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  1. @ThEdOtOr Thanks, i'm glad you're liking the app. As for better support for Plex, i'm a little torn on this one. While it would be nice to add features that better support Plex, i'm also reluctant because i'd prefer to keep my hobby project (Companion) separate from my Job (yes, at Plex). For managing Plex streams, have you tried using Plex Dash? It's one of the PlexLabs apps that is dedicated to server administration. This request has come up before. I'll take a look, thanks! @micahmo - Thanks for the suggestion, both have come up in the past. I'll take a look at them again and agree that the uptime state "seems pretty basic" but it's just frustratingly more challenging. I dream that an official Unraid API will be released in the future, but right now, the application needs to basically scrape different pages from the Web dashboard, parsing them and then rebuild them for the app. The uptime is hidden away in a javascript variable which just is annoying, doable but annoying.
  2. @Urban - Sorry you're experiencing that. If you can send Feedback from inside the app (Settings > Send feedback), it will create an email you can send to me that includes the app logs which will hopefully indicate what is going wrong.
  3. I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently. I'd love to have a better excuse than it's been tough. I was able to get some time this weekend though and managed to prioritise a few fixes/regressions that had happened with various plugin updates (really wish there was an official API!). I also managed to finish off a few requested features too (more in the pipeline): ### 1.13 ### - [New] Advanced options to change layout of Dockers and Virtual Machines. - [New] Show CPU core usage. - Hide "Free" label in Shares tab when loading. - Fix display of Unassigned Devices. - Improve layout when adding a server in night mode.
  4. Just pushed a new release to Google Play... ### 1.12 ### - [New] Airflow information. - [New] Force Stop support for Virtual Machines. - Improve displayed Share information. - Fix pie chart to correctly show usage across all disks. - Virtual machines would appear stopped when actually paused. - Restore selected tab when rotating device. - Display disk temperatures in F when required. - Scroll Disks tab correctly. @smikwily - you'll see fixes for the three issues you reported, thanks again! Please let me know if spot anything else.
  5. @smikwily - Thanks for the feedback! - Good catch, I had been focussing on the temperatures displayed in the Dashboard and completely forgot about the Disk ones. - Reproduce, thanks! Can't believe i've missed that one for so long - Huh, I have no idea what is happening, but you're correct I've logged all three issues and will look to get them fixed as soon as I can. Thanks for the purchase and happy to hear you're liking it. If you hit any other issues, or have any other feedback, please just shout. Ian
  6. @Daigurren69 - I'm sorry you're having issues, it should be either the public IP address or the local one. As they're not working for you, would you be able to send me the app logs (inside the app go to Settings > Send Feedback). That should generate an email addressed to me and attach the logs. That way, I can take a look as to what is happening and maybe identify the issue.
  7. I'm sorry, you've had your one feature request (joking!) I still want to look at adding more log support, both the main Unraid server log and VMs. I am attempting to do it without asking the user to install a Companion Plugin (Companion Companion? 🤔). As for some additional plugin support, and some other features, i'm trying to be careful not to expose the app to too many version specific dependencies. At the moment, Unraid does not support an official API which means a lot of the integration could be fragile as Unraid push more updates/improvements. I really hope they release an official API in the near future, as my app is pretty well placed to quickly switch over to it and then the gates open to new features!
  8. Sorry it's been a while since the last release, things are a little more hectic right now 😅Just pushed a new version to the store, so will hopefully be available soon... ### 1.10 ### - [New] Biometric application lock. - Fix build number not included in App Version. - Actually fix UPS being displayed even when one is not configured. - Fix missing temperature data.
  9. >I only wasted half an hour stopping the app multiple times, clearing cache, re-adding the server, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app a couple times Ouch, i'm really sorry! 🤦‍♂️
  10. @bastl - Sorry, I should have given more details. After reading your suggestion, I implemented it and should be available in the next public release (thanks for suggesting it!). I have it working but am also considering whether I should add something to auto-lock the app after it's been backgrounded, etc. Ian
  11. >Is it possible to implement a fingerprint or face unlock option when starting the app? Something like this?
  12. @Daigurren69 - I'm sorry you're having issues connecting. From the sounds of it, you're doing everything right 🤔You only need to add a port explicitly if you've configured your server on a non-default port. If you haven't configured it differently on the server, it should "just work". If you want to send me a message from the app (Settings > Send feedback), it will create an email for you, attach some application logs and pre-populate my email address. If you send me those, i'll take a look to try and understand what's happening and we can follow up directly via email. Ian
  13. As long as things are working, you should enter the IP address of your server (the same one as you use for accessing the web dashboard) along with the username and password you are configured to connect with it. That "should" be everything you need as that will make the client talk to your server. Are you doing this and just seeing an error?
  14. @S80_UK - Thanks for the support, I appreciate it! Would also love if you left an (honest) review too, if you get a sec. >settings say version 1.9 (1) That's a bug, the version is 1.9 but it should be pulling in the VERSION_CODE properly but instead it's just getting 1. I'll look into it. >I am not seeing motherboard and CPU temps for some reason, although they display fine in the web UI. That was reported by another user on an older version of the app. I had hoped that it was resolved but guess not. If you're able to send me logs via Settings > Send feedback then I may be able to diagnose what's going wrong. Thanks in advance Ian
  15. And just pushed another small update to the store today. It depends on Google Play as to how long it will take before it's available for everyone... ### 1.9 ### - [New] GPU Plugin support. - [New] Docker log support. - Filter our dashboard data that isn't available (e.g. UPS). - Fix cosmetic issue when using forced Dark Mode theme.