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  1. That much RAM might cause an issue with hugepages. Could also be NUMA issues.
  2. You were able to do this without numad?
  3. I only have 80GB in my box, so I don't have the same issues. I was more curious about the changes they made for Linus after I saw the video. And maybe if it'd speed anything up on mine.
  4. This docker has been incredible. The only problem I have is that I'm not pinning any cpu cores to it so it shares with my other dockers. I have the --cpu-shares=2 flag passed in, but constantly my Plex and Pihole dockers will just struggle to work so I am having issues with that. My current solution has been to stop using Pihole and I have unmanic shutoff everyday at 3PM and start up again at 1AM. This isn't ideal since I'm losing encoding hours... Is there something else I could do? Maybe cpu pinning would be my best option? I just lose cores that way.
  5. Is this not available anymore?
  6. Apache Che would be awesome
  7. Can I request compiling Tvheadend with support for nvenc now that nvidia drivers are available to docker containers? I'd like to be able to transcode channels from my HDHomerun.
  8. Do you know what settings I could check for in my BIOS? Currently running a DL380p Gen8. I'm worried that this patch won't be compatible with the new Nvidia Plugin, and I'm trying to give myself the best chance at making everything work at once.
  9. I tried to get Apache Che working, but I didn't have any luck. I'd appreciate it if someone else could figure out a solution for getting it running. It runs inside a docker container, but it creates a bunch of other containers and that seems to cause issues the way that Docker works in Unraid. It's pretty easy to get going in a VM, but I'm hoping for a docker only approach...
  10. This is incredible! Great work! I need to find a spot to fit another GPU in my system for this My only question is that I'm having to used a patched kernel already. I'm assuming these won't be compatible with each other since it builds a new bzImage right?
  11. Okay, that's interesting. So is the solution is to inject the nvidia drivers into the bzImage or something?