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  1. The dashboard uses a different disk icon to indicate an encrypted disk.
  2. Does this happen only when you access the GUI from a local terminal using firefox?
  3. How are your disks connected: SATA ports on the motherboard or a disk controller (which type)?
  4. Disable host access to custom networks and retest. Btw ipvlan should have worked in your situation...
  5. If the system has no internet connection, it is unable to retrieve information and won't show a new version. Did you check your connection is working?
  6. Looks like a RAM issue, try to rum a memory test.
  7. Docker networks are attached to the management interface (br0/eth0). This is expected behavior. Not a bug.
  8. The GUI just reports what linux (the driver) is reporting. I use 10G interfaces on different systems, have never seen this. When 10G is stays 10G.
  9. I am in the same boat as you are. Limetech is looking into this together with the vendor, and hopefully there will be a solution soon(tm). No ETA given though.
  10. I made a correction in the German translation, because it included some invalid lines, which are now removed. To translators: do not add extra lines (such as ========).
  11. The title on the settings page is set in the translation of settings, this is not included in the plugin. The title of the plugin page can be translated by the plugin.
  12. To work with Unraid the interface has to report itself as ethernet type, i.e. ethX.
  13. If you have updated the list of excluded folders or files, you need to run the "Clear" command on your disks to remove an existing hash from those excluded items. This will prevent skipped files.
  14. When a plugin creates its own .page file, it can have all the necessary translations for that page, including the title of that page. You need to create a translation file with the appropriate name to get translations automatically included. For example the URL for the File Integrity settings is http://tower/Settings/FileIntegrity Then the file fileintegrity.txt holds the translations of that page. A number of plugins do this already, you might want to look at these. Of course plugins themselves must be written to support translations. There is a guideline document, but can't find it at the moment.
  15. Made a correction. You can uninstall and then re-install the language pack to update to the latest version. Or wait until the system offers the update.
  16. Please install latest version 24e. Thx
  17. I pulled the update, because it isn't working properly. Please wait for a new update!
  18. You caught me while upgrading the plugin. Didn't expect that. There is now version 24a to rectify the installation error. Hmm, something is not going right ... checking!
  19. I made an update and version 2021.08.24 is available. This version addresses the regressions introduced by the different export file naming. Thx everyone for spotting
  20. Your router is not handing out ipv6 addresses. You need to configure your router to do this. Unraid interfaces have only a link local address, which is not routable, and hence no routing entries.
  21. I have made an update which includes the hashing method in the name of the export file. E.g. disk1.export.blake3.hash or disk1.export.sha256.hash To work with the new names the user has to rename manually the existing export files, these are located on the flash device in /config/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/export Or run a new "Export" action for all disks to create files with the new names. This allows users to keep export files for different hashing methods, though only one hashing method is active/used at the time. Hashing results are stored in the extended attributes of a file, and a file may have different hashing results associated with it.
  22. I fixed some regression errors. Please update to version 21e.
  23. Try again, a newer version 21d is available