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  1. If someone never had a root password just log in via ssh as root without password and set a root password, that worked.
  2. Hello, I just ugraded and I have to enter username and password, which I never had, please help
  3. I have the same question. I wonder how to use LAN IP for each docker like it works on unraid.
  4. Do I have to reinstall the plugin after every reboot?
  5. etsi


    I found only this one: Adds Slackware's SNMP package to unRAID. This allows users to get CPU utilization, RAM usage, disk activity, and more via the SNMP protocol. Also includes HDD- and unRAID share-related scripts created by Coppit. But it has a comment "Due to how this plugin is currently designed, it requires a reinstall whenever you reboot your server". I really do not want to reinstall after every reboot.
  6. etsi


    Hello, Where is SNMP settings ? How can I enable it?
  7. Thank you
  8. Hello, I got a warning , Warning [] - current pending sector is 1, Unraid Disk 2 SMART health [197]: Warning [ZEUS] - current pending sector is 1 WDC_xxxxx (sdd) Unraid array errors:Warning [ZEUS] - array has errors Array has 1 disk with read errors. I received one more mail warning : Disk 2 - WDC_xxxxx(sdd) (errors 5). Is it one or five errors? I run SMART extended --> Completed without error, and Parity check finished (0 errors). There is one warning in attributes section : 197Current pending sector 0x0032200200000Old age Always Never 1 The hard disk is too old, should I replace it immediately ? How can I make sure if hard disk is ok or not? Thank you
  9. Thanks this worked for my synology share but I can't add nvidia shield share again. It doesn't load the list of shares to choose and I can't just add it empty. Thanks I had to actually type by hand the name share. I didn't know I could type share name because the field was in gray color. My bad. All ok.
  10. After upgrading to latest unraid version I get errors: It worked before I upgrade . Any ideas? Thank you Jan 20 14:10:48 zeus kernel: CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13 Jan 20 14:10:48 zeus unassigned.devices: Mount of '//xxxx/xxx' failed. Error message: 'mount error(13): Permission denied Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) and kernel log messages (dmesg
  11. Download of appfeed failed. Community Applications requires your server to have internet access. The most common cause of this failure is a failure to resolve DNS addresses. You can try and reset your modem and router to fix this issue, or set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and and try again.
  12. Can't start the docker anymore, Execution error Bad parameter. Re installed and works now. Only set manual update for this docker.
  13. I have problems too, it's useless and can't trust it for dns service.
  14. After latest update openvpn server no longer works. I tried to delete it and clean the image files but still I can't connect to web admin it doesn't connect at all.
  15. Is there any good sync util for linux like SyncBack ? Otherwise an option would be to run SyncBack it from a VM ?