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  1. I am using the X10SRA-F too, but instead of an attached monitor I use IPMI, which works fine with the latest BMC version.
  2. You can also press the key 'F1' to toggle help on or off.
  3. Yes, this is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version.
  4. Are your containers installed using CA? Each container needs to have an XML file with its settings. The CPU pinning information is stored in this XML file.
  5. Your system doesn't get a proper IP address assigned when starting up. The reason is the interface goes down while inquiring for an IP address. This prevents docker from assigning br0 as valid network Disable "bonding" in your network configuration and retest. It is also recommended to update to Unraid 6.8.2
  6. Did you click on the grey circles to make a selection?
  7. You should never use a script to create the br0 network. The br0 network is automatically created when the docker service is started. If docker can not create the network, an error is logged in the syslog. Post diagnostics so we can check.
  8. What do you mean? Are there still error message in the screen? dynamix.plg is no longer used and incompatible with latest Unraid versions. There should be no reference to this.
  9. Take the flash device (after shutting down the system) and edit the following files in the folder /config on your USB device docker,cfg DOCKER_ENABLED="no" domain.cfg SERVICE="disabled" This disables both docker and VM, see if this makes a difference.
  10. Working fine for me root@vesta:~# ethtool -g eth0 Ring parameters for eth0: Pre-set maximums: RX: 8184 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 8184 Current hardware settings: RX: 1024 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 4096 root@vesta:~# ethtool -G eth0 rx 8184 tx 8184 root@vesta:~# ethtool -g eth0 Ring parameters for eth0: Pre-set maximums: RX: 8184 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 8184 Current hardware settings: RX: 8184 RX Mini: 0 RX Jumbo: 0 TX: 8184
  11. You need to add these commands to the 'go' script after the 'cp' commands in the "auto unlock array" section.
  12. Please open a support topic instead of this bug report.
  13. No, it doesn’t work together with the CA auto updater
  14. Put your passphrase in a file. Make sure there is no ending linefeed character added. In the GUI select file instead of passphrase to unlock encryption
  15. When "Remote access to server" is selected, you need to use the tunnel address "" (not to access your server from your remote client.
  16. When you go to the Docker page and update the "vpn" container, it will automatically update all other containers which depend on it.
  17. Management of Unraid is always done on eth0 (br0). Your first choice default gateway is pointing to br1, which doesn't give Internet access. In network settings you need to remove the assignment of the default gateway for eth1.
  18. I think you are a bit short sighted too. In the past years several updates were done to improve security and today's level certainly has improved a lot. Here is a list top of my head, and likely I am forgetting some ... - Regular package upgrades to address reported CVEs - Address CSRF attacks - Address XSS attacks - Added SSL/TLS support - Added SSH support - Added disk encryption - Verify path validity when executing scripts - Disallow direct script execution from the USB device - Improved user input checks throughout the GUI
  19. You need to wait for the next release of Unraid, which will include the updates.
  20. Difficult to say, the log shows a correct assignment
  21. Ok. I’ll have a look later. Going to bed, it’s 1:30am and need sleep
  22. Post a screenshot of the main page