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  1. 2023-02-22 Update If you have an existing multi-scrobbler container and are updating you may need to update your unraid app configuration! See here for all 0.4.0 changes but the TLDR for unraid: Add Variable PUID=99 Add Variable PGID=100 Remove Path "Logs" Change Path "Config" Container Path from /home/node/config to /config
  2. Ive updated the OP and the unraid template with instructions for configuring ownership. Thanks @dreadu and @SOULV1CE for figure that out
  3. @Squid I didn't realize that was a possibility? As far as I know I have not customized it. How can I restore the default? I have already tried removing/re-installing the plugin but if there is a cleaner way to do that please let me know.
  4. I've had an issue viewing anything in the CA tab for the past two weeks. The rest of my network is fine as is all my dockers and unraid in general. When I visit the CA tab I get this: Attached is log I got after visiting the page with Save CA debugging information enabled. The log looks fine for downloading most json files but I think applicationFeed.json is giving it issues. It doesn't seem network related (judging by the json error reported). I can visit all the s3 links for json files in my browser reported in the log without an issue. As well as download them with wget from the unraid cli. I have uninstalled and re-installed the CA app with no change in behavior. This is on Unraid 6.9.0
  5. thanks @jmztaylor for confiming what those types of values should be. I added that info to the main post.
  6. @Rich Drinan if you have a working template for a newer version of elasticsearch that is reproducible I'd be happy to add it to the OG post as an alternative.
  7. On 6.9.0 Beta worked perfectly for me. Updated to latest CA. Initial load works fine and I can browse apps but if I try to use the CA search bar...when the search executes I get the loading icon for a second before it freezes, along with the entire page. Network tab (devtools) shows no console errors, Notify.php and exec.php returning 200s. Also tried 2021.10.20-x86_64-1.txz with no change in behavior.
  8. @Syco54645 I'm going to need more detail than that. What failures exactly? Do you see anything in the logs for the multi-scrobbler container? I think most likely your callback url is incorrect -- it has to be registered with your application and it needs to be exactly where will redirect back to multi-scrobbler.
  9. @thunderclap this is the wrong support thread for that. It looks like @xthursdayx made their own CA app for whoogle search at some point. This is their problem:
  10. @fordbaxter I'm not familiar with TOR usage for whoogle. There is an ENV variable for it but I assumed that if it wasn't turned on explicitly using this variable it wasn't running at all. This issue brings up the fact that your outbound requests won't use TOR but it is still running. You can kill the TOR service from within the container for now (instructions in the issue). If it's a concern I'd recommend bringing it up in that issue or ask the author to implement a way to fully disable the service.
  11. @coupas does this new release address your issue?
  12. @coupas looks like that might be related to issue #311 with this potential workaround to fix it? Either way this definitely an issue with whoogle rather than the unraid template so you'll get more help posting in the github issues for whoogle than here, I think.
  13. @Squid (or all) can you elaborate on where exactly the statistics for downloads, etc. are coming from? For instance... The Total Downloads for an app mirror what I see on dockerhub, which is not indicative of CA usage. But the 30 day trend and graphs seems like they are specific to CA. And when I look at the popup for "FoxxMD's Repository" Total Known Downloads looks like its probably Dockerhub downloads. As does downloads per App? Or are these specific to CA? Basically I'd like to know -- where we can see stats/download values on CA which are specific to CA and which are pulled from dockerhub? Thanks
  14. @404fox There is a default config file included in the server code (link here). You can override settings from this config by providing your own with a path variable in the szurubooru-api container like this in unraid However this is optional. You do not need a user-defined config for Szurubooru to run. Double check these: Ensure you are using both szurubooru-api and szurubooru-client. You need both in order to run this Verify the Postgres variables in the szurubooru-api container (Host, User, Password) Verify your Postgres server is reachable Verify you have correct Backend Host in szurubooru-client (should be the same IP as your unraid host) Verify szurubooru-api can successfully map the Api Port to 6666 (the default) as this is what szurubooru-client will try to access
  15. @mrguymiah the instructions I gave are still correct -- just forced a container update to make sure nothing had changed. Yes it is a path config type. Make sure 1) the file exists at the location you are specifying 2) you aren't adding extra slashes or anything to the path values. Here is what mine looks like