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  1. Thanks Squid! Fixed it right up. No idea why I keep forgetting with Linux it's usually a permissions thing. LOL I appreciate ya brother!
  2. So, my Whoogle stopped working a couple months ago and I stopped using it so I could wait for a fix. Seems there is not fix as it is still broken. Any idea what's happening here? Is this an issue with me or is this Whoogle itself being broken?
  3. root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='Rollarr' --net='bridge' -e TZ="America/Phoenix" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e HOST_HOSTNAME="connollyserver" -e HOST_CONTAINERNAME="Rollarr" -l net.unraid.docker.managed=dockerman -l net.unraid.docker.webui='http://[IP]:[PORT:3100]' -l net.unraid.docker.icon='' -p '3100:3100/tcp' -v '/mnt/user/Media/preroll/':'/media/prerolls':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/rollar':'/':'rw' 'thehumanrobot/rollarr' docker: Error response from daemon: invalid volume specification: '/mnt/user/appdata/rollar:/:rw': invalid mount config for type "bind": invalid specification: destination can't be '/'. See 'docker run --help'. The command failed. Seems like a nice idea so I tried it out and it gives me an error about the path being /.
  4. So no matter what combination of settings I use I can't seem to get neither the latest 21.10 nor the Latest LTS version to install at all. I just keep getting this. I have tried not using the cpu pass through, different video drivers, re downloading the installer more than 10 times, Seabios, USB controllers, primary Vdisk type, all to no avail. I have done this before a while back and it all just worked but now I cant even get past the installer. any ideas? I wanted to play around with a few things as a proof of concept in a VM before I dedicated the time into learning how to put a docker together of my own as I have literally zero experience or knowledge on how to do that and it would be a pretty major undertaking to learn. This is just very frustrating.
  5. Unbelievable, the flash is dead... I mean its only a few months old, was brand new but it's totally dead. As in, shows up as nothing. I made a backup on the 13th so that's not so bad. but of course now I have to deal with the whole license key crud, oh well I guess. Glad I decoupled my pf Sense onto its own machine entirely. It also explains this one odd crash without any warning I had a couple weeks ago. I turned on persistent logs to see if I could sus out what the issue was and I guess that killed it the rest of the way, they were only on for like, a day. Thanks though, looks like ima gave to find a good flash drive because Unraid has eaten all of the flash drives I have left. lol.
  6. This happened right after I updated to 6.10 Rc1 and I cant install this manually through the plugins nor can I install it through the new install button in unraid 6.10. BTW it was installed before and it asked to update, and instead it just wiped out the plugin and it is now missing entirely. No idea how it's read only... Weird. Diagnostics also attached.
  7. I was thinking that might be what was needed now. I just have to say thanks though, you have been very helpful and have gone above and beyond in helping and for that I am grateful. I already have my appdata backed up which is the important bit and there is maybe one or two small things for convenience I will copy off and I'll just recreate the cache from scratch. Again, you have been great. 👍
  8. Sure, I see your point but that really isn't a reason for things to not be straightforward just as a rule. Maybe I am looking at it from the 'filthy pleb' sort of perspective. It is just weird that one can't just remove the drive, I mean, all things being equal it does sound pretty simple. I just got that Samsung drive barely a couple weeks ago so I am confident it's reasonably workable and I do intend on getting another for a RAID1 pair but I kinda had my TV die and a few other unforeseen expenses and I don't think it's unusual to assume someone may want to pull a drive out of a pool at some point or have a very good reason for doing so, but hey that's just me I guess. 🤷‍♂️
  9. root@connollyserver:~# btrfs balance start -f -mconvert=single /mnt/cache Done, had to relocate 9 out of 739 chunks root@connollyserver:~# btrfs dev del /dev/sdb1 /mnt/cache ERROR: error removing device '/dev/sdb1': Input/output error I dunno about you, but for me this feels like it should be way more straightforward. Like, drive broke, take out drive, done! Right?
  10. Im running that right now, I will update you when something arises because I have no idea how long it will take. *crosses fingers*
  11. Hey so i tried running the command, and it seems that it thinks its in RAID1 ERROR: error removing device '/dev/sdb1': unable to go below two devices on raid1 which is weird because I swear i converted it to Single. However I just noticed, now that it is mounted that I have this. So is it confused as to if this is Raid1 or Single? Sorry it took so long to try and test this but I've been real busy at work and also I forgot how long it takes to do a backup of my appdata, I mean, with PLEX and it's ten and a half billion little files it takes forever, especially with a library as big as mine. Also here is a new log for good measure.
  12. As much as I would LOVE to do this right now, its bed time for me, at least I have the internet working on the bedroom HTPC, which you may find interesting to hear that once upon a time it was the pfSense box long ago before i ever put the server together and before I knew what unraid even was. it's like homelab resurrection. At least I can work without fear in the morning, then once im off and all that jazz, i will do exactly what you recommend. Question though, so should I balance as Raid 1 again and then refollow the proper steps or should I do it this way from the command line as you suggest? is there any reason it might be better to balance as Raid1 again? Either way, you have gotten it mounted for me and I will get all my backups confirmed that they are truly up to date, I have been slacking a bit on this and my most recent backup is over a month old on cloud storage. No bueno... I'll let you know how it goes, thanks my dude!
  13. Whatever i just did, it mounted at least. I assume by looking at the command that forced the adata back to being the primary drive? Also, holy heck I just realized it's almost 3AM and I work in the morning... I am gonna go hit the shower and check back in here once more tonight but I have to get in bed like, two hours ago. lol Thanks a bunch for trying to help me out here, it is appreciated! I just know so very little about BTRFS.
  14. is there any way to use the command line to pull the data off? I mean redoing every docker from scratch is just a ludicrous amount of work I shouldn't have to do at all. I mean, is this a bug in unraid where the GIU is unable to remove a drive form a pool? Because I work tomorrow I had to pull the old bedroom HTPC and installed pfSense on that because the server is 100% down. I know the data is there which is why I wont be doing anything else at all till I can get it mounted and at least pull the data off of it.
  15. BTW, now it's totally unmountable. that's it it's just unable to mount anything at all. I even tried remaking the pool, which worked last time, and totally nothing. Following the instructions on how to remove a pool device has now rendered everything unmountable. Fun times...