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  1. I have the same message. Never seen before.
  2. Well have been testing and no more error and the SMB is working normally. Thanks for the fix.
  3. Hi, So far so good. No more errors. I will report back later after some more testing
  4. I haven no idea if this is related or not. I was just googling "CIFS: VFS: directory entry name would overflow frame end of buf" https://lore.kernel.org/all/[email protected]/
  5. Yeah that's right, nice to see you also could reproduce this
  6. No, is where all my media are stored. I have to NAS, one for Backup and the most important the Multimedia(all my movies etc are there) As you can see in the image, i have mounted Multimedia to the unraid server. I have everything running here, Plex server, lot of arr's all of the are pointing to this mount: /mnt/remotes/Multimedia/
  7. Hi, I had downgraded back to 6.12.8 and the "bug" is gone. I also notice that i had some problems with new episodes that's has been added to Sonarr. Some of the episodes wouldn't be added even when the episode was in the right season folder. I deleted the episode, redownload it. It was added to the right season, Sonarr found it and everything seems to be ok,. But after I did "Refresh & Scan" the episode was gone from sonarr, but i was still on my NAS. Rolled back to 6.12.8 everything back to normal and no more problems with episodes in Sonarr. All my Media files are located on my NAS, so all the arr and plex server are pointing to my NAS. So I stay for now on version 6.12.8. Maybe some other are experience the same when they have the same setup like I have.
  8. Updated my main unraid server. At the end i got this information in the log. And it still growing. I did reboot again after the update, but is still there. This is no warning, just some information, but like to know what it means Something I should be worried about or is this just some info in the new Kernel? Can i hide this or is it a easy fix for this? EDIT: This has something to do with the SMB share. I just shutdown the containers that i know are using my SMB (I have two NAS) And then start it again, the message came back. I did teste with other containers that not use SMB, like Heimdall, Dozzle. No messages. So maybe this has something todo with the Unassigned Devices plugin?
  9. Quick rapport after installing 6.12.7 RC2 and the latest version 6.12.8. My problem is gone. Thank you so much
  10. Hi, Just to be clear, Yes I have to servers. My primary one was the first server i noticed the slowness. When I upgraded it to v.6.12.4. Then I downgraded to v.6.12.3. Back to normal. Then I tested my backup server, That one was also in version 6.12.3 upgraded to 6.12.4 then the problem starts, slow pages. I just kept upgrading the backup server all the way to this release 6.12.6 and still the same. But, booth computers are using the same USB pen-drive Kingston DataTravler 3.0 - 8GB This is from my primary server running v.6.12.3 (same USB Pen-Drive as the one in my backup server) Runnig command: time echo 1 > /boot/test.xml On my primary server (6.12.3) My backup server on version 6.12.6 (now without Bonienl's fix) Slow pages again. And backup server with Bonienl's fix: Fast page load. Fast as in v.6.12.3 But the write speed is the same
  11. Hi @bonienl Good news, It's working. All the pages are fast like normal. Would be nice to see other with similar problem, test your files also. Desktop 13-12-2023 17-56-03.zip
  12. @bonienl I just copied your files, and now the dashboard is fast But the APPS page are just white. And DOCKER page is missing something. Same if you go to Settings ---> DOCKER, nothing happening, just white page. And the DOCKER page: But the Dashboard is fast
  13. I did run your command: echo 1 > /mnt/user/appdata/test.txt It responded imminently, no delay The command: echo 1 > /boot/test.xml Gave me a delay around 5 - 6 seconds. But the best part, I did run this command ( echo 1 > /boot/test.xml ) on my primary unraid server, still on version 6.12.3. And have the same delay as on my backup server with version 6.12.6. Interesting since my version 6.12.3 are working perfectly fine on booth computers. I uploaded to short recording of the delay on booth servers. Pegasus 6.12.3.zip Backup_Server_6.12.6.zip
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