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  1. For future development it will be indeed clearer to reference to pools and replace the cache wording. This is a pretty extensive task (there are quite alot of references in the GUI), but it can be made a roadmap item. Doing this inevitably means updates to translation files, but the system allows both old and new to work next to each other. Btw same goes for documentation…
  2. Whenever you change file system, including encryption, the device needs to be formatted, which wipes all content. If you intend to use encryption, you might be better of waiting for rc3 and use it correctly from the start without the need to copy and restore your data.
  3. zfs encryption is not working properly in rc2, this is a known issue and is solved in the next release. For the time being use plain zfs.
  4. Just click on the HELP icon in the header at the top right.
  5. @JorgeB Can you describe the steps in detail how to reproduce. I can't replicate the issue, but maybe I need to do different steps.
  6. I made an update to the plugin, please try and let me know. Thanks
  7. I fixed the appearance of the ACE editor settings menu Unfortunately I haven't found a way to make changes permanent, but if anyone knows I'll add it.
  8. For me both Add and Remove work perfect. No issues on three of my servers. The GUI is a frontend for the script "bunker" which performs the actual operations. Can you open a terminal window and try the following # Add hashes /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/scripts/bunker -a -b3 /mnt/disk1 # Remove attributes /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/scripts/bunker -R -b3 /mnt/disk1 The example has disk1, but you can choose whatever disk you want
  9. @limetech normally follows reported issues, especially considering rc releases.
  10. No, cmdline is automatically generated from the settings in syslinux.cfg, which are correct.
  11. If you have no other Unraid instances running, it should work with the default UNRAID name (you can even leave the setting out). Don't know if that is the issue or the high number of cores in your situation, though all cores are properly identified.
  12. I tested this on rc2 and it all works. Tried to replicate your settings (obviously different cores), and no issue. This is my /proc/cmdline BOOT_IMAGE=/bzimage unraidlabel=UNRAID mitigations=off isolcpus=2-3,6-7 initrd=/bzroot Not sure what is happening in your case.
  13. I use an iPad Pro daily without issues.
  14. And the output of cat /proc/cmdline Ps. Your screenshot above shows that cpu isolation is set.
  15. I don't see what is wrong. Subject content is "Unraid SMTP Test" (because you generated a test message)
  16. You have a number of extra user attributes, which I am not familiar with. Here is an example of a file on my system. # getfattr -d 01-pihole.conf # file: 01-pihole.conf user.blake3="1df3f0fadee4bba95db9a2b5c513ff28ad6752c1e9d340532b468e22cef4285b" user.filedate="1650279012" user.filesize="1564" user.scandate="1679741030" What happens when you manually delete the hash attribute? setfattr -x user.blake3 <filename> The maximum size of the extended attributes depends on the file system in use. A file system like BTRFS is much more limited than e.g. XFS. Just wondering if you are reaching limits here!
  17. Post a screenshot of Main -> Flash -> Syslinux Configuration
  18. How do you change the editor settings? There is no specific saving of settings and each time a new editor is opened it uses the predefined settings. I don't see any problems with these themes. What browser and resolution are you using? Please post a screenshot of the "problem".
  19. I tested this and everything works as expected. Selecting all disks and then "Build" will create hashes for all new files. These are my settings Note 1: I have not enabled "Automatic protect", which is used to automatically generate a hash when a file is new or updated. Note 2: I have not enabled "Verification schedule", which is used to do period verification of the existing hashes to confirm integrity.
  20. I made a fix in the installation of the plugin, please try the latest version 2023.03.25
  21. Thanks for reporting. I made a fix in the installation file, which prevented installation under certain circumstances. Latest version: 2023.03.25
  22. In upcoming release the reset-sort icon for both Docker and VM is locked by default
  23. This looks like diagnostics after a reboot, please create diagnostics when the problem occurs.
  24. If the update of your language pack is not showing, please do the following Temporary switch to English Go to Apps -> Languages and uninstall your language pack Then install the same language pack again Switch back to your language This procedure will update your language pack to the latest version.