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  1. Hello, I have been using this plugin for some time but it seems I have run into a massive issue. Emptying the recycle big deleted the files, but somehow my disk space is not recovered. In Krusader and QDirStat the files are gone but for some reason unraid has not given me my disk space back at all yet and I need some help figuring this out. if I cant get this disk space back then I will have to wipe my cache drive and start over from a backup which is unacceptably terrible of a thought. Any idea why this is happening? I just tested it with 6GB of files and now that space is totally gone and no
  2. Hey Quick question... Im using the docker file folder thing, not the image, I have over 800GB left on that drive, could this be the issue?
  3. UPDATE! So i did as you said and it did seem to work, the same docker installed and worked fine right out the gate. This time I made a brandy new fresh share JUST for the docker files. If it happens again than I can assume that it is some sort of bug with the folder implementation and will go back to the old image way temporarily. Ill try and update if i figure anything else out.
  4. This is all pretty fresh honestly, I am using the new docker folder thing on a brand new cache drive but I guess reinstall all the dockers again it is! 😒 Thanks for looking Squid, appreciate you my dude.
  5. SO about half of my dockers just started to fail. Out of nowhere and they have been going since the day RC1 of 6.9 came out. this is what I get. I have been able to recover many of these containers by removing them and then putting them back, several have required me to also delete the appdata for them do get them to spin up again. This one, Binhex DelugeVPN and also the LinuxServer UNIFI controller are not working at all even with a clean appdata folder. Any ideas? I have also attached the diagnostics if that helps. Thanks!
  6. some reason I cant get this thing to convert even one single file. I am testing software for now just to see it work, once and it wont convert one out of a good couple of dozen I have tried already. All of which play just fine all the way through. Anything you can advise I do?
  7. I'm just gonna ask since I love your containers and respect the work you do, use a good few of them already. I have already set up the other MineOS docker for unraid and so far it has been working more or less fine, no real issues that I can tell at least, new to this whole Minecraft thing bother for playing the game in general and also for running a MC server. So I guess I want to know, is there any benefit to using your container and going through the rigamarole of switching my files and such over to be used on your container over the other? As in, is it more up to date? That sort of thing..
  8. Spot the heck on there my friend! It's the custom part I was missing. I THOUGHT the turning off of caching was the same but seems I was VERY wrong about that. The instant I added that to the config it started working perfectly and instantly. Thanks a million! I used to use the normal nginx and switched to proxy manager version just because it was quicker and easier to set up new things, especially experimental stuff. I am writing this from work remoting into my main PC just for kicks. Hehe, this is super neat and super useful!
  9. Hey, I just got this all set up and I love the idea of using this for remoting into my systems, VMs and such from away but one thing that I just haven't been able to figure out is... I can access everything when I use the server IP and PORT from a local workstation but when I am using the reverse proxy for it https://remote.[REDACTED].net/#/ it does NOT work properly. The webUI is quick, responsive, no issues. I can VNC all day long and even the RDP works as far as I can tell. What doesn't work is SSH and Telnet. I telnet and SSH into my network infrastructure, among
  10. Unraid 6.8.3 and you can put my hat in too. I as well am seeing a MASSIVE amount of black hole writing to my SSD cache. I have a lot of data coming in and going out at all times so high writes are not uncommon for me but they are uncommon when Plex is off, I am not copying anything at all, and the only thing running is a tiny little word press thing that gets maybe 5 views a week, which are all me anyways, a very light usage Next cloud instance, and a Flarum instance that only has one test post in it I was toying around with just for fun. It's like it cycles between 10-20 MB/s and
  11. Never mind, i fixed it... No idea how, but I fixed it... If I knew how I fixed half the crap that goes wrong with this thing I would probably be the smartest man alive. 🤣
  12. Ok, so most of everything has been gotten working except for one thing, all SMB shares don't work. I even removed the configuration and still they wont work. I just keep getting this. Any ideas? I tried changing workgroups in unraid and I got the credentials screen to pop up, however, that shouldn't be happening as my shares are public right now, it should just work. I am guessing a configuration issue with unraid is at fault, something I did probably.
  13. Oh, well that makes a lot of sense and tells me that it is at least 'normal' and 'expected' so I shouldn't worry about it, even if I do have to deal with it. Lol, no as much as I am annoyed and such, I am grateful for the support. Again, I'll keep you posted but I do have to work tomorrow and it's almost bed time for me. 😏
  14. One more quick question, this isn't normal is it? No edit, no shortcut tot he WebUI?
  15. Yeah the glide is the new one I had the GUID set to just to rule out the USB. The only files I kept from the old backup are the key, obviously, and the super.dat, but I have tried with with nothing at all too but the key and it still did it. regardless, ima see if anything else is messed up and let you all know. Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it!