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[Support] FoxxMD - tautulli-notification-digest

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Application Name: tautulli-notification-digest

Application Site: https://github.com/FoxxMD/tautulli-notification-digest

Github Repo: https://github.com/FoxxMD/tautulli-notification-digest

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/foxxmd/tautulli-notification-digest

Template Repo: https://github.com/FoxxMD/unraid-docker-templates



tautuilli-notification-digest (TND) creates a "digest" (timed summary) of notifications of "Recently Added" events for discord using Tautulli's Discord notification agent.


Tautulli already provides an email "newsletter" that compiles triggered events (media added) from Plex and then sends it as one email at a set time.


This same functionality does not exist for notifications. This functionality is often requested for discord and there are even some existing guides but they are quite involved.

This app provides a drop-in solution for timed notifications that compile all of your "Recently Added" Tautulli events into one notification.




These instructions are mostly the same as the Setup section in the project readme but are tailored for unraid.


Create a Discord Webhook

If you don't already have a webhook then create one for the channel you want to post digests to. If you have an existing one then we will reuse it later.


Create/Modify a Tautulli Discord Notification Agent

Create a notification agent for Tautulli for use with Discord. If you already have one you can modify it. Settings for the agent must be set like this:

  • Configuration
    • Discord Webhook URL
    • Include Rich Metadata Info
    • Include Summary
    • Include Link to Plex Web (optional)
    • Use Poster Thumbnail
  • Triggers
    • Recently Added





Update the TND unraid App Template

  • DISCORD_WEBHOOK - This is the actual Discord URL you created earlier. TND will post the digest to this URL at the specified time
  • CRON - A cron expression that determines when TND posts the digest. Use a site like crontab.guru if you need help setting this up.




You're Done

That's it! Your Recently Added media will now be compiled by TND into a digest that will be posted once a day at 5pm. Check the docker logs for activity and notification status.


Running Pending Notifications Any Time

Pending notifications can be run before the scheduled time by sending a POST request to http://SERVER_IP:8078/api/my-digest


To do this with a browser use https://www.yourjs.com/bookmarklet in the Bookmarklet Javascript box:


fetch('http://MY_IP:8078/api/my-digest', {method: 'POST'}).then();


  • Convert to Data URL
  • Drag and drop converted data url into your bookmarks


Then the bookmark can be clicked to trigger pending notifications to run.

Further Configuration

The unraid default template and the instructions above assumes using ENV config which generates a default URL slug (my-digest) for you. TND can handle multiple notification agents using different slugs (which creates multiple digests). Digests can further be configured using a yaml config to customize embed formats and collapse thresholds.



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