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  1. Hi, as my old systemboard went haywire and don't let me boot any more from usb when all 16 drives are attached did i jump to this new setup which is even more frustrating no matter what i try he doesn't want to accept or my adaptec 1220SA or my sil 3114 sata cards.... he only sees my one asm162 card ... i can move that last card to any slot and he will see the disks attached .... the adaptec or the sil cards he doesn't see the disks in any of the slots anybody has some advice? thinking of buying a lsi 9211-8i in IT mode but afraid he won't s
  2. ok this server has been running for more then a year with the current configuration but due to some electricity problems (aka a snake that got roasted on a transformator in the village) did this server lose his bios settings and now for the love of god i can't get him to boot from the USB stick..... i can if i remove 2 sata controller but then of course i don't have all my disks lol.... i tried everything i can think off but been busy now for like 15 hours and i can't get him to boot from the usb with all 16 disks installed .... bios shows only 12 disks.... and the usb doesn't
  3. mm restarted docker service and now it works ,.... weird
  4. last update from today won't start up .. get an error 403 or so
  5. newest rutorrent upgrade has changed parameters... rtorrent will not start... .. can you please advise on the new parameters... old ones are peer_exchange and use_udp_trackers.... had to # them before rtorrent would start....
  6. as that requires your unraid gui to respond... with unmenu the logs were refreshed every 2 minutes and even when your server hung most of the time you were able to see on the unmenu screen what happened ... anyway we will have to adjust as always.... but the spacing on this new gui is to wide can we get an option to make it like before ?
  7. Seems this update is the death of unmenu ? ;( upgraded one server .... had a lot of issues with your port 443 and one of my dockers ... which i managed to change by changing the dockers IP but unmenu is a mess now .... guess i will have to learn to live without it ... any way we can add like the last 20 lines of the system log optionally to the dashboard .... i understand that not everybody would want that .... but the main reason why i kept unmenu going was because of the logs... when i had an issue with the unraid gui i always had unmenu nicely pointing out
  8. weird Turned out to be a disk causing this ? i removed the disk 10 which i added last and hey parity rebuild succeeded overnight .... not sure what could be the problem... disk is OK according smart.... will try to change cable between disk and sil controller .... any other bright ideas to further troubleshoot this? power should be ok this enclosure ran 13 disks for years...
  9. r2d2-diagnostics-20170625-1024.zipHi, Got same lockup issue.... once a little bit load on the server it locks up... can't run parity check then it locks up... same with plex scan .... not sure when it started i know 15th it ran a complete parity check without finding errors.... last boot now i disabled automount of my smb share of the other server if people check the logs .... only way to get to the GUI after a "unclean shutdown" is to remove a disk so it won't start {so any errors about disk 10 not being there is because i remov
  10. squid , something wrong with the newest version... got that there is a newer version but it doesn't have the same "format" as the other plugins and it fails to upgrade ... where other plugins upgrade fine it says newest version 2017.04.29b i am on 2017.04.09 the title in the plugins page is this error i get on both servers plugin: updating: community.applications.plg Cleaning Up Old Versions plugin: downloading:
  11. Thanks Tom, will make things easier when another disk would go bad
  12. Hi Tom, above in the first post is all what it gives me ... nothing more let me see if i can find something in the logs but i doubt it as i did some unclean shutdowns and so on .... i am kind of busy merging the 2 servers and so for the moment am running without parity ,.... that's why i was so pissed when reiserfsck which always worked in the past now suddenly refused to repair "minor" damages in the file system anyway one of the disks is fully repaired and the other one i am over 80% checking now.. but i still have some bad blocks... wi
  13. Hi Tom, Limetech Team, me and a few other people have a problem with the current version of reiserfsck that is in unraid 6.3.2 while running --rebuild-tree after --check tells us to do so... it throws a segmentation fault as underneath i had it with 2 different disks in 2 different servers on different positions on each disk but on the same position when i moved the disk to the other server see thread from me in the general support forum root@R2D2:~# reiserfsck --rebuild-tree /dev/sdg1 reiserfsck 3.6.25 *************************
  14. HI Johnnie, that seems to do the trick... one drive is nearly finished now... the other one has some bad blocks which i am mapping now and then will rerun rebuild-tree does limetech know about this? Greetings
  15. HAHAHa it is in the title as asked for in the subforum description 6.3.2 quote -> Please prefix your post with the specific version of unRAID OS in use.