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  1. etsi

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Download of appfeed failed. Community Applications requires your server to have internet access. The most common cause of this failure is a failure to resolve DNS addresses. You can try and reset your modem and router to fix this issue, or set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and and try again.
  2. Can't start the docker anymore, Execution error Bad parameter. Re installed and works now. Only set manual update for this docker.
  3. I have problems too, it's useless and can't trust it for dns service.
  4. etsi

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    After latest update openvpn server no longer works. I tried to delete it and clean the image files but still I can't connect to web admin it doesn't connect at all.
  5. Is there any good sync util for linux like SyncBack ? Otherwise an option would be to run SyncBack it from a VM ?
  6. Why it fails with some files due to permissions? I can't make a full 100% working backup. I can read all the files from a share or from terminal.
  7. etsi

    Backing up the Unraid server

    How do you backup with rsync only new changes without deleting anything? Is it safe to use Syncthing ("send only") with versioning?
  8. Can you please update borg backup to the latest version 1.1.5?
  9. This docker, the Linux version of cloud berry can backup unlimited size of data? Because there are some limits I think for the widows version of cloud berry.
  10. etsi

    CrashPlan Home Ending

    How can I install minio docker from topdockercat? Ok found it, had to search docker hub
  11. Any idea after reboot what is 199 UDMA CRC error count raw value = 1?
  12. Using --modify-window=5 fixed my problem. There is always 1 second difference timestamp between source and target files. The remote samba share is a wdtv media player but also I have a problem with QNAP samba share.
  13. There is a strange problem when I mount a remote samba share. When I run rsync ( rsync -avzP --delete /mnt/user/tv/ /mnt/disks/ ) it copies every time the same files that already exist on that share. I have different rsync parameters but nothing works. I haven't encountered such a problem running rsync in general other than using unassigned devices plugin with a samba shared folder. I would appreciate if you have any ideas what I'm doing wrong.
  14. etsi

    [Plugin] NUT v2 - Network UPS Tools

    Thanks. 540 108 Watts 20%
  15. etsi

    [Plugin] NUT v2 - Network UPS Tools

    Same ups, same problem.