currently selected time zone. Stop Shell (unRAID 6.4 or later) adds a script which gets invoked when the array is stopped. This script looks for any open shells in /mnt/... and terminate them. This ensures the array can be stopped. Be aware that automatic terminating of open shells may lead to data loss if an active process is writing to the array. Day Night (unRAID 6.5 or later) automatically toggles between a day theme and a night theme. Based on the sunrise and sunset times of your location. Installation URLs (copy & paste) Active Streams - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.active.streams.plg Cache Dirs - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.cache.dirs.plg S3 Sleep - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.s3.sleep.plg System Info - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.system.info.plg System Stats - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.system.stats.plg System Temp - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.system.temp.plg System AutoFan - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.system.autofan.plg Schedules - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.schedules.plg System Buttons - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.system.buttons.plg Local Master - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.local.master.plg SSD TRIM - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.ssd.trim.plg File Integrity - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.file.integrity.plg SCSI Devices - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.scsi.devices.plg Date Time - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.date.time.plg Stop Shell - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.stop.shell.plg Day Night - https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.day.night.plg gridrunner aka Spaceinvader One has made a very nice video tutorial about several Dynamix plugins. A recommended watch when you like to learn more. You like my Dynamix plugins?
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    NotificationAgent.xml update request

    You can submit a PR, see https://github.com/limetech/webgui
  3. bonienl

    LAN speed wrong (Network Card) - SOLVED

    By default the interface is set to auto negotation and it will use the highest achievable speed. Getting 100Mbps is usually a bad cable or connection, start with changing the cable and doublecheck that all cables are properly seated.
  4. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc5 available

    Please start your server in safe mode and retest.
  5. bonienl

    device bond1 does not exist

    You need to set this under the configuration of interface eth0. change interface eth0 to Enable bonding = YES choose the desired bonding mode (default is "active - standby") add the other interfaces (eth1, eth2, ...) as members of this bond Note: all other interfaces must have bonding NO in order to select them as member of bond0.
  6. bonienl

    Unraid Webcast Guest Appearance

    Hehe, jon must feel at home with "home gadget geeks" 😋
  7. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.6.7 available

    This is an IP conflict. Two devices have the same IP address.
  8. How to reproduce this? It never stops for me.
  9. What exectly do you mean with "shares disappear"? Is it your Windows PC not seeing the shares any more or the GUI is not listing the shares any more? Tested this and all is working fine, I guess it is something specific to your machine/setup and not really a bug. Please post in general support your question and include diagnostics, these will help to investigate further.
  10. Will look into this, but no guarantees when/if it becomes available.
  11. Upcoming Unraid version 6.7.0 has a fix for this.
  12. bonienl

    Issues with malicious traffic on port 123

    Also it would be helpful to explain your set up. Usually your first line of defence is your router. It should stop malicious traffic to enter your local network where your server is located. Many people make the mistake to place their server in the DMZ of their router, but basically this exposes the server unrestricted to the Internet. Don't do that! Blocking ports on the server is a second line of defence and mainly to stop "inside" attacks.
  13. bonienl

    Un-bonding multiple NICs

    Unraid uses eth0 as its management port, and this port requires Internet access for Unraid to work properly. You'll need to re-arrange ports (see network rules) to assign the "correct" interface to eth0.
  14. bonienl

    Development version/license possible?

    The Limetech team is very willing to help serious developers and accommodate accordingly. If you are in the need of an immediate solution, best is to connect Limetech directly and pose your question with enough jusitification why it is needed. Usually the response is very quick.
  15. bonienl

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Unifi-Controller

    I have Unifi running on a custom network (br1) and set a fixed IP address, never experienced disconnected or adopting devices after a Unraid upgrade. It is working very stable for me.
  16. WARNING: USING THIS PLUGIN ON DISKS FORMATTED IN REISERFS MAY LEAD TO SYSTEM INSTABILITY. IT IS ADVISED TO USE XFS. UPDATE Version 2016.01.05 marks the official release of this plugin This plugin is still work in progress and provides a GUI interface to the (new) bunker utility. It has two sections: settings and control The settings page specifies how automatic file hashing and verification is done. These are processes which - once started - will keep running in the background and notify the user when a silent file corruption is detected. For the automation of the hashing of new and modified files, the program inotifywait is used, this is part of the inotify-tools package which is installed together with the plugin as needed (it is not present on unRAID by default unless the NerdPack package is installed). It is possible to exclude both disks and folders (shares) from the hashing system. The verification process is based on cron entries. The user can define groups of disks which are verified at the given schedule. For example if a weekly schedule is chosen then every other group is verified the following week. With setting up groups it is possible to do all in once or spread out the load over several windows. This is done because the disk verification processes are started in parallel, the bigger a group the more horse power is required from your processor. The control page is used for general operations. Here it is possible to select the disks and choose from the commands: build, remove, export, import, check. An initial build needs to be done to have a checksum value added to the existing files. Building the checksums can be done either in a single go (when all disks are selected), or with intermediate steps (each time another disk(s) is selected. Once the initial build is complete it is possible to export the checksum values to a text file (normal operation is that a checksum value is linked to a file directly using its extended attributes). With the export files present (they are stored on flash), it is possible to import then back into the extended attributes or do a manual check to find file corruption. Once an operation is started its progress is shown in real-time, and includes an ETA for those operations which tend to take a long time. There is no need to stay at the same page or keep the browser open all the time. Whenever the control page is revisited from the same browser, it will update itself to the latest state. Attached the settings and control screens to give an indication of what it looks like If you want to use this functionality, you can install the plugin using the plugin manager. Copy and paste this URL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.file.integrity.plg People who are using an earlier version of bunker and associated cron jobs should stop and uninstall them, as they will interfere with this package. Extensive HELP is available on the GUI pages. Please read this carefully before setting up and using this new functionality. Hope you like this new addition to the Dynamix family.
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    Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    Status view is limited to the same browser (system) it was started from.
  18. bonienl

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Gremlins ...
  19. bonienl

    UI Update: OS X should be macOS

    Replaced in upcoming release
  20. bonienl

    [6.7.0-RC5] Dashboard Motherboard temp displays RPMs

    The temperature is displayed by the Dynamix System Temp plugin, and not related to Unraid itself. Can you please open the question under Plugin Support and it can be further handled there.
  21. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.6.7 available

    Please try the following after upgrading to 6.6.7 rm /var/lib/docker/network/files/local-kv.db /etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart The above resets the Docker network definitions.
  22. bonienl

    [6.7.0-rc4] SMB Active Directory - Access Denied

    I suppose you mean version 6.7.0-rc5
  23. bonienl

    Docker IPv6 fixed IP address

    This is a bug and corrected in the next release. It will be possible to assign both an IPv4 and IPv6 address. E.g. As a temporary workaround use the extra parameters field and set the IPv6 address. --ip6='2a02:aaaa:bbbb:101::100'