Prime Day 2022 Megathread

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9 minutes ago, Tesla3327 said:

Your friendly reminder to check price histories for these. The 'discount' can often be misleading to what the 'normal' price is


My real suggestion is to not shop with Amazon (especially on prime day), but if you do, looking at the price history can stomp the impulsiveness of seeing a good deal.


Good advice. I also tried to include some B&H, Newegg and ebay where I could.

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Credit to derfmcdoogal on Reddit, this is even better $/TB compared with the Seagate Exos deals.  Also a known seller, Newegg.


WD Red Plus 12TB NAS 7200RPM 256MB Cache Hard Drive @ $179.99


Don't forget this is Paypal quarter for Discover It cards, so that's an extra 5% discount (cash back) too.


Canceled my Seagate Exos order for two drives, and changed to three of these Red drives.  Would rather replace my older, slower drives, don't particularly need physical space efficiency.

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On 7/12/2022 at 9:42 PM, TwistedDruid said:

14TB arent much more then the 10TB and cheaper then 12TB. Why not switch to these?


Asking for knowledge not judgement. 



I don't need the extra capacity at this point, just swapping out crusty old 3TB drives with 80k+ hours.  The 12TB were still better $/TB too, at $14.92/TB.  The 14TB were right at $15/TB.

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