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  1. I'm using a travel router to connect to my home server running Wireguard. It works great - good speeds and everything. Problem is that I can't access any of the URLs I have setup behind my NginxProxyManager. They all time out when I try to access them over the VPN. I can get to them just fine when I'm not connected. Is there something I need to change to get it working? Some DNS issue maybe?
  2. I know there are a few people that have Xpenology running as a VM. I'm wondering if anyone has documented it at all? Seems like a whole thing...
  3. I just discovered this yesterday, and it does everything I need. Except one thing. Is there a reason it only grabs the most recent item in the list? For example, I'm grabbing an RSS feed for a subreddit that has a sticky message. So I never get any notifications for it. Can you bump it to like 20 or something?
  4. I have a share that I have all of my development work in that lives on my cache drive. One of the projects is a Node program that is compiled with webpack. I noticed that when I try to run this via docker vs VM, the results are quite different... I setup some different use cases to figure out what is going on. My docker container and VM are both running Ubuntu 18.04 Docker Container: Project running from share passed in as a volume: Takes ~160-180 seconds to finish running. Project running from local docker fs: Takes ~50 seconds to finish running
  5. There are a number of things you can try for code 43, but give this a try:
  6. Helping a friend get Unraid working, but there is an issue where I can't get access to his box over HTTPS, only HTTP. Locally or over WAN. I tried deleting the SSL folder and it creates new ones, but doesn't accept connections. I've tried changing the SSL port too, but that doesn't change it at all.
  7. Is there anything we can do to help get this working with 6.8.*?
  8. Those lines won't work in 6.8 since it uses the newer version of QEMU
  9. After a reboot Plex will transcode, but nvidia-smi still shows the card as powered down(??) and the nvidia settings page still doesn't show it.
  10. I have the same card and have never been able to get it working:
  11. My Quadro stopped showing up in the plugin settings page a few weeks back, and yesterday Plex and Jellyfin both wouldn't launch after updates. I tried re-installing the plugin but it has the same issue... nvidia-smi sees the card there (The 1070 is isolated for a VM, and I don't think the settings page ever saw it before). Is my card dead or something?? gunhaver-diagnostics-20191028-2021.zip
  12. That much RAM might cause an issue with hugepages. Could also be NUMA issues.
  13. You were able to do this without numad?