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  1. Im really not sure about this issue I have updated to the template so that you only have to edit the template not the config ddns-route53.yml Chcek username: admin password: yacy I will update the template with variables in it please check and confirm No idea if im being honest
  2. Not sure if this is what you are looking for https://github.com/bitnami/bitnami-docker-redis#persisting-your-database
  3. I had vpc instance with coturn. https://github.com/coturn/coturn
  4. Change latest to v1 I have updated the template it might take some time to change
  5. Hello, Make sure the domain field is right for example if you wanted it local only you would put it if externally https://wallabag.domain.com.
  6. Overview: Support for Docker image arch-delugevpn in the binhex repo. Application: Blueiris - https://blueirissoftware.com Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/jshridha/blueiris/ GitHub: https://www.github.com/jshridha/docker-blueiris
  7. Change bind_addresses to Getting errors is normal in matrix just fouce on the red errors and google until you get it running I wish i can help you but i haven't tinker with it for some time and i forgot how copnfiguration works.
  8. In every update put "migrate" in Post Arguments: (Advanced View) Keep it running until you get Migrate complated Then remove the "migrate" in Post Arguments: (Advanced View) and run it normally
  9. You can use the same config file that you use in Riot.im
  10. Make sure the config.php in the root of tt-rss folder have the right database settings. Yeah i made mistake need to fix the template If you want quick fix go to Advanced View in the template and remove the S from https://[IP]:[PORT:4040]/ in WebUI
  11. I opened a issue on Docker maintainer will wait for his reply https://github.com/prologic/golinks/issues/40 The docker doent have any presistence files. You can just backup the Resume when you finish and restore when you need to update.
  12. Hello @BIGFAT, I changed the Project Page to .info tld. For tags this is my standard so i cant do anytihng but the thing about docker is you can switch which version using the tags. and lastly renaming it to murmur the repo i use called it mumble, it might confused people but i can switch it if you feel its for the best.
  13. did you add your ip of your unraid on the templates and make sure the database created please screenshot the template try removing https port and leaving only http, use unused port
  14. really weird its running now on my side once i tried changing the variables One more thing did you try with another browser cache sometimes make things difficult