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  1. @steini84 @ich777 I just tested the problem with the latest zfs version (2.0.2) and the problem still perstists, but as i already pointed out, the problem only occurs, when the docker.img file is on the zfs-volume. If its on a default unraid xfs or btrfs array, everything works perfectly fine. So in my opinion, you could make 2.0.2 a stable release with the caution to look for the storage path of the docker.img and the suggestion to put that on another array other then the zfs one.
  2. Btw, i opened up another bug report as i was asked to do that @Marshalleqcould you add some additonal information you have there, for example containers you experienced the issue with? I think that might help
  3. Have you figured out how to get network access? I am trying to test unraid in a virtualbox or vmware vm aswell. It boots, but its giving me an ip- adress outside of my host-subnet which i cant access from my host.
  4. Ok, i figured out its this commit which causes those issues, the commit before works fine, although my lancache doesnt work due to some syscalls (afaik), but starting with this commit, starting some specific docker containers like amp-dockerized or jdownloader causes my server to pin its cpu (sometimes or every, sometimes on just a few cores) to 100% and making it impossible to do anything (stop the containers, stop the array, restart the server)
  5. Ok, i am trying to custom build against some commits now to see, when this all started. Maybe we can narrow down the precise commit, that lead to such a bad behaviour...
  6. Ok, for the openvpn container to work, i would need a vpn somewhere to connect to (i dont trust those pesky free vpn´s found everywhere on the internet). Other then that, if i dont delete the files, the container hangs while doing som steps, for example now its hanging at "--Found Kernel ..... extracting, this can take some time.....". It already took about 2 hours, while the first run everything was done in under half an hour (including the download, which weirdly, went faster then expected the first time around....)
  7. Btw, with the kernel-helper, @ich777, can i build against exact commits from zfs and if so, how? To narrow down when the problem occured, that might help
  8. I am building a new kernel now with the setting set to true, so the zfs array unmounts when the unraid array does, but its takes forever to download the files as "deutsche telekom" (my inet provider) has serious problems with various cdn´s like aws and the github ones letting me only download with ~5kb/s max (a proxy helps here, maybe a setting for this can be added to the kernel helper?). Other then that, if the cpu is pinned to 100% i cant do anything, cant access any menu, cant access the bash, cant do anything other then hard-reboot the server, so no, i cant stop the array and
  9. @Marshalleq The command "zfs get xattr" returns "on" as value, so i assume its enabled like you mean? Although i dont remember setting that. @ich777The setting "Load ZFS Pools on Array start/stop:" in unraid-kernel-helper is set to false. I guess i should build a new kernel with it set to true, so the zfs array stops, when the unraid array does. But as i said, the reboot problems seems to only appear for me, when my system is pinned to 100% cpu-usage, otherwise i can normally reboot (atleast the times i tried, it worked)
  10. As said, its not working. I stopped the array, cant execute the command with the error message i already wrote. The zfs array btw doesnt get unmounted, when i stop the array in unraid like you described, it stays mounted and i can access it without a problem. The Docker container thats giving me problems is "mitchtalmadge/amp-dockerized"
  11. Ok ye, its only one specific docker container causing problems for me, although i have 0 idea why. When i start it, it pins most of my cpu cores too 100% and makes the whole server basically unusable.
  12. Yeah, as i said, i cant run that command, it gives me the error i wrote already. I figured, that my server runs fine, until i start a particular docker container (atleast it seems like it run fine), will test more.
  13. btw it definitly seems to be an issue with docker (or only some docker containers/volumes?), but when i disable docker, my servers cpu usage is normal, and i can reboot without a problem, but somehow, now i am unable to start docker. Will restart the server to see, if i can enable it afterwards again.
  14. @Marshalleq Stop the zfs array? If so, could you tell me the command to do it? If the normal Unraid array, then if i enter the command i get "cannot unmount "xxxx": unmount failed"
  15. I just built my own kernel using the kernel helper aswell, and for me everything seems to be working without a problem. I can reboot and the docker tab works aswell. EDIT: Ok, i have the same problems now aswell. Somehow my server is constantly peaked at 100% cpu usage, that might be the cause, why docker does not work correctly