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  1. https://hub.docker.com/r/shaarli/shaarli/dockerfile VOLUME /var/www/shaarli/cache VOLUME /var/www/shaarli/data EXPOSE 80 I learned about Expose, when I was trying to get it up and running. Is Volume what I need to work with for data locations? This is their docker-compose.yml on Github, but I'm using the docker.com docker (if that makes sense and is a thing...)
  2. Hi. Still learning my way around Unraid and the forums, so sorry if this is in the wrong place. TIA. I haven't started dumping a lot of stuff into Unraid yet, as I'm afraid I'm going to screw something up and lose data/info. I've spun quite a few things up and go them working, but nothing I couldn't live without. Today I started trying to figure out why my Docker memory usage was up to 82% of my available 15.7GiB. After trying a few suggestions, I saw reference to the fact that you can just spin down Docker, nuke your docker.img file, then re-add the apps from Apps > Previous Apps. I did that and noticed that all the Dockers were up and running, but I couldn't access them. Then I noticed that the my user defined network was gone. I found a SI1 video that I used when I was first setting things up and found how to recreate that, which I did. I went into all of my dockers and noticed they were all set to the user defined network, but none of them seemed to be using it. I switched all of their Network Types to something else, then switched them back to the Custom network, then hit Apply. They would stop and start over again, then they would work. I manually did that for everything and thought that everything was fine. But I noticed that some of the more dockers that I a little more problem with weren't working. And when I got logged in, they acted like they didn't know my users or have any data. So, I'm OK if I lost some data. Again - I haven't jumped in because I want to know what my limitations are and how to work around them. But, if that data is gone, how can I avoid that in the future? From what I can tell, APPDATA is a configuration in most of the CA options and are usually set by default (but can be changed), but that setting doesn't seem to be readily available in everything. Example: shaarli - it took me a little while to figure out to make the custom port to get that up and running in Unraid, but now the port is there, but the data is gone. After checking the shaarli docs, it refers to data_dir in their config, which seems to point to "data". Similar with trilium: TRILIUM_DATA_DIR=/data https://shaarli.readthedocs.io/en/master/Shaarli-configuration/#configuration-file-example > Under resources > "data_dir": "data", Do I modify that config file to point it where I want it to go or do I make a "path" or other docker level change to point that where I want the data stored, so that data isn't lost if I do similar (or worse) in the past. I want to get over to doing backups and such in the near future, but I'm not there yet tl;dr - Docker using too many resources. Nuked and recreated docker.img. Reinstalled apps from CA, but a few lost data. Trying to figure out how to "redirect" the data config on a few dockers - ex: shaarli, trilium - so that doesn't happen again. Thinking that may have contributed to original docker.img issue?
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to "expand" a podcast that was previously added? I added a podcast and had most of them downloaded before I realized that it was limited to 200. I changed the program default to 500, but the original won't update past 200.
  4. I feel like an idiot, but after having issues with SMB shares not connecting properly after reboots or upgrades and removing a SMB share and not being able to get the first "Next" button to click, I feel like I need to ask for some pity for those that can't read good. The "Choose Protocol" is right there with pictures, but for some reason, my brain thought it was going to ask me that on the next page. Both icons are grayed out and the Next button appears to be clickable even when nothing is selected, but the Next button doesn't actually work. After disabling skins, rebooting, rolling back, upgrading again, uninstalling and reinstalling plugins, I have to ask - can you make it slightly less idiot proof? It wasn't until I noticed the cursor change on mousing over the Windows icon that I realized what I needed to do on that prompt... TIA!
  5. Don't know if you are still looking, but I think I figure it out. I used this post for reference: I used this page to see what the Expose entry was: https://hub.docker.com/r/shaarli/shaarli/dockerfile I manually added a port manually and it seems to be working. Trying things out now and it seems to be working:
  6. I'd be interested in this as well.