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  1. Does unRAID support any 2.5Gbps or 5Gbps network cards? With the lower prices I'm finally going to pull the trigger on some 2.5/5 Gbps Network switches and network cards. So I was curious if unRAID supports any of them. 57TB unRAID1a--49TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3
  2. Just use the unRAID for storage. I have many Terabytes now of my 1:1 UHD MKV rips. As well as many Terabytes of UHD BD ISOs. I have an 8th gen core i5 PC dedicated to Plex UHD content(I also have a core i3 4th gen PC dedicated to Plex HD content). The UHD PLex PC can access all my rips from my unRAIDs. My three unRAIDs use very old hardware. HP N40L and N54L Microservers. Then I use Shield TVs(and ATV 4Ks) for playback of the UHD/HDR content. It plays back flawlessly on my Shield TVs(or ATV 4Ks) over my LAN in UHD/HDR. Or I can play them back over my UHD Rokus or FireTV 4Ks sticks. Although those devices will direct play the UHD/HDR video, but the audio is transcoded to 7.1 DD+. While the SHield TVs will Direct play both the audio and video. Since it just bitstreams the Atmos and DTS:X audio. And the ATV 4K will decode the audio to 7.1 pcm. 53TB unRAID1a--49TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3
  3. Happy 14th Anniversary. I've been using unRAID for eight years now. I currently run three unRAID setups with Pro licenses. And I have a fourth pro license that I use in a box for preclearing. 53TB unRAID1a--49TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3
  4. Ok. Thanks. 53TB unRAID1a--49TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3 Sent from my Nexus 7(16GB)
  5. I am currently in the process of rebuilding the two parity drives. I followed the Shrink array instructions on the Wiki page and everything seems fine. But I'm wondering if now I will always be stuck with four drive assignment numbers that will be skipped. Is there any way to have the drive assignments go back to numerical order without skipping the drive numbers of the four drives I had to unassign? So my drive assignment numbers are now skipping 7, 12, 14, and 21. Since I shrunk the twenty three drive array to nineteen drives and unassigned those four drive assignments. I used unbalance to remove the data off of those drives. I picked those drives to remove because they either had a smaller amount of data to move or the drive ran hot.
  6. I have not had this issue yet. In the options I set 50GB as a minimum space available. So I'm in the process of moving content from four 2TB drives so I can remove them from the array in my unRAID2 setup. The lowest amount of free space I've seen the 3TB and 2TB drives get to in the array is 53GB. I'll see what happens later. I'm halfway through my third drive. When I finish I should hopefully have 19 array drives with around 50GB of free space for each drive. My unRAID 2 is my oldest unRAID setup. I set it up back in 2011. And I used mostly 2TB drives and later a few 3TB drives. But the 2TB drives are ten years old now. And I have not added content to it in many years. It's filled with BD ISOs. Most of which were created when I used a WIndows Home Server back in 2009 through 2011. Then I switched to using unRAID and transferred my BD ISOs to it. I recently dumped the power hogging 2009 home made PC I used and installed an old HP N40L microserver in it's place. But I'm using four, 5-bay external enclosures for the array drives in addition to the drives in the HP microserver. So I want to get the external enclosures down to 4 drives each to speed up parity checks. 53TB unRAID1a--53TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3
  7. I recently purchased twenty four 4TB NAS rated drives. So I had been using the pre-clear Plugin to preclear between two and four drives concurrently. I didn't run into any issues. I have a fourth unRAID pro license so I just use that in a PC with a four drive cage. And do the prelear process.
  8. Don't crimp. Use the jacks and terminate the cable on them. Then use patch cables to connect to the equipment. Using crimp on lugs is just asking for trouble down the road. I can't count the number of clients we've had at work where they had issues with those crimp on lugs. Our company replaces them with jacks. And after that they have no issues.
  9. I just picked up a couple of N40L Proliant Micro servers off ebay. To replace the PCs I built, a long time ago, that I use with my unRAID1a and unRAID 2 servers. I installed the modded BiOS from 2013 and it was installed in just a few seconds. I thought I might see some difference between my N54L and the N40L microservers. But so far they seem to be working just as well. I'm using two parity drives in my N54L and two in one of the N40L micro servers. It's working great so far and is using a little less power than the N54L. 53TB unRAID1a--53TB unRAID2--76TB unRAID3
  10. You can get decent wifi speeds with cheap routers. I use four $30 to $40 routers as Access Points as well as the wifi from my router. I can easily get 300mb/s throughput over wireless AC with multiple devices(I currently have around sixty devices on my wireless network and around fifty devices that are wired). While nowhere near gigabit speeds, for a temporary setup wireless will work just fine with unRAID. It just needs to be a properly setup wifi network. Which unfortunately most people do not have. I've always been able to stream 1:1 2K BD rips and now 1:1 4K BD rips over wireless with zero issues. But that is only because I have a properly setup wifi network. Since around 2008 I've always had multiple APs to make sure every device gets excellent signal strength, no congestion, and can get high throughput. 49TB unRAID1a--53TB unRAID2--72TB unRAID3
  11. I've been using External eSATA cases with port mUltiplier cards with unRAID since 2011. I've not had any issues. Currently I use twelve external 4 and 5 bay eSATA enclosures with my three unRAID setups for array drives. And I use a 1 bay ESATA enclosure for the cache drive with each unRAID setup. 49TB unRAID1a--53TB unRAID2--72TB unRAID3
  12. This seems to be working fine in unRAID 6.7.2. I'm currently running it on all three of my unRAID setups right now. unRAID1a with 14 array and 2 parity drives. unRAID2 with 23 array and 1 parity drive. unRAID3 with 19 array and 2 parity drives. 49TB unRAID1a--53TB unRAID2--73TB unRAID3
  13. I have three unRAID setups now with at least 49TB each.
  14. I have two unRAID setups with 4GB of RAM. And I get the same creation error. But I've had no problems with the v6 OS and using the unRAIDs as Network Attached Storage. 53TB unRAID2--49TB unRAID3--45TB unRAID1a
  15. Glad to see people are still using these. I got one years ago and I wish I had picked up a second one back in 2013. Then I could have replaced one of my unRAID setups using the oldest hardware. I also use four external enclosures with mine. And has been working great for many years.