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  1. This is a bug in your BIOS. I have the same thing on one of my servers, it has no further impact.
  2. I made a PR with a fix, but can't test myself. @SimonF are you able to test?
  3. I can reproduce the issue that udev creates interfaces with duplicated MAC addresses, it is under investigation whether this is particular to the udev version used, or kernel version or network driver.
  4. I can reproduce this issue. This needs further investigation, it could be kernel, driver or udev related.
  5. Repeated, test in safe mode without plugins installed.
  6. Unlikely, I have 4 interfaces on my test system and can select any of them. Do you have the "Docker Folder" plugin installed? It is known to cause issues with 6.10.
  7. This is by design, in the background rsync is used to do the copy or move operation.
  8. I changed the upload to create a new file instead without overwriting the existing file. The name of the new file has a sequence number included, similar to what browsers do when downloading files. Note that you can upload multiple files at once by selecting them in the opened window. Basic and Advanced mode do not exist anymore. The title bar has become a selectable folder structure.
  9. @hawihoney thanks for testing. You found a regression error, where the screen is not updated after the Upload function finished. I made a fix.
  10. Latest Unraid version 6.10.0 has WireGuard integrated with all the latest additions and corrections. The separate plugin is no longer maintained, I recommend you upgrade Unraid to 6.10.0.
  11. Thanks for reporting. Yes, the plugin does not take into consideration non standard ports. This needs to be added.
  12. It looks like we have some regression error in Unraid 6.10.0, please open a bug report.
  13. The location indicators are there to see instantly on which devices a share exists, and secondly the indicators are clickable and actionable. This means - for example - you can move or copy the content of a share on the selected device to another device. It defeats the purpose to hide the location column, but to address your OCD all rows are now shown with the same height, which is actually only an "issue" when looking at the <SHARE> level.
  14. This plugin adds a file manager functionality into the GUI. The user can use this functionality to do (simple) file operations without the need of opening other applications. It is not a substitute of MidNight Commander (mc) or any of the docker based file managers, you can use whatever fits your requirements best. To run this plugin you need to have Unraid 6.10.0 stable version installed.
  15. How are you copying? From disk share to disk share, which should give the fastest transfer rate. Or from user share to user share, which may get a speed penalty. Though 10/15 MB/s is very low for an internal transfer with SSDs involved.
  16. There might be a race condition at system start up, when you use DHCP to obtain an IP address and the DHCP is slow to respond. If no IP address is yet assigned, the creation of the shim network fails. I use a static IP assignment and shim network is properly created at start up (no race condition). Unraid 6.10.0 has an extra check to wait for the interface to become physically up before assigning the shim network, but this does not protect against slow DHCP assignments.
  17. Strange, because “plain http” access works fine in 6.10.0
  18. Can you SSH into your server? Edit the file /boot/config/ident.cfg and change: USE_SSL=“no” Reload nginx: /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx reload Login to the Gui using http://tower (your server name)
  19. LOL. I don’t know my own plugins anymore. Thx for helping out.